Babolat Drive Max 110 Tennis Racquet Review

Are you afraid to choose a reputable brand just because you fear it will cost more? Well, think again because Babolat is one of such brands which not only offers quality but also cares for the tennis enthusiasts in terms of price.

One of their best tennis rackets is the Babolat Drive Max 110 which comes with some flashy features and a very attractive design.

Babolat Drive Max 110

Below is a detailed review of Babolat Drive Max 110. I’ve highlighted every feature and specs in detail.

Technical Details

Drive Max 110 comes with a unique Cortex system which is located just above its grip and helps to absorb all the vibrations. It has a nice elliptic geometry which helps in preventing twisting and dramatically increasing its power.

The racquet has a large sweet spot as well with an incredible spin potential which makes it great for the advanced level players.

It has a standard string pattern on its string bed with grommet holes and a perfect string tension for maximum energy transfer. You can choose between two grip sizes: ¼ and 3/8 for the same price.

The Good

Let’s take a deep look on some of its noteworthy features:

Material Quality

Nonetheless, the Drive Max 110 is made out of superior quality materials which gives it the strength and durability. Every part of its frame has been designed with care and to give you the best playing experience.

The comfortable grip with extra padding inside gives you a nice feel when playing on the court while the string quality helps to smash the ball with maximum power, control and accuracy.

Even though it isn’t very fancy, still the contrasting colors will make the heads turn on the court.


The extra length it has results in a weighty feel with added power. When coupled with its large head and wide beams, it will shoot the ball like a bullet towards your opponent. You will also notice the stiffness right from the first swing and its TE test frame came strung with softer string pattern.

Moreover, its sweet spot is pretty large and feels slightly higher in its string face. Especially when compared to Drive Max 105, Prince Tour 98 ESP and Prince Warrior 100 the sweet spot was located slightly high on the string bed.

Furthermore, the wider beams and its large head size even makes those mishits very powerful and pretty much easier to control. Also, we feel that the string pattern is spin friendly and generates a natural topspin when smashing the ball.

Overall, it helps in those flat hits and provides with plenty of energy transfer at the time of contact.

Net & Serving

Its lightweight profile helps a lot in smooth transition and better maneuverability and results in fastest volley exchanges. The feel and touch is pretty stiff and may not be great for the novice and some intermediate players.

However, it nicely powers away those swing volleys and floaters pretty much easily on the court. As mentioned above, the extra length it poses provides you with ample of leverage to easily drive any ball coming towards you.

While on the serves, its stiff upper hoop proves to be very helpful in generating the extra serve power with outstanding stability. Also, the extra spacing in its string bed results in better control and prevents any bad spin on those slices or kick serves.

Cortex System Technology & Geometry

One of its best features is the Cortex System. It is located just above the grip of the racquet and what it does is nicely dampens all type of vibrations. When you smash the ball or even defend it, different vibrations generate in the frame of the racket.

If these vibrations aren’t dampened, not only will you lose focus and control on your shot but also get a very uncomfortable feel when playing.

However, with the Cortex Technology in place, it will nicely dampen all the vibrations, resulting in more stability and thus better control over your shots.

Also, the elliptical geometry of this racquet helps a lot to prevent twisting and increasing the overall power of the racquet.

The Bad

Here are some “oopses” we spotted in this racquet:


First and foremost, the stiffness of this racket is pretty high which isn’t well suited for the beginners. The extra stiffness requires some extra skills else you will lose stability and control over your shots which obviously you don’t need to happen.

Unstrung & No Casing

Though it is mostly advertised as pre-strung but a few users say that the racquet came unstrung and had no casing bag as well. If you already don’t know how to string a racket, you may have to pay some extra cash to get it strung.

Material & Construction

Babolat Drive Max 110

Undoubtedly, this racquet is constructed using the highest quality materials and is made to last longer. It has a thick padding in the grip with a stiff frame and cortex system technology which is integrated to dampen all sorts of vibrations and give you the ultimate playing experience.

Overall Performance

Generally, this racket does a fine job on the net, smashes and serving. It helps in improving your skills and gaining better control over the ball. The large sweet spot and ample of energy transfer with every swing helps to effortlessly generate unforgiving shots.

Above all, even if you mishit, the extra-large head size and higher sweet spot will aid in smashing it with enough power.

Who is it for

While Babolat Drive Max 110 is made for all players but based on the stiffness it has in its frame, I would recommend it only for the intermediate and advanced level players. If you are beginner who has been playing tennis for quite some while, you can give it a try.


If you are still asking what is the best tennis racket on the market, Babolat Drive Max 110 is your answer.

That’s it for today people, I hope this review was helpful and gave you all the insights on Drive Max 110. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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