ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe Review

Every tennis enthusiast will tell you they know of the ASICS Gel-Resolution series. When they first came out, they took the market by storm. And they have remained to do so with each of their latest models that are made to be better and more efficient than their predecessors.

Now, introducing their seventh model in the series; the ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe. What you’re settling for with this pair is premier stability, durability and support without compromising on the performance and comfort in any way.

There are lots of new features with this pair. For instance, its upper comes with a polyurethane material more support and stability. Read more for an in-depth review.

Features and Specifications

Foot Support

Unlike the ASICS Gel-Challenger 12 Men’s Tennis Shoes, the foot support offered by this pair is top-notch. You are provided with plenty of stability and support for all your aggressive movements on the court. There has been a great improvement on the foot support when compared to the previous version of this series, something that you’ll appreciate most with the model.

The upper of this shoe is made stiffer when compared with the previous versions. Your feet are held in place for added support. The previous versions came with the upper stretching out, which resulted in unwanted movements in the ankle collar region, something that raised a lot of complaints. Your foot will now be held in position, the ankle area especially.


While the ASICS Gel-Resolution 7 shoes aren’t the lightest in the market, they are light enough to enable users to move at top speeds swiftly with no hampering. The resolution series is well known for its speed, and this hasn’t changed even for this model.

We can categorize their weight as above average when compared to other models in the market. Considering this pair is designed more to be durable and comfort-oriented, its middleweight is one to understand. If you’re looking for a pair to provide you with a top-notch level of speed, you can try out the ASICS Gel-Court Speed Men’s Tennis Shoes.

The Good


Expect nothing short of excellence when it comes to the comfort of this iconic tennis shoe. Their sizing is perfect and will fit in your feet perfectly. Their cushioning, on the other hand, is perfect. When it comes to comfort, exceptional is the word that would best describe them. The experience obtained from the comfort of these shoes is premium, no doubt about that.

The only problem and criticism that we can give to this pair are that they sometimes ran a little bit warm, although this doesn’t affect its performance in any way. The uppers will flex well and move with your feet. Uncomfortable pinching and poking, sliding and rubbing are all foreign with this pair. The arch support isn’t that good, but no worries here. You could opt to turn to the Cadence insole more a better and more supportive fit.


Sufficient padding is provided to this shoe to enhance its overall cushioning. There are no complaints when it comes to the level of cushioning from this pair. You’ll be protected from the hardest of landings. The paddings also play a major role in boosting the overall comfort of the shoes. The heel and toe area are the most protected.


The Bad

A long Break-In Period

The only problem that we found with this pair is that its break-in period is longer than the rest, something that is expected considering the level of traction and sole durability that it comes with. You can expect to last a whole week in this pair before your feet become with this pair, compared to 15 minutes in some pair.

Patience is, therefore, a virtue with the Gel-Resolution 7. You have to be patient with this pair. The good news is that the whole break-in period will not be uncomfortable whatsoever, thanks to the sufficient paddings found in the insole. The Adidas Men’s Adizero Ubersonic 3 Tennis Shoe has a very short break-in period. You can, therefore, opt to settle for it if you’re looking for a pair that will be compatible with your feet in a short duration.

Who Is It For?

Men tennis players who want top-notch performance, durability and foot support are welcome to use this pair. In short, if you want the best in the market, settle for the Gel-Resolution 7. The pair is designed for people who strictly mean business. It is for those who are focused on taking their tennis skills to a higher level.

There is enough padding and cushioning with this pair. Moreover, the uppers flex and move with the users’ feet perfectly. With this, it is suited for vigorous movements even on hard courts.


The ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution scoops a solid 4.8 out of 5 and shows how efficient it is. It will be true to say that this is one of the best shoes for tennis the market has seen. From when you first set your eyes on this pair, you’ll realize that it is a true creation of craftsmanship and expertise.

The only worries that you might experience with this pair is when it comes to the break-in period and sole durability, even though these two don’t affect the overall performance in any way. Not many shoes can stand up to this one when it comes to its performance. Settle for nothing short of excellence with the ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoes.


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