Top 21 Tennis Bags in 2020 Review – Editor’s Choice Awards

Are you looking for a quality tennis bag to carry racket, balls and other stuff on the court?

Undoubtedly, tennis is one of the most popular sports played worldwide and millions of spectators enjoy it.

If you are getting ready for your match, you probably need the best tennis bag with the right number of pockets, capacity and material.

While there are a lot of good tennis bags available on the market to choose from but it can get a little daunting to pick the best one.

21 Best Tennis Bags Review

So, to save you from the trouble, we have hand-picked 21 of the best tennis bags money can buy. These are perfectly designed to carry anything you want to take on the court.

Moreover, these are top rated bags endorsed by top tennis players. From being durable to highly attractive, here are 21 tennis bags to choose from.

Babolat Club Line Tennis Backpack Racquet Holder BagBabolat Club Line Racquet Holder

With a perfect black and yellow color mixture, the Babolat Club Line is our best tennis bag on the list. It is compact and light in weight, offering you maximum versatility to backpack and literally carry it anywhere you want.

The first thing to notice is its durable frame with an enhanced soft foam padding which helps to protect the things inside your bag.

There are plenty of pockets on the bag which will help you to store as many things as you want. Other than racquet or balls, you can also put your tennis clothes, shoes, wrist band, water bottle, smartphone, energy drinks and much more.

To be honest, all of Babolat’s bags are appealing. Whether it be the Club Line or X3, you won’t be disappointed.

Some big names like Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick and even Nadia Petrova have been seen wearing this bag on the court.

This bag also features cosmetic graphic that will make the heads turn on the court. It can hold 1-2 racquets and comes with multiple storage compartments for other gears. Its accessory pocket is located on the front side of the bag which lets you store your valuables.


  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Durable frame
  • Comes with enhanced soft foam padding
  • Multiple pockets


  • A few users say the bag is tiny and not enough roomy

Yonex 2018 New 9829 Racket BagYonex 2018 New 9829

Say hello to the hottest tennis bag of 2018, the Yonex 9829. It is time to step up your game and style with this cool tennis gear. What really makes this bag great is that it makes you look and feel like a pro.

You can carry as much stuff as you want. It is very roomy from inside and other than your racquets, it can hold a lot of other stuff easily. For example, you can slide in your shoes, rackets, food, drinks, snacks, cans, bottles, party balls and much more that you think is required on the court.

It is a thermal bag with a total of 9 racket capacity. Three pockets are on the outside. These are meant for rackets, shoe/ball pouch and a large accessory pocket.

When it comes to style, it is a backpack bag with shoulder straps and racket separators which is great.

It is available in black, black & pink, Infinite Blue and premium platinum color to choose from. A convenient shoe pocket is made on the back side of the bag which can be used to store your tennis shoes.


  • Large bag with multiple compartments
  • Ability to store 9 rackets
  • Available in multiple color options
  • Stylish and roomy


  • No Drawbacks

Babolat Decima French Open 12 Pack Tennis BagBabolat Decima French Open 12 Pack

It is time to add more style to your tennis game with the Babolat Decima. This is the exclusive La Decima bag which is designed for players who want to get the most out of their tennis bag. There are stylish logos on the bag and its updated style with two compartments can hold up to 5 racquets whereas the middle compartments can carry another 5 rackets with other tennis gears.

Its compartments have Isothermal Protection which protects your valuables and is water resistant as well, keeping the things inside your bag dry.

The exterior pockets of this bag are quite unique and give you the organizational features. This helps to easily and nicely store smaller items and electronic accessories. A separate vented pocket on the back side is made to carry your shoes or any other dirty gear.

While this is an awesome tennis bag, but you can also take it on your camping trips and make the most of it. If you plan on travelling with this bag, it will be very comfortable because utilizing those pockets, padded straps and quick grabbing handles makes it perfect bag on go.


  • Stylish design with La Decima logos and callouts
  • Three large compartment with Isothermal protection
  • Ventilated tunnel pocket
  • Large sides with accessory pockets
  • Customizable


  • No drawbacks

Wilson Tour V Tennis BagWilson Tour V

The Tour V is a unique kind of bag with a large storage compartment and a perfect size that every player will benefit from. It is a perfect product for any tennis player. The main storage compartment can hold two racquets with plenty of other gears.

