Top 18 Tennis Balls in 2020 Review – Editor’s Choice Awards

Is it really important to have the best tennis balls to play your game? Yes, it does and here’s why!

Whenever you are playing any sports, each and every gear or piece of that sports matter for a great outcome. When playing tennis, we tend to get our hands on the best tennis racquets or maybe shoes. Right?

However, having a good tennis ball can really steer the game in your favor and help you practice better.

18 Best Tennis Balls Review

Whether you are a backyard enthusiast, a recreational player, beginner or a pro level tennis athlete, this guide is for you.

Since it can be pretty difficult to find a good tennis ball pack when there are several different types, varieties and brands on the market, we have done the work for you.

So, here are 18 of the best tennis ball packs of different brands made for different type of tennis players.

Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis BallsWilson US Open Extra Duty

Say hello to the official balls of the US Open used every September. Needless to say, this is the toughest tournament in the world which uses more than 70,000 of the toughest tennis balls. Wilson has been around since 1979 and is the only brand which holds the honor of being the “Official Ball of US Open”.

These balls are constructed from extremely high quality wool which is nicely woven into a thicken and denser felt which gives it the durability.

It offers you a nice playtime with maximum consistency and durability. One thing we really like about these balls is the premium Tex/Tech feel they have. This gives them a nice swing on the court and adds more accuracy in your shots as well.

If you are playing on hard courts, you will benefit a lot from these balls as they are perfectly optimized to be played on hard courts but they are all-courter.

This pack has 24 cans with a total of 72 balls inside ready to be played and smashed on the court. These balls have a nice texture with the Wilson logo printed on them.


  • Heavy duty tennis balls
  • Constructed from premium quality tech felt
  • Performs best on hard courts
  • Used in US Open


  • May feel less bouncy on soft courts

Wilson WRT1073CS US Open Regular Duty Ball CaseWilson WRT1073CS US Open Regular Duty

Another very popular tennis ball from Wilson is their WRT1073CS, also being used in US Open since 1978. These tennis balls are also constructed from Tex Tech Felt. What this does is adds durability and flexibility to create that extra bounce.

Moreover, this also makes them for superior playability and consistency on the court. The felt wrapped around is yellow in color and is designed for clay and indoor court surfaces but you can try them on hard surfaces as well.

Wilson claims that you can also play with these balls on extremely high altitude courts which are over 3500 ft. Thanks to its unique felt design which makes it possible. Furthermore, these balls are both USTA and ITF approved and the whole packs contains 24 cans, totaling 72 balls.

These balls are ready to be used in tennis ball machines and if you buy 10 or more cases you will get a free shipping offer.


  • Used in US Open since 1978
  • Heavy duty tennis balls
  • High Tex Tech felt for superior playability and durability
  • Perfect for clay courts, indoors, hard and high Altitude courts


  • A few users say these balls don’t bounce much on soft courts

Penn 521190CS ATP World Tour Reg Duty Tennis Ball CasePenn 521190CS ATP World Tour Reg Duty

If you aren’t familiar with Penn, let me tell you that Penn ATP tennis balls have always been the no.1 choice of ATP players. Why? Because Penn is known for manufacturing tournament grade felt on their tennis balls with a unique technical grade rubber core which offers a nice bounce on nearly any type of court.

Unlike other tennis balls, these are 19% brighter because of the quality felt used on them. This helps to enhance the accuracy of your shots even when playing under poor light conditions and gives you extra time to prepare for your shots.

The felt used in these balls is known as Smart Optik Felt. Don’t worry, this doesn’t increase the price of Penn’s tennis ball pack. They are cheaper than Wilson and are also USTA and ITF approved.

When you smash them, you can feel that extra punch and swooshing sound as it goes shooting towards your opponent. Also, the extra bounce it generates with more spin and accuracy gives your opponent a tough time on the court.


  • Unique Smart Optik Felt which makes it 19% brighter than regular felt
  • Helps to enhance accuracy due to increase visibility
  • Perfect for outdoor courts
  • USTA and ITF approved


  • No drawbacks

Slazenger Wimbledon Official Tennis BallsSlazenger Wimbledon Official

Out of many tennis ball cans we researched, Slazenger really amazed us with its exceptional bouncing qualities and excellent visibility on the court. Even though its felt isn’t extra-ordinary, still we found this pack of tennis balls highly durable and reliable.

