Angell TC97 Pro Tennis Racquet Review

If you are looking for the best tennis racket on the market, you probably need the Angell TC97 Pro which is by far our favorite pick of the year.

Angell TC97 Pro

It is a symbol of excellence, designed to offer maximum performance on the court with outstanding durability and unbeatable features.

Its affordable price won’t damage your budget and lets you enjoy quality and a comfortable playing experience at the same time.

Today, we will be going through Angell TC97 Pro Racket review and see what this tennis gear has to offer us in terms of features, specs and price.

Technical Details

This pro-level racket comes in two grip sizes for the same price. One is 4 ½ while the other is 4 3/8, depends on which one you prefer or feels more comfortable. A good thing about Angell Pro is that it comes pre-strung. Most of the pro-level tennis racquets usually come unstrung.

We’ve noticed some changes in this upgraded version as the previous model, Angell Custom, was slightly heavier with a very small sweet spot. It has a static weight of 290g with 2 pts. Head light balance for quick maneuverability blended with maximum power.

The Good

Here are some of its unbeatable features which will make you have this racket in your arsenal.

Maneuverability + Power

When playing with a professional racket, expecting maneuverability and power together seems pretty shady right? However, with the Angell TC97, you get the best of both. Swinging the racket may not feel very powerful but the moment it touches the ball, all the energy is transferred to deliver an unstoppable punch.


Pretty impressive! It came with a very sleek, blackish and stylish base. However, black is not the only option…You can choose other grommet colors as well.

Its head size ranges from 90 to 105 square inches and is constructed using “high modulus carbon” and “foam core”.

While it may appear as if Angell TC97 is missing all those fancy technology features or dampening materials as we notice in most of the racquets, it is actually a good thing. It makes the racket simple but very powerful and durable.

When buying, you can choose your desired stiffness, string pattern and even the grip shape apart from the size.

It also uses high quality carbon fiber construction which adds a lot to its durability. This material is filled with foam throughout the body of the racket which helps a lot in dampening vibrations.

Weight & Pattern

The racket weighs only 290 grams which is phenomenal. You cannot find most of the pro level tennis racquets at such a low profile weight. This weight is not too much or low but ideally perfect to get maximum maneuverability and power transferred in every swing you make.

The string pattern we found was 16 x 9 pretty much the standard one with a 50-60lbs. of tension which is perfect in terms of powerful smashes. You can always adjust the string tension easily or get it done by a professional.


With 63RA stiffness, you simply can’t find a better tennis racquet than the Angell TC97. Some of the other models like Yonex Vcore Duel G97, Wilson Pro Staff RF 85 and Head Graphene XT Speed Pro have slightly less or more stiffness.

However, with 63RA, we found it to be ideally perfect for all type of tennis players. It gives you a nice flexibility while delivering optimal performance on the court.


You need maximum power transfer in every shot? You will get it for sure from this tennis gear. Because smash is what’s the most important during a tennis match, especially when you are playing a positional game, you need all the maneuverability and power blended together for best performance.

The Bad

While this racquet is ideally perfect to play with and improve your skills, here are a couple of drawbacks it has.


I know we mentioned above that it is an affordable racquet, still the price tag of just under $200 might be a bit expensive for some players. However, compared to some other models on the market and their prices, we think that this price range is the best. If you are looking for cheaper models, you can check some of the other models on our website.

Not for Beginners

If you are a beginner, you may want to check some beginner to intermediate level tennis racquets because the Angell TC97 is a pro-level model and only made for the advanced players. The main reason is it slightly heavy profile and more stiffness. As a beginner, you need a tennis gear which is light in weight, flexible and has a reasonable stiffness.

Material & Construction

Angell TC97 Pro

As mentioned above, this racquet uses high modulus carbon which is not only found in its shaft but also runs through the entire body. The benefit of this high modulus carbon is that it nicely dampens all the vibrations after smashing the ball or defending it, giving you a comfortable playing experience. Overall, it has a durable build with outstanding performance and features.

Overall Performance

Whether it be serving or smashing, you will get the most out of this racquet. It helps to get better at your strokes and smashes. Also the stiff shaft with its minimal weight gives you a better swing and thus maximum energy transfer in every shot.

Its perfect string tension gives you a nice shot every time and shoots the ball towards the opponent like a bullet.

Who is it For?

If you are an advanced player, this racquet is perfect for you. It helps to deliver exceptional quality with maximum durability and energy transfer. I wouldn’t recommend this racquet if you are a beginner because of its advance level specs.


I would end our today’s discussion saying that Angell TC97 Pro comes with the latest technology and is both intermediate and advanced level friendly racquet. It will help a lot in improving your skills and game.

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