It is made from durable and water resistant materials while its soft molded outer shell helps to keep the shape of the bag and protect your gear.

Its back panel is worth mentioning here and is the most admired feature of this bag. It has a plush and padded material which makes it perfect for travelling and allows you to store in plenty of stuff.

The large or the main compartment opens from the front side whereas it has a separate compartment designed to store your shoes and other sweaty clothes. This is properly ventilated and prevents the accumulation of bad smell inside the bag.

Moreover, there are four small or accessory pockets on the sides which can literally carry anything you want. If you are an active player and looking for a great backpack, Tour V is for you.


  • Compact and multi-purpose bag
  • Large main compartment with plenty of small compartments
  • Roomy and lightweight
  • Padded from inside for durability


  • Less graphic work

Babolat – Maxi Tennis BackpackBabolat - Maxi

A lovely black colored tennis bag which is highly versatile and is ready to be carried anywhere you want. Whether it be your important tennis game or a camping trip with your family, Babolat Maxi Tennis is for you.

The durable frame of this bag is enhanced by a very soft padding which helps to protect your racquets and other valuables inside.

Its main compartment is quite roomy and can hold up to two racquets easily. The additional storage pouches on the front side of the bag gives you plenty of room your other gear and valuables.

There are adjustable straps integrated in the design of the bag which gives you a comfortable fit. It has an elastic PU with a rips stop main body fabric along with PU molded side pockets which gives you plenty of room for your accessories.

Another important feature of this bag is its Thermo Guard 2.0 compartment which protects your equipment from the extreme heat and humidity. It also offers protection from water to some extent and keeps your valuables dry and protected.


  • Durable, compact and lightweight
  • Large compartment for maximum storage
  • Thermo Guard 2.0 technology for protection against heat and humidity
  • Adjustable and customizable


  • A bit smaller

Wilson Federer DNA Collection Tennis BagWilson Federer DNA Collection

A Rodger Federer inspired tennis bag, the Federer DNS is one of the best and perfectly sized backpack designed for the enthusiastic players. It is designed for the pro level players who love to go prepared on the court. It has plenty of room inside with the ability to carry up to 12 racquets at a time and plenty of other accessories and tennis gear.

It features Thermo Guard 2.0 technology within its two racket compartments. This not only helps to protect the strings of the bag from items inside but gives protection against heat and humidity.

Its front and back comes with large accessory pockets and plenty of room to store your tennis shoes and electronic gadgets.

What makes this bag great is its durability. There is a convenient grab handle on the end and middle and heavy duty straps which are easily adjustable.

There are clean lines inside the bag which keep things in place and secure.


  • Large compartments that can store 12+ racquets
  • Thermo Guard 2.0 technology for protection against heat and humidity
  • Convenient grab handles and padding for protection
  • Adjustable and customizable


  • Pockets are not vented

Yonex Pro Six Pack Tennis BagYonex Pro Six Pack

It is time to store and protect your tennis racquets, gear and accessories with the Yonex Pro bag. It is a colorful bag with a modern exterior design that looks very appealing. It has a matte black color on top with two large compartments. These are the main storage pockets where you can slide in your rackets.

This upgraded version has 1.6 inches between the two main compartments, allowing you to easily fit more gear. It features a non-collapsing EVA foam material. This helps to keep the bag in shape.

If you look on the side near its enlarged Yonex logo, there is a large accessory pocket for more storage. This can be used for your shoes or sweaty shirts. Not to mention, these pockets are properly ventilated for proper air flow.

Also, on the sides, there are adjustable shoulder straps which provide you a comfortable and convenient way to carry your bag anywhere you want.


  • Cool graphics and style
  • Plenty of storage room
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Durable, compact and lightweight


  • Slightly expensive

Wilson Racquet Sports Tour V BackpackWilson Racquet Sports Tour V

A very compact tennis bag which can hold up to 2 racquets and multiple other tennis gear and accessories. Its large compartments can also be used to hold your tennis shoes and other apparel. Moreover, the multiple large and small pockets integrated into its design nicely holds your valuables and other essentials.