To be honest, they feel similar to Penn balls and offer you a solid playability on the court. Though these balls may not be used on a tournament level but for indoor, outdoors and recreational play, they are a perfect match.

Slazenger Wimbledon has used an exclusive patented application process as well. These tennis balls are not only visible to the players but also the spectators.

The cloth on the ball is made out of patented hydro guard technology, allowing the ball to repel up to 70% of the water as compared to a standard ball.

Performance wise, it competes with the top brands like Wilson and Penn. Each tube inside this pack contains 4 balls.


  • A pack of 6 tubes, totaling 24 balls
  • Unique hydro guard technology on the felt to repel water up to 70%
  • Beautiful Slazenger Logo on each ball
  • Better visibility both for players and spectators


  • No drawbacks

Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty Tennis BallsPro Penn Marathon Regular Duty

If you are looking for long lasting tennis balls, I would definitely recommend you the Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty Tennis Balls. These are the no.1 choice of USPTA Teaching Professionals as well.

The main reason these balls are popular is due to the Penn’s Encore Technology used in the ball. This not only gives you a nice playing experience on the court but also increases the longevity of the balls for a better playability.

Just like the previous Penn’s model, this one also uses Optik felt which increases the ball visibility on the court, both for the players and spectators and adds more accuracy in your shots.

The felt wrapped around the ball is of regular duty but is ideal to be played on soft courts like clay, grass, omni, carpet. A few users tested them on hard courts and found them perfectly alright.

Its Encore Technology further adds more durability and visibility to these balls on the court. This pack comes in 24 can case.


  • One of the longest lasting tennis balls on the market
  • Regular duty felt but with outstanding performance
  • More visibility due to Optik Felt
  • 24 cans per case containing 3 balls per can


  • Ball may feel flat after sometime

DUNLOP 602157USCS Grand Prix Hard Court Ball CaseDUNLOP 602157USCS Grand Prix Hard Court

A very popular tennis ball case by Dunlop is there 602157USCS Grand Prix Hard Court Ball Case which contains tennis balls offering you the ultimate performance and durability on the court. This is a special case with each tennis ball made from fourteen ingredients which makes up its secret rubber core.

On top of this rubber core is one of the highest quality woven felt which gives you superior performance and feel on the court. These balls also feature MaxGlo felt and as the technology say, it makes the balls 14% brighter than regular felt.

Better visibility gives you more time to prepare for your shot and accurately smash it every time. It also features Hard Court version which is capable of withstanding abrasion from hard courts and are perfect to be used on clay and indoor courts.

Overall, these balls are UTSA and ITF approved to be player for tournament and leagues and comes in a case which contains 24 cans, totaling 72 balls.


  • Ultimate performance and durability
  • Secret rubber core made out of 14 ingredients
  • MaxGlo felt makes 14% brighter balls for better accuracy
  • Very affordable price


  • No drawbacks

Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis BallWilson Championship Extra Duty

One of the finest tennis ball packs available on the market is Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball. These are tournament level balls featuring heavy duty felt which is ideally designed to be used on hard courts.

This felt is Dura-Weave which makes them balls extremely durable, offering you a superior performance on the court. These balls are also used in US Open, Australian Open Grand Slam Championship and NCAA Tennis.

For a longer play session on the court, especially the hard surfaces, these balls have an extra duty construction which increases their lifespan and prevents them from deforming or getting flat after sometime.

A lot of players say that they noticed improved performance and as Wilson claims, this is because of their exclusive Dura-Weave felt.

These balls are ideal to be played on tournament level but you can also use them for recreational play.

The felt woven on the ball is very bright and nicely repels the water which gives you a nice playtime on the court.


  • USTA and ITF approved
  • Designed both for tournament and recreational play
  • Heavy duty felt for durability and improved performance
  • Perfect to be played on hard court surfaces


  • Very expensive

Dunlop Championship Tennis BallsDunlop Championship

Another pack from a big brand is the Dunlop Championship Tennis Balls which are designed with the highest quality standard and meets all the demands of recreational and pro level tennis athletes.

