Adidas Kids’ Adizero Club Tennis Shoe Review

If your young ones are into tennis as a sport, then it is only prudent that you get them the right equipment; and this includes the best tennis shoes in the game. Well, Adidas Kids’ Adizero Club Tennis Shoe is here to save the day. What this pair promises its users is utmost comfort, durability, lightness, firmness and pain-resistant that will help your young one bring out their A-game.

Adidas Kids’ Adizero is in par with big names such as Heelys Unisex Kids’ Vopel Tennis Shoe. The manufacturers have done a great job in ensuring that kids enjoy playing tennis as much as adults do. A lot is in store for you with this pair. We bring you an in-depth review of what you’ll be settling for with this pair once you purchase it.

Features and Specifications


The first feature to notice with this pair once you take them out of their box is their rubber outsole. The rubber used is the Stealth S1 rubber that is popular among highly active and agile sports, tennis being among them. The outsole features a sock-like construction which hugs the foot, lace-up closure and a climbing zone that ensures maximum friction, especially on uneven terrain.

Also, the outsole makes use of the adiwear technology, which provides firm traction, better movements and improved footwork for your kid.

Textile Upper

Breathability in shoes is important in keeping the feet dry as much as possible. We tend to sweat when exposed to heat and pressure, and this can lead to feet problems. To prevent this, Adidas Kids’ Adizero comes with textile upper covered with mesh to improve on the breathability. Moreover, the mesh plays a role in improving the stability of the user for a better experience.

EVA Midsole

The midsole is presumably the most underrated feature in tennis shoes. Most people don’t know their significance. Well, if this is the case, then you’re in for a rude shock. The midsole is the part that is responsible for all the cushioning.  The Adidas Kids’ Adizero’s midsoles are even better as they are made shock-absorbent- absorbing all the impacts produced after heavy landings.

The midsoles of this pair are designed using a special Adiprene midsole which takes away all the extreme shocks. That’s not all; they also play a major role in providing the feet with the right posture.

The Good

Affordable Pricing

Most of the times, we admire nice pairs of sneakers without purchasing them because of their exaggerated prices such as K-Swiss Men’s Court Smash Tennis Shoes. Well, Adidas Adizero is an exception to this. There is no fear associated with buying this pair. You won’t part with huge sums and neither will you interfere with your budget. The price of Adidas Adizero is an affordable one, a major reason for their popularity.


Comfort was a top priority when designing this pair. Tennis as a sport involves a lot of movements, and it’s essential that your feet are comfortable all through. You’ll be able to wear this pair for prolonged durations without getting tired. Moreover, all your concentration will shift from worrying about your comfort to improving your game.

The Eva midsole, rubber outsole and synthetic leather are all incorporated for cushioning and maximum comfort. The manufacturers deserve all the accolades in their way when it comes to the comfort of this pair.

Durability and Longevity

Once you purchase the Adidas Kids’ Adizero, you’ll spend quality amounts of time before you are back at the store. Durability and longevity of this pair were other considerations when designing them. We have to thank the presence of the toe bumper for this fate. Your kid will grow in these shoes, so we recommend picking out a slightly larger size.


The Bad

Thin Laces

There were a few complaints from some customers when it came to the laces of these shoes. They raised the concern that the laces were too thin and wore out quickly- something that prompted to change them regularly, making it tiresome and a nuisance. The good thing is that the laces are easily available and finding replacements won’t be a hassle. Moreover, it isn’t much of a biggie that will affect the kid’s performance.

Who Is It For?

Both male and female young ones who are looking to nurture their tennis skills right from a tender age are welcome to enjoy the subtle benefits associated with this pair; Adults, keep off! Their design a unisex one, but they look better on the female kids- that we have to say.

Adidas Kids’ Adizero comes in two different colors, white and blue, and considering that tennis isn’t associated with much dust, you shouldn’t have huge problems cleaning them. Their design is a simple one without many details in them. They bring out a serious business look. And true to their looks, that is what they offer- impeccable performance!


The features and specifications of this pair are what set it apart from its competitors, making them a perfect all-round pair for tennis players. What’s even better is that you don’t have to break your bank to own the pair. The price is reasonably affordable and will fit perfectly into your budget. Spending a day inside this pair will make you appreciate the craftsmanship of the manufacturers.

If you’re in search of a pair that will provide maximum performance and assist your kid take their tennis skills to a top-notch level, then this is what to settle for. A great alternative to this pair worth checking out is the Heelys Unisex Kids’ Voyager Tennis Shoe.


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