We really love this bag. While it is large enough to hold plenty of gears, it is also designed from a very durable and water resistant material with a soft molded outer shell to help retain the natural shape of the bag and protect your gear.

Its back panel is plush and padded, making it perfect for travelling and camping trips. There is a separate compartment in the design of this bag which is big and is used mainly to store shoes and clothes.

The additional four pockets on the sides can literally carry any accessory. It has very compact dimensions which allows you to easily store it in small places.


  • Large main compartment
  • Separate racquet compartments with multiple accessory pockets
  • Dual side pockets
  • Customizable shoulder straps


  • Expensive
  • Racket may stick to the side

Babolat Pure Drive (6-Pack) Tennis Bag (Blue)Babolat Pure Drive (6-Pack) (Blue)

With a whole new design, Babolat Pure Drive is the top-selling tennis bag of 2018. This bag comes with two large compartments and features Isothermal Protection and can easily store up to 6 tennis rackets.

This bag has ventilated exterior tunnel pockets for your tennis shoes and sweaty shirts. It is a product of quality and provides you with semi-rigid protective sides and has enough room for several other items.

From rackets to balls, it can carry any tennis gear and other accessories you want to carry with you on the tennis court. The best thing we like in this bag is the isothermal protected pocket which provides protection against heat and humidity.

The Isothermal protection is also important as it helps to protect the string tension of your racquets.

Its smaller molded side accessory pocket is perfect to store smaller items whereas the attached padded and adjustable backpack straps gives you the convenience to carry the bag anywhere you want. These straps are padded. If you want to grab the bag, there are 2 top grabbing handles at the end of middle of the bag.


  • Thermal lining and isothermal protection
  • Up to 6 racket storage space
  • Adjustable and padded straps and grab handle
  • Multiple storage pockets


  • You may have to squeeze in rackets that are 27 ½ inch long

Wilson Tour V 15 Racket BagWilson Tour V 15

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or pro level tennis player, this bag is for you. The V 15 Pack bag is made to stand up to all the rigors of competitive players. It is designed from durable and water resistant material along with an outer shell which protects its content and makes the bag strong enough to withstand a flat bottom.

There is enough room in the bag for racquets and other tennis gears along with 3 large main compartments. One of the compartment features Thermo Guard 2.0 technology which helps to keep the rackets and its string tension safe from both the hot and cold weather conditions.

Other than the main compartments, there are several other small pockets integrated in the design of this bag, mainly in the front and back side, allowing you to easily store all of your gear and carry them on the court.

It also has a padded backpack carrying system along with two nicely molded grab handle to easily carry the bag anywhere you want. Customizable shoulder straps are also integrated for your convenience.


  • Three large compartments with one having ThermoGuard 2.0
  • Manufactured using a Special 420D Ripstop and Plainweave along with TPU coating which makes this bag easily wipe able, durable and water resistant
  • Soft and molded outer shell to help retain the shape of the bag
  • Multiple exterior pockets


  • Material quality is satisfactory

Babolat Pure Tennis Racquet Holder x6Babolat Pure Racquet x6

Need style and durability? You probably need the Babolat Pure Tennis Racquet Holder x6 bag. It is another top selling bags on the market and also used by player like Rafael Nadal. This bag is known for its durability and ability to protect your tennis gear.

There are 3 built-in compartments which can easily hold up to 12 tennis racquets at a time. Two out of these three compartments have thermal insulation to protect your tennis gear form heat and cold.

There is a smaller compartment which is made for small items and accessories like smartphone, keys, etc. However, one large accessory compartment is also made which has an internal mesh pocket along with a shoe bag.

Its ergonomically molded and retractable straps with foam padding inside let you easily carry the bag wherever you want. This bag also has two reinforced grab handles and ISS or Intelligent Strap System.

What ISS does is when you set down the bag, its straps will automatically retract and vice versa. This allows the compartments to be easily opened. Moreover, when you wear the bag, these straps will remain in place for a perfect grip.