These balls have been engineered for U.S players and courts and offer you optimal performance on nearly any type of court. What makes them unique is Dunlop’s exclusive Durafelt cloth technology which adds more durability to the ball.

This allows the players to have a longer lasting ball no matter on which surface they are playing. Because hard court surface often result in abrasion, its Durafelt can easily withstand that. These balls are both USTA and ITF approved for tournament and league play.

A lot of tennis players who have been using Penn and Wilson’s tennis balls preferred Dunlop’s exclusive pack because of its superior performance on the court. You will get little faster serves with these balls. The seam deflects on these balls make them bounce more and spin better on the court.


  • Case of 24 cans, each containing 3 balls inside
  • Best tennis balls on the market
  • Adds more speed in your serves
  • Durable felt designed for longevity


  • Shipping is slow and packing is satisfactory

Wilson Championship Regular Duty Tennis Balls (1-Can)Wilson Championship Regular Duty (1-Can)

A single can tennis ball by Wilson but boasting the same level of durability and performance on the court. These balls are designed to be played on clay and indoor courts but can withstand the abrasion of hard surfaces.

The felt used on these balls is Dura-Weave felt which adds more durability to these balls and gives you superior performance on the court. This single can contain three high quality Wilson balls.

These balls are made in USA with imported quality materials and are also used as the Official ball in US Open and Australian Open Grand Slam Championships.

What really makes it special is the Dura-Weave technology felt. A lot of users say they felt more durability in these balls and it helped a lot in improving their performance on the court.

It is UST and ITF approved to be played in Championships and other leagues and are ideally perfect for high school and recreational players.


  • Designed from the highest quality imported materials in USA
  • Perfect to be played on clay and indoor courts
  • Abrasion resistant which increases its durability and longevity
  • Dura-Weave felt for better visibility and performance on the court
  • Ideal for high school and recreational players


  • Slightly expensive

Penn Championship Extra Duty Tennis BallPenn Championship Extra Duty

This Exclusive Penn Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball is available in 12 Cans (36 Balls), 15 Cans (45 Balls), 15 Cans (48 Balls), 4 Cans (12 Balls) and 6 Cans (18 balls) and at a very affordable price.

These tennis balls feature a natural rubber core which gives you a consistent feel throughout your play session and helps a lot in reducing the shocks as the ball reaches you. Moreover, the interlocked wool fiber on top is designed for longer wear and improved performance on the court.

To reduce the cracking, which is quite common when playing on the court, it features deep elastic seams which helps in dampening the cracking.

These balls are also sanctioned for USTA and ITF tournaments and are also America’s number 1 selling tennis balls.

What really makes them durable is the felt on top which offers you consistency and better playability on the court. Ideally, these are perfect to be played on hard courts, outdoors, asphalt surfaces and concrete.


  • Multiple can set options at affordable prices
  • Natural rubber built which helps to reduce shocks
  • Comes interlocked with wool fiber which prevents wear
  • Elastic seams to reduce cracking


  • Poor packaging

Dunlop Pro Tour Tournament & Match Training Tennis BallsDunlop Pro Tour Tournament & Match Training

A less popular version by a great brand is Dunlop Pro Tour Tournament & Match Training Tennis Balls. At a price of just under $65, this is probably the best bargain for you available on the market.

This is a pack of 12 and Tournament grade balls which can also be used for match training. It has an advanced felt design integrated over the rubber surface, adding more durability to the balls and enhancing their performance on the court.

You will get better bounce, faster swings, serves and returns with some deep volleys. One thing we really loved about these balls is the brighter felt woven on top. It increases visibility both for the players and spectators and gives you more time to prepare for your next shot.

On each ball is Dunlop’s exclusive HD Core which further increases its durability and gives it ITF approved playability.

These balls come nicely packed inside the cans with a crystal clear plastic and Dunlop’s logo printed on each ball.


  • Perfect for tournament and match training
  • Features premium needle felt for better design
  • Use on any court surface
  • HD Core for increase durability and playability on the court


  • No drawbacks

Penn Championship Regular Duty Tennis BallsPenn Championship Regular Duty

One of the most affordable tennis balls every made by PENN. Needless to say, it is America’s number one selling ball, mainly because of its outstanding playability and consistency on the court.

