Babolat 2017 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet Review

When it comes to choosing some of the top tennis rackets, Babolat 2017 Pure Drive is probably the best option for you. It is a very popular tennis gear on the market.

Babolat 2017 Pure Drive

One reason it has been very successful since its launch is its sweet spot which is closer to its tip and the updated version has a better and more attractive design with more power and stability.

Today, we will take a deep look into the Babolat 2017 Pure Drive features and specs along with its performance on the court.

Technical Details

This is a pretty lightweight racket which makes it perfect for the beginners and intermediate players. The shipping weight is only 1.3 pounds and comes pre-strung which is great. It comes with a bag as well with enough room to store more than one racquet.

The 16×19 string pattern with right amount of grommet holes gives you a nice smash and power transfer. Its 100 head with 4 head light gives you a good feel when playing with this racquet.

Moreover, its grip of standard size is extremely comfortable to hold and play with which is very important to focus on your game.

The Good

Here are some of the most noteworthy features of this tennis racket.


The first thing to notice is its lightweight profile. Weighing only 11.2 ounces, Babolat 2017 is among some of the most lightweight racquets on the market. This makes it a good option both for the beginners and intermediate level players.

It helps a lot in improving your game and get better at your tennis skills. Being light in weight, you will get better control and respond briskly to those smashes coming from the opponent.

Durability & Flexibility

Flexibility in the shaft is a must if the racquet is made for the beginners and intermediate players. It gives you a nice swing and offers better recovery from your swings and smashes. If you are an advanced level player, you may not like this flexibility in the shaft. Models like Angell TC97 Pro, Head Graphene XT Speed Pro and Babolat Aeropro Drive are perfect for the advance players.

Durability is something you cannot doubt at all. The quality materials used in its construction gives it the strength to last longer, making it worth investing.

Performance on the Court

Expect pure power and maneuverability blend from this racket. It offers you full swings right from the baseline and offers a lot of pop, giving maximum energy transfer on all your hits. One thing I like a lot about this racquet is the top spin it offers and that too as well to its full potential. As an advanced player, you need top spin which helps to push your opponent on the defense.

Because of its lightweight profile, the aggressive players will get the most from this racquet. Its improved stability on the spin and swing results in better smashes and gives a deadly combination of power + maneuverability.

The Bad

Though we love Babolat 2017 Pure Drive a lot but here are some of its drawbacks:


Since this racquet is designed for the beginners and intermediate players, we think its price tag is high. There are a lot of other brand on the market which offer racquet with similar features at a low price.

However, the reason for the high price is probably the pre-strung features and the high quality material built which is made to increase the strength and durability. Moreover, the handy bag which comes along pushes the price on the high.

Satisfactory String Quality

While the body is built durable, its string quality is satisfactory and not as good as other parts of the racket. The string has a mid-tension by default but it gets lose after a couple of long sessions on the court. You need to set the tension of the string quite frequently which can be a headache. However, don’t worry about string breaks as it is quite strong and durable. A few players were quite unhappy with the string losing its tension, but it performed pretty well on the court.

Material & Construction

Babolat 2017 Pure Drive

This racket is made out of a soft playing string making it highly addictive for the beginner and intermediate players. It features a stiff co-poly string offering exceptional top spin and better control.

The high quality material used in its construction gives it the flexibility offering you more comfort, better control, extra power and an all court play profile.

Based on user reviews, and brand quality, this racquet won’t break easily and will last for years to come, but depends a lot on how you use and take care of your tennis gear. Just make sure not to throw or bump the racket if you miss the shot ;).

Overall Performance

Overall, the Babolat 2017 Pure Drive boasts an all court play performance. It is very comfortable to hold and offers you outstanding stability to smash the ball with maximum accuracy every time you swing it.

Its shaft has a bit of flexibility for a nice feel and better recovery after those powerful swings and smashes.

We love the cover that comes along with a shoulder strap and lightly padded from inside which nicely and safely secures your tennis gear inside and lets you carry it easily anywhere you want.

Who is it For?

This racquet is tailored for the beginners and intermediate level players. Advanced player can also use it if you really love the extra top spin that it generates. However, it is typically made for the novice and intermediates. Needless to say, it is a bit expensive but is worth the money invested.


So that’s it for today tennis freaks. If you are really looking to improve your skills and step up your game of tennis, Babolat Pure Drive is a good option to go. It has everything to offer, from durability to outstanding performance.

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