Overall, it is a premium grade tennis bag with plenty of storage space and Isothermal pockets which help to keep your gears safe.


  • Premium tennis bag also used by Rafael Nadal
  • Isothermal pockets for protection against weather conditions
  • Separate compartment for shoes and clothes
  • ISS retractable straps


  • Not as big as advertised
  • Expensive

Wilson Federer Team Collection Tennis BagWilson Federer Team Collection

Wilson is a popular manufacturer of many sports goods of which tennis is one. Their tennis bag is made from high quality RipStop Nylon fabric which gives it the strength and durability.

It has a black screen print logo on the front which looks very appealing on the court and will make the heads turn. There is a RF signature on its side along with Red Zippers giving it a nice contrast.

Large space for multiple rackets and multiple exterior pockets for your small accessories.


  • RipStop Nylon fabric
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Appealing design
  • Multiple storage pockets


  • Slightly expensive bag

Babolat-Pure Tennis BackpackBabolat-Pure Tennis Backpack

This is probably Babolat’s most stylish and iconic bag of the year. Whether it be tennis, travel, hiking or camping, this is the perfect bag for all your needs. It has a large storage compartment where you can store your racket and additional small pockets for other accessories.

While the bag is compact and light weight, it can easily store your full size tennis rackets. Mostly users say it stores two rackets but you can squeeze in a third one as well.

Though there are no pockets for shoes, but overall, it is a very handy bag.


  • Multi-purpose bag
  • Enough storage capacity
  • Durable fabric construction
  • Padded from inside


  • No storage area for shoes or clothes

Wilson Team III Tennis BagWilson Team III

With 3 main compartments for all your equipment, Wilson Team III can store all your tennis gears and other apparels. It has 2 large exterior pockets which can be used to store shoes, clothes, water bottles and many other items.

The smaller pockets on this bag can be used to store keys, tennis balls, smartphones etc. its shoulders straps are nicely padded with foam and can be adjusted easily for your convenience.


  • Large compartments for more items
  • Extra exterior pockets for personal use
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Adjustable shoulder straps


  • No drawbacks

Babolat Pure Strike x12 Tennis Racquet BagBabolat Pure Strike x12

One of the best-selling models by Babolat is the Pure Strike x12 bag. It is known for its extra-large compartments which can store as much as 12 rackets at a time. There are extra pockets for your shoes, clothing and other accessories as well.

Out of its three large compartments, two are isothermal which helps to protect from varying temperature conditions.

One main center compartment is where you will store your rackets. Moreover, the hard shell exterior compartment helps a lot to protect your small accessories. An internal compartment is also designed to store your shoes. This is properly ventilated for proper air flow and to prevent accumulation of bad odor inside the bag.


  • Extra-large tennis bag
  • Multiple compartments
  • Isothermal technology for maximum protection
  • Hard shell to protect your accessories


  • Very expensive

Ame & Lulu Game On Tennis BackpackAme & Lulu Game On

A perfect tennis bag for women. It is a small bag and can hold two racquets without covers. This bag is designed from high quality nylon material which gives it the durability and strength.

The adjustable straps on the bag have padded foam inside for comfortability while its zip closure securely keeps your items inside the bag.

There are extra side pockets for more rackets, bottles, smartphones and other accessories.


  • Stylish and premium quality bag
  • Made from durable nylon material
  • Extra side pockets
  • Perfect bag for women


  • No drawbacks

Babolat Team Expandable Tennis BagBabolat Team Expandable

A very beautiful neon blue colored tennis bag which is extremely versatile and can easily hold 4 to 7 rackets in its large storage compartment. It is a perfect bag for the regular and enthusiastic players.

Its expandable structure gives you extra storage room to squeeze in more items. The back straps on the bag nicely wraps around your shoulders while the top grab handle lets you carry the bag easily on the court.


  • Highly versatile
  • Large storage room
  • Capacity to hold 4 to 7 racquets
  • Beautiful colors


  • Expensive

HEAD Djokovic 12R Monstercombi Tennis HoldallHEAD Djokovic 12R Monstercombi

The Djokovic inspire tennis bag is Head 12R which is known for its large compartments. It can hold up to 12 racquets. The main storage area has CCT+ protection which helps to keep your rackets secure from external weather conditions.