These regular duty balls are best suited for clay and indoor courts. It features an exclusive controlled fiber release which gives you a consistent nap, natural rubber for a consistent feel. The felt used on it helps to reduce the shocks, giving you a comfortable hitting experience every time.

Like other Penn balls, it also comes with interlocked wool fiber which prevents the balls from abrasion and wear. These balls are USTA and ITF approved and are available in regular duty felt, extra duty felt and extra duty high altitude felt.

Penn says that the natural rubber core used in their balls is what really gives tennis players a consistent feel and helps in reducing the shocks. This is a secret rubber core made out of several different ingredients, offering you a consistent feel and improve performance.


  • Extremely affordable ball pack
  • Natural rubber core for a consistent feel
  • Reduced shocks and no abrasion
  • Regular duty, extra duty and extra duty high altitude felt options
  • Deep elastic seams to reduce cracking


  • May get flat after some time

Tourna Pressureless Tennis BallTourna Pressureless

Ever heard of the pressureless tennis balls? Well, the Tourna Pressureless Tennis Ball are quite unique because they can be played for tennis and can be a good dog toy as well. These are premium quality tennis balls which are not pressurized.

To make it simple, if you ever experienced a tennis ball go flat or lose its bounce, Tourna balls won’t because they are pressure less.

These balls are constructed from non-toxic material with an extra durable felt which is exclusiely engineered to last longer and free from any wears.

Since these are premium quality balls, you can hit them for hours playing tennis without any issues. Tourna guarantees that their balls won’t go flat or ever lose bounce throughout its life. Because of the durable felt it has, these balls can be used on any type of court.

Its non-toxic material built makes it perfect for your pet dogs to play. Moreover, these balls are regulation size and bounce to regulation height.


  • A pack of 60 high quality tennis balls per bag
  • Regulation size and bounce
  • Pressureless balls won’t lose their shape or bounce
  • Extremely durable


  • Smells disgusting

Penn ATP Regular Duty Tennis BallsPenn ATP Regular Duty

Another very popular model by Penn is their Penn ATP Regular Duty Tennis Balls. These are premium grade tennis balls that come in a very nice packing and are the official ball of ATP Master Series.

Whether it be an indoor court or a clay and even hard surface courts, you can play without losing control or worrying about abrasion.

This packet contains 24 cans with three balls per can and is USTA and ITF approved for tournament and leagues. Like all other Penn’s balls, these also feature the Smart Optik felt which increases the brightness of the balls by 19% as compared to standard ones and enhances visibility for more accuracy.

The woven felt covering the balls is made with high quality materials for long-wearing, thus making them extremely durable.

The felt used in it is of tournament grade while the technical grade rubber core gives it a nice and precise bounce on any surface. You can also choose from regular duty, extra duty and extra duty high altitude felt.


  • Smart Optik felt for 19% better visibility
  • USTA and ITF approved for tournament and leagues
  • Official ball of ATP Master Series
  • Pack of 72 balls


  • No drawbacks

Wilson US Open Regular Duty Tennis BallWilson US Open Regular Duty

We all know that every September the world witnesses one of the toughest tennis tournament where 70,000 balls are used. Yes, it is the Wilson U.S. Open balls. The Wilson US Open Regular Duty Tennis Ball are constructed from premium quality wool which is nicely woven into the thicker and denser felt.

This gives it superior playability, consistency and durability on the court and gives you a nice playing experience as well. Though it comes in regular duty, extra duty and extra duty high altitude felt but the regular duty is best suited for the clay and indoor courts.

These are also sanctioned for USTA and ITF, making them perfect for tournament league plays. Its rubbery resiliency and the optic yellow fuzzy exterior featuring bright Wilson logo gives it more visibility on the court.

Ideally, this product is designed for clay and indoor court plays. It has a tighter weave of the felt and doesn’t pick any clay particles and won’t fluff as well.


