Babolat Men’s Propulse Fury All Court Tennis Shoe Review

You’ll fall in love with this pair right from when you first take them out of their box. It will be love at first sight. Who said you can’t wear tennis shoes and still look good? The Babolat Men’s Propulse Fury All Court Tennis Shoe confirms this notion. The pair is an improvement of its previous version, the Propulse BPMs I. The new version comes with a new redesigned upper with one specific purpose improving the court performance. And true to its words, this is what this pair offers to its users.

Babolat once again takes the market by storm with an impeccable product that offers its customers phenomenal performance, speed and comfort. It isn’t every day that you come across a pair that will offer you all these- a true sign of craftsmanship and expertise by the designers and manufacturers of this pair.

Features and Specifications

Foot Support

Any tennis player will tell you how important foot stability is essential, and so you shouldn’t settle for a pair that doesn’t offer you lots of this. One of the strengths of the Propulse Fury is its foot stability. Their design enables them to be close to the ground, and this comes with the upper hand of having a stable and sturdy base.

In addition, the pair comes with a TPU cage wrapped over the feet that does a nice job of locking your feet when making sharp lateral cuts, so that you feel protected when changing direction at high speeds. Your confidence will shoot up in these shoes. It provides you with the needed confidence to scamper around the tennis court.

You might experience minimal cases of slippage with this pair, something that we must mention. However, this can be solved by ensuring you lace up to the topmost eyelet.

The Good


We were satisfied with the level of comfort offered by this pair, to be honest, and we wouldn’t ask for anything better. It is at par with models like Kapsen Men’s Running Shoes Mesh Breathable Sneakers Lightweight Fashion Athletic Gym Shoes Casual Tennis Sport Shoes for Workout Walking. The cushioning provided underfoot was satisfying. A plush lining is incorporated in the pair for premium comfort. Different from the Propulse BPMs I, this one comes with satisfying levels of cushioning at the midsole.

The designers were keen to give just enough cushioning at the forefoot and at the same time maintain a low ride close to the ground. It comes with a medium height arch support that works well with many people. For those with different preferences, there is a Superfeet Insole provided for added support. One area in specific that we loved with this pair is that the forefoot opened up when playing, which made the pair suitable for people with wider feet.

Breaking inside these shoes shouldn’t be a problem like other models. The process will be super quick. You shouldn’t have any problems clinching the shoes around your feet to get a locked-in and snug feel. There aren’t any hotspots of irritation with this pair. The only issue that you might incur is to find the ankle collar to be a little bit stiff.

Sole durability

Thumbs-up to this shoe when it comes to its sole durability. No matter how vigorous your movements are, you’ll barely notice any signs of wear and tear on its soles. The soles are a beast- designed to take on the hardest of beatings. Users testified that they played on hard courts with this pair, and the soles held up their side of the bargain pretty well.

There has been an immense improvement on the durability of the sole when compared to the previous version. The secret behind the durability of the sole is that the manufacturers used Michelin rubber in the construction, which is pretty smart if you think about it. So, no matter how aggressive you are, or no matter how long you spend on this pair, you will have to try harder to break their soles.


The Bad

Heavy Weight

We would be wrong to categorize this pair as amongst the lightweight tennis shoes in the market. Based on their weight, we can categorize them together with models like the ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe. To make up for this, the designers made the toe transition seamless, which does an incredible job in increasing the speed of the shoe.

The shoes measure 10.4 ounces, but we’ve seen better when it comes to weight. If you’re the type to look for top-notch speed, we’re sorry, but this model will not work for you.

Who Is It For?

Two words can be used to describe the people who will benefit most from this pair- people who are in search of great foot stability, and those undertaking vigorous activities. The sole of this pair is one to admire, and it will remain in contact even when exposed to intense pressure. Those who have a problem in the stability of their feet are most welcome to enjoy the Propulse Fury shoes.

The Propulse Fury is specifically designed for men. Their toe area expands a little bit, also making them suitable for people with wider feet. With their fashionable and stylish look, they’ll make a great pair for a casual occasion or simply routine.


Babolat has once again proved that they are amongst the best tennis shoe brands in the market with this shoe and that they deserve all the respect in their way. There is no arguing that they did a recommendable job with this pair. Everything is there to love about this pair, apart from its added weight. But the performance and durability of the shoe make up for all this, and we wouldn’t worry so much about this. For a great alternative, you can try out the Babolat Men’s Jet Mach II All Court Tennis Shoes.


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