Top 10 Famous Tennis Games – Longest Tennis Matches Ever Played

Tennis is played all around the world. But ever wondered what was the most memorable tennis match in the history of tennis?

Well, it doesn’t matter if it was an important match with big names playing, what matters are those matches which player remember the most.

There are a number of such matches which has inspired us and will be written about long even after we’re gone.

Today, we’ll take a look on such tennis matches that have not only inspired us but also entertained everyone around the world big time.

Jimmy Connors vs. Aaron Krickstein, 3-6, 7-6 (8), 1-6, 6-3, 7-6 (4), 1991 U.S. Open Fourth Round

Jimmy Connors vs. Aaron Krickstein

This was probably the best tennis match every played in history. Connors has just turned 39 that day and there was madness, arguing, 23 years of replay and many such matches. This was the most memorable match. Even people who don’t play tennis can tell you how Connors defied his age and the odds of winning the most thrilling tennis match.

Even Roger Federer was inspired by that match and Andre Agassi was also amazed. Do read about this match, the thrill of it, the audience roaring and the effort put into every shot. I’m pretty sure you’ll be pumped.

Djokovic vs. Nadal, 2012 Final

Djokovic vs. Nadal

Had to put this on number 2 as this was the best tennis finals match of all time which everyone would remember around the world. In 2012, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal played one of the greatest grand slam final in the history of tennis and it was a pure battle. Moreover, this match also holds the record of being the lengthiest and energy-sapping match, 5 hour and 53 minutes in which Djokovic defeated Nadal with the score board as 5-7, 6-4, 6-2, 6-7, 7-5 and finally claimed the title to his name.

From the very beginning of the match, we saw intensity pumping out of both the players and none of them was holding back in any of their shots. Even the Spaniard called it as one of the hardest loss of Nadal’s career and one of the best matches to be played in the history of tennis.

What’s more interesting was the statement of Djokovic when he said, “I’m full of joy but I think I still don’t have a real sense of what’s going on.” Nonetheless, with all the effort he put into this match, he deserved winning.

Sampras vs. Courier, 1995 Quarter Finals

Sampras vs. Courier

A match which was not only aggressive in the sense of winning but also filled with deep emotions from both the players. Pete Sampras defeated Jim Courier with some amazing stats of 6-7 (4-7), 6-7 (3-7), 6-3, 6-4 and 6-3 and embedded the victory to his name. This was a great quarterfinal match indeed and is the reason as to why it is one number three on our list.

Surprising enough, the champion started crying during one of his service games, shortly after the match has commenced. All the viewers were quite confused but later they discovered that Sampras’ close friend and coach Tim Gullikson was diagnosed with brain cancer and was immediately flown to America the same day for treatment after he collapsed in his locker room.

That was the very moment where Sampras was unable to hold his emotions back and break into tears. However, even this didn’t hold him back from winning.

Gullikson died in less than a year from the brain cancer he had which was really sad for Sampras.

Capriati vs. Hingis, 2002 Final

Capriati vs. Hingis

Women don’t hold themselves back when it comes to tennis and great matches. This was the 2002 Australian Open played between Jennifer and Martina Hingis and it has been remembered for ages. Capriati made a comeback in early 2000s. She had successfully defeated cancer and this was a remarkable thing for her to reach the finals and win.

In 2001, she also won the Australian Open and was written in the books as an example and inspiration for many other players.

During the game, both the players were given only a 10-minute break during which they used to apply ice packs and beat the intense heat that was boiling their bodies. Despite all of this, Capriati was able to dominate her opponent with 4-6, 7-6 (&), 6-2 on the scorecard.

Nadal vs. Federer, 2009 Final

Nadal vs. Federer

Who isn’t a Federer fan? But no one will ever forget this great match in which the mighty Roger Federer was defeated by Rafael Nadal with the scores 7-5, 3-6, 7-6 (7-3), 3-6, 6-2 in 2009 and this final is remembered by many big names in the sports of tennis.

I must say this match wasn’t a classic on par with 2008 Wimbledon final between the same duo previous year but it was something that will be remembered for ages to come.