  • Wilson official ball used in US Open and Australian Open Grand Slam Championships
  • Regular duty felt for a longer play both on clay and indoor courts
  • Tex Tech industrial felt for a premium performance and longevity
  • USTA and ITF approved


  • No drawbacks

Dunlop Sports Championship Tennis BallsDunlop Sports Championship

A very affordable tennis case for all types of players is the Dunlop Sports Championship Tennis Balls. Not to mentioned that Dunlop is the no.1 manufacturer of some of the excellent hard court balls in the world.

This ball can be used in Championships and leagues, thanks to its Durafelt technology which offers maximum durability and prevents the abrasive nature of hard courts. These are also sanctioned for ITF and USTA tournaments.

The manufacturers have specially engineered these balls for U.S. players and courts. Its breakthrough DuraFelt cloth technology really helps to add more durability to the ball without sacrificing its playability.

With the Regular Duty version of the ball, you can easily play on clay or indoor courts and still get a nice bounce. However, when playing on hard courts, I recommend choosing the heavy duty felt to prevent the abrasion and wear on the ball.

Overall, you will get a nice playing experience on the court with more speed, improved performance and enhanced playability.


  • Very affordable ball pack
  • Designed for improved playability
  • Offers better vision and thus increasing the accuracy of your shots
  • Multiple felt thickness


  • Gets flat quickly

Penn Pink Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball CanPenn Pink Championship Extra Duty

Need a different taste? Try the Penn Pink Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball Can. These pink/rose colored tennis balls have a unique appearance. Basically, Penn teamed up with American Cancer Society to promote awareness of breast cancer and thus, they colored their balls Pink.

Its Optic Pink Felt makes it ready to be played in championships. For each can purchased, Penn donates $0.15 to the breast cancer research.

These balls are made in USA with the highest quality materials. Its Optic Pink Wool is of premium grade wool which is nicely woven to extra duty standards, thus making the balls last longer.

A single can contain 3 tennis balls with Penn logo printed on each ball. This felt also repels water by more than 70% and won’t wear easily.

You can use these on nearly any type of court, whether clay, indoor, soft or hard courts.

Overall, you will get a nice playing experience playing with the Penn Pink Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls.


  • Championship quality balls
  • Perfect to play on any type of tennis court.
  • Pink color felt to promote breast cancer awareness
  • Premium grade wool woven to extra duty standards


  • No drawbacks

Penn 521190CAN ATP World Tour Reg Duty Tennis Ball CanPenn 521190CAN ATP World Tour Reg Duty

The last on our list is the Penn 521190CAN ATP World Tour Reg Duty Tennis Ball Can. This can contain some of the highest quality tennis balls. It is also the no.1 choice of ATP players and also 4 out of 5 balls used in largest tournaments in North America in ATP World Tour are of Penn.

These are premium balls which are covered nicely with LongPlay® felt, preventing it from abrasion and wear.

Its Smart Optik® increases the brightness of the balls and results in higher visibility felt for more accuracy and time for your shots.

Moreover, its premium line of balls is one of the most technologically advanced balls known in the world which provides the players with optimum core and felt technology for maximum balance of consistency, playability and longevity.

Overall, these balls are constructed from imported quality materials, USTA and ITF verified and can be played on different courts without wearing.


  • 1 choice of ATP players and official ball of ATP World Tour
  • Premium quality balls
  • Covered with Penn’s exclusive LongPlay felt for increased durability
  • Extra bright felt for better visibility on the courts
  • USTA and ITF verified for tournaments and leagues


  • A few users say that the ball gets fuzzy after some use
  • Satisfactory packaging

How to Choose Good Tennis Balls

Choosing the right tennis ball is as important as any other tennis gear. Your tennis gear, no matter what it is, can make or break your game.

We believe that a player must choose a tennis ball which fits his needs as it is a very essential part of the game.

While all balls may appear same but there are a dozens of differences which can affect your play style.

So, here is a detailed tennis ball buying guide which will help you choose the right pack which suites your needs.

Type of Tennis Balls

When it comes to ball types there are three different types, each designed for a particular play style: Championship level, recreational level and professional level.

The recreational balls are perfect to use in tennis ball machines or for practice. Championship balls are pretty expensive and commonly used in league matches while the professional grade balls are the highest quality used by the pro level tennis athletes.

