Top 10 Tennis Academies – Popular Tennis Schools in USA, Europe

Choosing the right tennis academy is critical to becoming an experienced tennis player. You will find a mix of talent, world-class coaches, and also get to interact with top players from all over the globe. Over the years, the number of academies has been rising thanks to the growing popularity of the sport. However, not every academy will deliver the desired results and more reason you should spend some time researching and looking around. Here is a review of top 10 best tennis academies in the world.

Atlanta’s Court Elite (ACE) Tennis Academy, Georgia, USA

Atlanta’s Court Elite

Situated in Georgia, USA, ACE Tennis Academy ranks among the top tennis academies in not only the USA but in the world as well. It was established by Jeff Weaver, a USPTA certified P-1 coach and instructor, in 1992. The institution focuses on developing young talent from all over the world. It has a branch in Brazil, which was started in 2009 to cater for the rising number of players. The academy also owns an international boarding academy located in Fortaleza, Brazil that can accommodate up to 6 players at a time.

Juan Carlos (JC) Ferrero Equality Academy, Alicante, Spain

Juan Carlos (JC) Ferrero Equality

Spain prides on producing some of the top tennis players in the world. Notable players include Rafael Nadal and Juan Carlos Ferrero who was the number one ATP player in 2003. Ferrero is currently a director at the institution and oversees the running of the academy. It was founded in 1995 by Antonio Martinez Cascales and comprises of an expansive land measuring about 120, 000 square meters. The Academy collaborates with other institutions in the region to see the development of the game and also increase awareness.

Kim Clijsters Tennis Academy, Brea Belgium

Kim Clijsters Tennis Academy

There is no doubt that the Kim Clijsters Tennis Academy is among the top tennis academies in the world. It has produced many outstanding players who have won tournaments in the region and beyond. It’s named after Kim Clijsters, who reigned supreme in the world of tennis sometime back. She opened the institution in 2014 and together with other tennis players and coaches helps to harness and develop young talent. The academy features 18 courts tennis, a team of experienced coaches and health professionals, and state-of-the-art equipment.

10S Academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands

10S Academy

Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 10S Academy ranks among the top tennis academies in the world. It was started by Roland Laurense and Sven Groeneveld in 2011. Roland Laurense is a renowned Dutch coach whose has trained and coached many world-class players. Sven Groeneveld has coached Maria Sharapova, one of the most remarkable female tennis players. The center boasts of many facilities that target both inexperienced and experienced payers and offers a diverse program that runs all year round. The facility focuses on different areas including physical fitness, mental practice, discipline, nutritional advice and injury prevention.

Annabel Croft Tennis Academy, National Centre, UK

Annabel Croft Tennis Academy

Began by Annabel Croft and Mel Coleman, The Annabel Croft Tennis Academy is one of the leading tennis academies in the UK and the world as well. Annabel Croft is a famous Tennis TV presenter and is also a former British No. 1. Mel Coleman is her husband and together with other partners, coaches and trainers run the institutor. It was started in 2009 and caters for more than 320 players and has a range of programs targeting different players, both upcoming and seasoned.

Bruguera Tennis Academy, Barcelona, Spain

Bruguera Tennis Academy

The Bruguera Tennis Academy is known for producing top-notch players. It was started in 1986 and has maintained good reputation ever since for quality service. It is run by Sergi Bruguera and Lluis Bruguera. Lluis are a former captain of the Spanish Davis team while Sergi is a former World No.3. It is stationed about 18 kilometers from the city center and is also near the Mediterranean. Notable Alumni include Garbine Muguruza and Sara Errani, both WTA players.

Bob Brett/Fabio Lavazza Tennis Academy, San Remo, Italy

Bob Brett-Fabio Lavazza Tennis Academy

Located in San Remo, Italy, the Bob Brett/Fabio Lavazza Tennis Academy is another top training center. It aims at scouting talent and developing the game. The academy provides highly personalized training that seeks to identify young talent and also provide the best environment for the youngster to nurture their skills. It was founded by Master Coach Bob Brett and Fabio Lavazza and is located in a very beautiful region that showcases rich Italian culture.

John McEnroe Tennis Academy, New York, USA

John McEnroe Tennis Academy

The John McEnroe Tennis Academy was launched by John McEnroe who was one of the greatest tennis players to ever come from the USA. Partnering with Sportime Clubs, he saw it fit to help in the growth and development of the sport. Although it’s situated in Sportime Randall’s Island in Manhattan, it attracts players from across the globe and is considered among the top. John McEnroe together with his first-class staff has trained players who have won many titles.

Rafael Nadal Tennis Academy, Mallorca, Spain

Rafael Nadal Tennis Academy

The Rafael Nadal Tennis Academy is named after Rafael Nadal “Rafa”, who is regarded as one of the best tennis players. It is also amongst the newest academies having been founded in 2016. The institution is located in Mallorca, Spain, and has many coaches, trainers, and technical support staff that aim at making players equal or better than “Rafa” who has been the World’s number one player for many occasions. Toni Nadal, uncle and coach to Rafael Nadal is part of the academy’s coaching and technical team and you can be sure of top-notch training.

Barcelona Tennis Academy, Castelldefels, Spain

Barcelona Tennis Academy

Spain has many renowned tennis academies. A good example is the Barcelona Tennis Academy. It has produced some of the best tennis players in the world and is located in a strategic location. The institution offers a diverse program to cater for both fulltime as well as holiday players. In 2015, the academy moved to Castelldefels which is located about 20km from Barcelona. The new site features 11 padel courts, 21 clay courts, outdoor pool, gym, sauna, aerobics studio, kids play area, bar-restaurant, and a chill-out zone.
There you have it- a review of top 10 best tennis academies in the world. As earlier stated, it pays to enroll in the best if you want your skills or that of your child or student to improve. In this review, we focused on the key aspects which include reputation, top facilities, experienced coaches and trainers, support programs, a range of services and feasible tennis programs to suit different players. In addition to improving your skills and exposure choosing the best academy guarantees you of maximum satisfaction.

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