Babolat Pure Drive Tennis Racquet Review

The Pure Drive might be the older version of Babolat but it is undoubtedly a deadly tennis weapon which can smash some powerful shots on the court.

One thing that makes it one of the best tennis rackets of all times is its ability to increase the contact time with the ball and providing more control and energy transfer. It is also one of the most user-friendly rackets, making it perfect for all players.

So, let us take a sneak peak of Babolat’s Pure Drive Tennis racket and dig in deep into one of the top tennis racquets of all time.

Babolat Pure Drive

Technical Details

This older version is pretty much the same as Pure Drive 2015 featuring a head size of 100 sq. in. Though this is a standard head size still it generates that weighted swing with a powerful blow.

When strung, the racket weighs a total of 11.2 oz. and is 4 points head light balance which is perfect to get the most out of this racket.

One of the main differences in this racket and the 2018 model of Pure Drive is the swing weight. It has 317 whereas the Babolat Pure Drive 2018 has 324, which I think helps in more powerful shots on the court.

The Good

Here are some of its key features:

FSI & GT Technology

The FSI technology in the string bed of the racquet does a really great job. It places the sweet spot of the frame higher which helps to generate a lot of power and comfort at the time of contact with the ball.

Moreover, this string bed has a pretty tight string pattern which increases the precision of your shots.

The FSI technology is couple with the GT technology for a more rigid construction and generating a lot of power and control without sacrificing the stability of your shots.

EVO Beam with Unique Elliptic Design

Back then, this was a whole new addition to the frame of this racquet. As compared to Babolat AeroPure which features Aero Modular technology, Pure Drive uses the unique elliptical geometry in its design along with EVO beam which results in lower swing weight with a lot less torque and maximum flex at the time of impact with the ball.

Because of the Elliptic Geometry, your racquet won’t twist, bend or gets heavy when playing. This offers you better resistance to torque with 20% enhanced flex. Though it may result in a stiffer frame which may not be good for the beginners but helps to generate a leather combination of power and maneuverability.

It must be noted that stiffer frame is never arm-friendly. You either need practice to get used to it or be an advanced level player to handle the pressure.

It Evo beam ranges from 23.5mm to 26mm to 23mm in the neck, head and throat area. This helps in lowering torque at the time of impact for a smooth transition.

Woofer Technology

The Woofer Technology works via pulley and piston system. In this, the strings are not fixed in the traditional lock-up position.

Since the strings are free to move, when they come in contact with the ball, it causes the entire surface to react and gives you a larger sweet spot with better shock distribution.

The vibrations are nicely dampened and the free string movement also helps to give you 25% more spin.

Cortex Technology

Finally, it has the Cortex System Technology which helps to reduce the vibrations and shocks in the handle and shaft of your Babolat Pure Drive.

If your racket has high frequency vibrations, it can potentially disrupt your comfort level while playing, making you lose focus and control over your game.

With Cortex System in place, you will get a solid and consistent feel throughout the session.

The Bad

Here are some of the drawbacks we found in Pure Drive:


Even though stiffness won’t be an issue for the intermediate or expert level players but for the beginners or those who have just advanced to the intermediate level, it may cause discomfort in your arms.

The reason for this stiffness is its 7 points head light. I personally feel the cortex system helps a lot in reducing vibrations and you’ll have an overall comfortable feel when playing with this racquet.

Hard to use

Suffering or have suffered an arm, shoulder or wrist injury in the past? May be you have a sprain as well…If that is the case this racket can be extremely hard to play with. The extra stiffness in its frame can make it worse for you.

You should probably look for some more flexible model on the market like Head MicroGel Radical which is flexible and beginner friendly as well.

Material & Construction

Babolat Pure Drive

Pure Drive features a very bold design with black and blue contrast. It is made with top-notch material for extra strength and durability. The frame has a nice padding with Cortex System in the handle for shock and vibration dampening.

It has the FSI string bed with EVO beams and Elliptic design for the ultimate playing experience on the court.

Overall Performance

Despite being an older version, Pure Drive is as popular as it was when first launched. It delivers you with the best performance on the court with a lethal power and spin combo to take over the aggressive players.

Overall, this tennis gear is designed for maximum power, control and comfortability. It comes integrated with tons of innovations and is made durable to last longer.

Who is it for

Though it is advertised as a “fit for all” players’ tennis racket, but it is well-suited for the intermediate and advanced level players. It helps a lot in dramatically improving your skills and lateral movements on the court and helps transfer maximum energy in every shot.


Babolat has never disappointed us when it comes to their range of tennis racquets. Pure Drive is one of their top-sellers since the past couple of years and gives you the best experience eon the court.

I hope this review helped you in getting all insight on this racket.

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