ASICS Gel-Challenger 12 Men’s Tennis Shoes Review

We are always used to high prices for high performances and quality. Well, the ASICS Gel-Challenger 12 Men’s Tennis Shoes disputes this notion. What you’re settling for this beast is a combo of performance and top-notch speed, levels together with the ASICS Gel-Court Speed Men’s Tennis Shoes. Just like us, you’ll also be impressed by the durability, comfort and traction brought about by this pair.

Good quality shoes normally come with a high price tag, but that isn’t the case with this pair. So, what is in store for you with these shoes? We take an in-depth review of one of the top tennis shoes the market has to offer.

Features and Specifications


There is nothing to worry about the traction provided by the ASICS Gel Challenger 12. The tread design and material used in the construction will provide you with perfect traction on the court. On top of the high levels of durability offered on the hard courts, this pair will also boost your confidence when changing directions.

Some pairs compromise on their performance when the surface of the courts isn’t clean or is hard-not with the ASICS Gel-Challenger 12.

Durability of the Sole

When it comes to the sole durability, these shoes hold up their side of the bargain- no complaints when it comes to this. You can wear them for 12 or 14 hours without any challenges experienced. The manufacturers were keen to design the outsoles durable and long-lasting enough to face any challenge that comes along their way.

One thing that we noticed is that the toe area is more vulnerable than models like the ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe. The Gel Resolution is a beast in this sector. Its soles’ durability and thickness are top-notch. The soles of the ASIC Gel Challenger can’t be compared to these, but they are sufficiently adequate.

Expect the tip of the toe and forefoot to wear after some time. There will be some slight balding due to wearing out, but not in any way compromising their durability.

The toe guard performs perfectly in its function of protecting the shoe’s tip thanks to the rubber guard incorporated in it. There is no warranty on the outsoles, unfortunately, but the performance is top-notch. We doubted this in the first place, and we greatly regret that.

The Good


Comfort was a top priority when designing these shoes, and they will impress you right from when you take them out of their box although the uppers stretch with time. The manufacturers did a commendable job in ensuring the shoes provide you with utmost comfort. The height and location of the arch are strategic for perfect results.

Most shoes that you’ll come across will come with either plenty of comfort and short of support and stability, or vice versa. Well, this isn’t the case with this pair. Everything is in the right proportions. The uppers are supple and will flex comfortably with your feet.

One thing that must not go without mentioning is that the upper is pretty much stretchy. We tried to resolve the issue by tightening the laces without any success. The result of this is that the fit will change with time.


Price is something that we all consider when purchasing a pair of sneakers- and tennis shoes too. Good news to everyone! You won’t have to break your bank to own this pair. The ASICS Gel-Challenger is affordable, something that we found surprising, considering its level of performance. Its price is unarguably one of the main reasons for its popularity.

No one has so far raised any complaints when it comes to the price attached to these shoes, which is a good sign.


The Bad

Poor Foot Support

Everything with its advantages has to come with some shortcomings, and this also applies to the ASICS Gel Challenger 12. The tennis shoes open up great and offer good foot support, even though this diminishes with time. They will open up after the break-in period, and you might struggle to find a snug fit in them.

Moreover, sliding is common with these shoes, something that makes many people opt for other choices in the market, such as the K-Swiss Men’s Court Smash Tennis Shoes. In order to secure yourself a snug fit, you can opt to change the configuration of the laces, the top one especially.

Who Is It For?

If you’re a male tennis player looking to up your game in tennis, you should try out this pair. They are lightweight, affordable and offer great levels of performance. Their traction is also impeccable. The pair will, however, work more for people who have stability and traction problems. You can now worry less about this and focus more on the game.

Their sizing is accurate, and so there’s no need of ordering a size larger or smaller.


The biggest strengths of the ASICS Gel-Challenger 12 Men’s Tennis Shoes are its comfort, and sole durability followed closely behind by its ventilation. The same cannot be said for its foot support, unfortunately, but it makes up for this with its arch support. On a rating of five, this pair would scoop a solid four.

The price attached to it is a reasonable and affordable one. Its lightweight cannot also go without mention.  Overall, its performance is great, something that earns it a slot in the table for the best tennis shoes in the market. If you’re in search of a lightweight, affordable and high performing pair of tennis shoes, your search has finally come to an end!


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