Pressureless or Pressurized

The next important thing to consider is pressureless and pressurized balls. The pressureless balls are commonly used by beginners, practice and for recreational play. These ball tend to bounce from rubber shell structure and not from the air filled inside.

This prevents these balls from losing their bounce like the traditional balls. To be honest, these balls gain bounce as you play them more. You will enjoy the durability of these balls. Important to note here that these balls may feel heavier and a bit harder to play.

On the other hand, pressurized balls are used in tournaments and they use internal air pressure for bounce, speed and spin. As a result of this, these balls gradually lose the bounce and spin as the air pressure declines.

Usually a pressurized tennis ball will last for two to three weeks and some low quality will last for only a single match.

Regular Duty vs. Extra Duty Balls

The type of ball you choose will depend a lot on which court you play on. If you are playing on hard courts, you need extra duty felt balls which can prevent abrasion and wears.

Whereas, those players who play frequently on clay and indoor courts can opt for regular duty tennis balls.

High Altitude

As mentioned above, the high altitude tennis balls are manufactured from extremely high quality felt. ITF considers 4000 feet or higher as high altitude courts and special balls are created for such courts which helps to minimize any issues and give you a comfortable play through.

Are You a Beginner or Kid?

Those of you who are just starting out or introducing tennis to their kids, there are beginner level balls as well which are designed for a slower play. This will help a lot in their teaching and training.

Ideally, here are three stages of tennis balls you need to consider.

  • Stage 3 (Red): Beginner level balls, designed for young players which will help build their skills, develop a proper motion, get better at coordination and gradually build up the confidence. These balls are approved for 36 foot courts
  • Stage 2 (Orange): Slightly advanced but with reduced flights, the orange balls are designed for 60 foot courts, offering you a nice playing time
  • Stage 1 (Green): The advanced level tennis balls which are used in tournaments and league matches. These features a slightly lower bounce but help a lot in developing proper technique. Perfect for full sized 78 foot courts


The brand of your balls will affect its quality. Well, here are some big names on the market you should consider when buying a new ball for your game.

  • Penn: It is the subsidiary of Head N.V and is one of the most popular manufacturer of tennis balls. The company started out back in 1910 and was known as Pennsylvania Rubber Company of America, Inc. but later on acquired by Head N.V in 1999. Their balls are one of the best and commonly used in tournaments, leagues and by professional tennis players. They use high quality felt and a secret rubber ingredient which makes their product unique
  • Wilson: Wilson or Wilson Sporting Goods is a brand that needs no introduction. It is a Chicago, Illinois based manufacturer and is known for making badminton, baseball, basketball, softball, football, gold, soccer, tennis, squash and volleyball sports goods since long. Their tennis balls are used in US Open as well which is known as the world’s toughest tennis championship. What makes their tennis balls great is the durable felt with a unique technology. This makes it abrasion resistant and gives a nice bounce and swing on any type of court you play on. Ideally Wilson balls are mostly used on hard courts
  • Dunlop: Dunlop is a popular brand of tyres but it also manufactures sporting goods of which tennis balls is one. It was originally founded by pneumatic tyre pioneer John Boyd Dunlop in Birmingham, England 1889. It is now owned and operated by Goodyear Tire Rubber Company in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Nonetheless, their products are also the best in the market and the tennis balls they manufacture are used by all types of players and even in tournaments and big leagues. They use high quality felt and special rubber material for durability and performance
  • Slazenger: A popular British sporting goods manufacturer which is known for manufacturing some of the best racket sports along with tennis, golf, cricket and hockey. Slazenger was originally founded in 1881 and is the oldest sporting brands on the market. They have been associated with Wimbledon Tennis Championship and has been providing balls since 1902. The company was originally founded by Jewish brothers Ralph and Albert Slazenger and it quickly became a leading sporting equipment company both for golf and tennis. The felt used in their tennis balls is all courter and abrasion resistant as well, providing the best playing experience


So, that was a pretty long and healthy discussion guys. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. We have done our part by recommending you the best available options on the market. Now, it is your turn to pick the best out of the best.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more exciting tennis stuff like this.


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