Its shoulder straps are padded with foam and nicely wraps around your shoulders, giving you maximum comfort.

There is a large HEAD logo on the side of racket with red colored contrasting zippers and a perfect black and white combo.


  • Extra-large compartments with plenty of storage area
  • CCT+ protection to keep your tennis gears secure
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder straps


  • Expensive
  • May be too large for some players

Babolat 2018 Pure Series Quality Tennis BackpackBabolat 2018 Pure Series Quality

Another top-notch bag by Babolat is their Pure Series Quality. It is nicely padded with foam which gives you a comfortable feel. It can hold two racquets. A separate compartment is designed to store your tennis shoes and other gears.

There are multiple side pockets which can be used to store extra tennis accessories while two convenient plush padded tennis straps to easily carry the bag wherever you want.


  • Manufactured from quality materials
  • Holds up to 2 racquets
  • Extra side pockets
  • Plush padded straps


  • Zipper doesn’t close perfectly

HEAD Djokovic BackpackHEAD Djokovic Backpack

Another Djokovic inspired tennis back which comes at a very reasonable price. It is a perfect small backpack to carry two racquets.

There is an extra-large main compartment designed separately to store your shoes and sweaty clothes.

Its padded shoulder and chest straps are easily adjustable and are integrated for your convenience to carry it anywhere with ease.


  • Compact bag perfect for two rackets
  • Extra compartment for shoes and clothes
  • Adjustable shoulder and chest straps


  • No drawbacks

Babolat Pure Grey 9 Pack BagBabolat Pure Grey 9

Last but not the least on our list of best tennis bags is Babolat Pure Grey bag which is capable to store up to 9 rackets at a time. It meets all your needs and there is enough capacity for other tennis gears.

There are extra side pockets for smartphones, water bottles, energy drinks, keys, etc. Its main compartment has thermal insulation which protects your racquets from heat and cold.


  • Can store up to 9 tennis racquets
  • Large storage capacity for extra tennis gears
  • Thermal insulation in the main compartment
  • Cool graphics


  • No drawbacks

How to Choose Good Tennis Bag

how choose tennis bag

Before you buy a tennis bag, here is what you need to consider.

How Many Tennis Racquets?

The first and foremost thing to ask yourself is how many tennis racquets will be storing in the bag? It can be one or two and as many as 15 racquets. If you plan on carrying only a few like 3-6 racquets, you should opt for backpacks. However, those of you willing to carry up 10 racquets, you should go for the tennis bags.

Storage Space

Other than tennis racquets you need extra storage space for other items like tennis shoes, balls, water bottle, drinks, keys, smartphones, etc.

Your tennis bag must have extra storage pockets where you can store other tennis gears and apparels and carry all the necessary items on the court. Extra storage pockets can also help you when you are on a camping or hiking journey.


As many of the bags we’ve listed above have thermal protection, make sure that whichever bag you choose, it must be protected with thermal or isothermal lining.

Nowadays, majority of the tennis bags you’ll see on market have proper protective compartment with molded shells which helps to reduce the damage.


This is something that shouldn’t be compromised even if you have to pay a few extra bucks. Consider your tennis bag as a long term investment. Nylon material is usually considered the most durable.


A final thing to consider is the brand. Names like Prince, Head, Babolat and Wilson are worth mentioning here. These brands offer the highest quality tennis bags on the market and have nearly the same technology.

What else?

Other than this, you may want to consider the style of your bag. Women usually prefer fashionable bags. Some popular ones on the market include Cortiglia, Magiie Mather and 40 Love Corture.

Another important thing to consider includes the adjustable shoulder strap and grab handle of your bag. It should be comfortable and convenient enough to let you easily carry your bag wherever you want.


So, that’s it guys. Choosing the right bag can make it last longer and help you on the court to carry all your necessary tennis equipment.

We have played our part in recommending you the best available options on the market. It is your turn to choose the best out of the best. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog.

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