Babolat Aeropure Drive Tennis Racquet Review

The Babolat Aeropure Drive is one of our good tennis racquet of the year. Our all-time favorite player Rafael Nadal played the French Open Championship back in 2013 with this racquet. This tells a lot that this racket has some special features to help you step up your game.

Babolat Aeropro Drive

Over the past five years, Aeropure has gone through several upgrades. The 2018 version has more power, spin, control and maneuverability, making it perfect for the aggressive players.

Today I will take you through a detailed review of the Babolat Aeropure Drive Tennis Racket.

Technical Details

The new Babolat Aeropure uses Aero Modular Technology which dramatically increases air penetration and faster swings. It has Woofer technology as well on its grommets which increases contact time and thus results in better control.

It has a standard 100 sq. in head size and is 4 points head light with a 16×19 string pattern and an incredible swing weight of 327. Its frame stiffness is 70 and uses a graphite composite which gives it the strength and flexibility for a better play.

The Good

With plenty of technological integrations, the Aeropure Drive has a lot to offer you in terms of features and specifications.

Aero Modular Technology

Its Aero Modular technology is what makes it very popular. This helps to make its frame aerodynamic natural. Also its beam widths of 23mm, 24mm and 26mm at its throat, shaft and heads gives it the perfect play balance.

This symmetry helps to cut back on air resistance in the right place, giving you faster swings. As compared to some other tennis racquets on the market like Babolat Drive Max 110, Babolat Pure Aero and Babolat Pure Drive, it has 15% increases in the maximum air penetration and helps to maintain greater control over the ball.

Despite having 100 head size, it still generates the same amount of power a 105> head will generate.

What the Aero Modular Technology does is increases its overall force without sacrificing the performance of the other features. Moreover, this extra air penetration expands range of angles and trajectories as well.

As a result of faster swings, this racquet is perfect for the aggressive players. You will enjoy playing with it.

Woofer Technology

As I mentioned above that this tennis gear is loaded with tons of technological integrations. Woofer technology is one of them and it aids the dynamic system in its grommets, giving you better control over your shots.

What makes it stand out from other rackets on the market is this Woofer technology. For instance, we see that most of the racquets have a static frame and grommets are locked in position along with the string bed. What it means is the ball comes in contact with less number of strings when smashing.

However, with Aeropure in hand, you will get a pulley and piston system which extends the contact time of impact by 25% and the strings move freely around the entire surface of the bed to result in powerful impact.

With more strings working, it will help to generate better spin with large sweet spot and increased trampoline like effect. It also absorbs the shocks nicely.

Cortex System

The last one is its Cortex System technology which is integrated in the design of its handle. It gives it a unique perspective and helps a lot in dampening excessive vibrations on impacts and allows for maximum ball feel. YUP! No muted feel at all while dampening vibrations at the same time.

When you swing your racquet, several different kinds of vibrations generate, especially at the time of impact with the ball, this can make you lose your focus from the game and even reduce stability.

With the Cortex System, you’ll get more comfortable shots with better focus and accuracy levels.

The Bad

Below are some of the drawbacks we found in Aeropure:


One big thing we really hate is the yellow color scheme and much worse, you don’t have color options available. Though it isn’t a big fuss to worry about but a lot of people hate the yellow color.

One thing you can try is using a spray paint to change its color scheme, but be very careful when doing. You don’t want to spoil the string bed.


Even though Babolat has worked a lot to reduce its stiffness as compared to the previous version and a lot of tennis players loved it, still there is room to reduce it even further. A few users say that it felt quite stiff.

If you are a novice or even an intermediate level player, you may feel losing control because of the stiffness it has in the shaft. Overall, the racquet is perfect.

Material & Construction

Babolat Aeropro Drive

Aeropure Drive uses high quality and imported graphite material in its construction which increases its durability and strength. Moreover, it is constructed with three different technologies: Woofer Grommets, Aeromodular and the Cortex system for a great playing experience.

Overall Performance

Overall, we feel that Babolat Aeropure is a perfect blend of innovation and technology. Its 16×19 string pattern with head size and 4-point head light frame gives you the best tennis gear to smash those winning shots.

It is a well-balanced equipment and inhibits maximum power, control, spin and maneuverability for the ultimate play and performance on the tennis court.

What makes it stand out from other Babolat models is its dramatic strength and the ability to generate more power.

Who is it for

While it is advertised as an all-player tennis racquet, it is well-suited for the beginners and intermediate level players who are looking to improve their skills. While you won’t have much trouble with its stiffness, but those who are just starting out should look for more flexible models out there.


It is time to say Good Bye tennis fellas! I hope this review was helpful and provided you with all the information you need to Aeropure. Let us know if you have any questions in the comment section.

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