Babolat 2018 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet Review

When I say Babolat, I know most of the Babolat fans out there have been eagerly waiting for 2018 Pure Drive model and it is finally available on the market with a better design, paintjob and some cool aesthetic to step up your game.

Babolat 2018 Pure Drive

This improvised rebuild features Cortex system also known as Cortex Pure Feel, allowing you to get better control on every hit with a more natural feel.

So, it is time to get your hands on the most popular tennis racquet of the year…Let us go through a detailed review of Babolat 2018 Pure Drive.

Technical Details

Not to mention that it is the upgraded version of Babolat 2015 Pure Drive and visually we have noticed some noticeable differences. The color scheme is better and I personally feel that the shiny blue and white contrasts gives it a very attractive look.

It has a 100 sq. in head size with 11.2 oz. weight when strung and 4 points head light balance which gives some powerful smashes on the ball. The string pattern is standard, 16×19 and is quite durable as well.

The only difference in terms of technical details it has is flex rating which is 71 and swing weight of 324 which is incredible.

The Good

With plenty of power that this racket generates, intermediate and advanced players will get top spin on every shot, especially on those long strokes. Here are some of the key features of this racket.

Plenty of Power

If you are an aggressive player, this racket could add a lot to your advantage. The delicious blend of spin and power it provides proves to be extremely deadly on the court. Even the top ranking tennis play Nadal has used it because of its spin generating capabilities.

Basically, when generating top spin, a lot of racquets tend to lose control and power in doing so which gives you opponent to read the shot. However, Babolat 2018 generates spin, gives you maximum control over your shot and transfers insane amount of energy for an unforgiving shot.

Spin + Power Combo

Yup! As I mentioned above, you will get maximum spin and power at the same time. I would recommend to go for the long strokes as it will help get better at those top spin shots in a natural way.

Cortex Pure Feel

Still don’t know what this technology is? Well, when playing with this tennis racket, you will have more of a muted feel when hitting the ball which may feel quite odd but it is because of the Cortex Pure Feel technology in its frame.

It helps a lot in dampening any type of vibrations whether from swinging the racket or smashing the ball and gives you a quiet and comfortable feel.

However, if you are looking for more control or maybe those fancy drop shots go for the Head Graphene XT Speed Pro, Head LiquidMetal 8 and HEAD MicroGel Radical models.

Advanced Technology & Extra Accessories

While it has the Cortex Technology integrated, the Babolat 2018 Pure Drive also comes with FSI string bed technology coupled with the diamond grommets and this is what helps a lot in generating that sweet power and spin blend.

The FSI string bed also adds a lot to its durability and gives the perfect string tension to generate a bullet like shot every time.

And to help you carry your new racquet easily anywhere you go, it comes with a slightly padded zip bag with a should strap for your comfort.

The Bad

Because nothing comes absolutely perfect, here are some of its potential drawbacks.


Even though it has all those flashy features and upgraded design which demands the extra money, still we feel that the price tag is slightly high.

I personally feel that the price should be set below $200 but based on all of its features like the Cortex technology, FSI string bed, SMAC, soft shock absorbing material, diamond grommets and the unique spin + power blend makes it amount to that much.

If you have a limited budget, you can look for other tennis racket reviews on our website.

Muted Feel

Even though the Cortex Pure Feel technology gives it a muted feel and nicely dampens all the vibrations but it may give a very odd feel at the time of contact. Literally there is no swishing sound or even a feel of when the contact was made.

Material & Construction

Babolat 2018 Pure Drive

The Babolat 2018 features SMAC which is a soft shock absorbing material. It is embedded into its frame and runs along the entire body. It helps a lot in dampening the vibrations and gives you a very comfortable feel.

Moreover, the string used FSI string bed technology which gives the optimal string tension and at the same time helps to generate a lot of power into every shot. This string bed has diamond grommets which generates a nice blend of spin and power at the same time.

The 100 head is constructed 4 head light which gives you a nice weight on the head and helps to generate a very powerful shot with a nice feel.

Overall Performance

Generally, this racquet has an outstanding performance on the court and its superior quality string helps a lot in maximum energy transfer with a top-notch spin on every shot.

This racket is perfectly optimized to maximize spin and power and does a very great job on the court.

Who is it For

It is typically designed for intermediate and advanced level players and gives you a very comfortable feel on the go. It may be relatively stiff and broad-beamed but it won’t have any negative affect on your play style at all.


I would end this discussion saying that Babolat 2018 Pure Drive is probably one of the best and top-selling models of 2018 and will definitely help to improve your tennis skills and get better with every shot. It might be a little expensive but overall gives you a great playing experience.

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