During the final speed, Federer said, “God, it is killing me.” After that he broke down and was afterwards consoled by Nadal.

This was the very moment that other than victory both the players were talented athletes and a great sports icon.

Seles vs. Graf, 1993 Final

Seles vs. Graf

Let us go like 25 years back when the great final between Graf vs Seles was played and was also known as the most intense tennis match ever played. It also captured a lot of public attention at that time.

A year ago, Graf had already defeated Seles in 1992 Wimbledon and after that, despite the tight battle in Melbourne, the 19-year old Seles came out on top again with an amazing scorecard of 4-6, 6-3, 6-2.

That era was of Graf already and her fans were going crazy over her back to back victories. Sadly, Seles was stabbed during one of her tournament in Germany and skipped the next three years of her career as a result of the incident.

Nonetheless, this Australian Open Final 1993 will be remembered forever in which Graf took over Seles in a very aggressive manner.

Bjorn Borg vs. John McEnroe, Wimbledon Finals, 1980

Bjorn Borg vs. John McEnroe

Another memorable tennis match in which 22-minute, 34-point, fourth-set tiebreaker will be remembered forever. This was the finals between John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg.

The tiebreaker is what gave this match a lofty spot and is among the best ever tennis matches to be played ever. Borg embedded the victory to his name with 1-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-7 (16-18), 8-6 over McEnroe.

It may seem like a tough call to call it as a memorable match but once you watch it for yourself, you’ll get to know why is it on our list.

One of New York Times tennis writer Neil Amdur wrote in 2011, “after watching chunks of the 3:53 McEnroe-Borg final at an HBO screening, I am tempted again to reaffirm its place as the sport’s single most compelling piece of court magic.”

Overall, this match had plenty of thrills and especially the contrasting styles of both the players playing for the win.

Suzanne Lenglen vs. Helen Wills, Cannes, France, Finals, 1962

Suzanne Lenglen vs. Helen Wills

If you haven’t watch it yet, you’ll missed some serious thrill of the tennis game. In one of the article which was a 1962 Sports Illustrated article, it was mentioned, “The most eagerly awaited and universally talked about tennis match ever played did not take place at Wimbledon, Forest Hills, Melbourne or Sydney. Tilden didn’t play in it, neither did Budge, Vines, Cochet, Lacoste, Perry, Kramer, Sedgman, Hoad or Gonzalez. Matched instead were two young women, Suzanne Lenglen of France and Helen Wills of California.”

Both of them were known as the most dominant players of their era and this might be the reason why this match was such a big thrill.

If you already don’t know, Lenglen never lost a completed Grand Slam Tournament match on court and has won six Wimbledon titles, eight Grand Slam event and all of this in a very short span of time. So much so, she even didn’t lose more than four games in any of her Wimbledon finals in the last five attempts.

Whereas, Wills was equally dominant had already won 19 Grand Slam single events between the years 1923 to 1938.

So, this was quite a big match for both the players and a tough one for audience to decide as to who will have a clear win out of it.

However, Lenglen, after all the hard work, defeated Helen Wills and this was a match that will be remembered for ages to come.

Don Budge vs. Gottfried Von Cramm, Davis Cup, 1937

Don Budge vs. Gottfried Von Cramm

The reason I’m going way too back in the history is the thrill of these matches. And if you were looking for a tennis match which had everything in it from drama to suspense and climax, this is probably the one that I can name of right of the bat.

At that time Budge was known as the No.1 and most aggressive tennis player worldwide and he easily beat Von Cramm in finals at Wimbledon. This time they faced each other at All England Club in the fifth and the final match of Davis Cup Challenge Round.

The match turned out to be a complete thriller.

Though Budge was favored but Cramm won the first two sets easily. However, the next two were in the name of Budget but Cramm went to the verge of winning when he was at 4-1 in the fifth.

Budge tried his best to take the lead in fifth set, Cramm, however, saved the five match points before Budge won the sixth match point with a superb passing shot.

Henri Cochet vs. Bill Tilden, Wimbledon Semi Finals, 1927

Henri Cochet vs. Bill Tilden

The last but not the least honorable mention on our list is the match played between Henri Cochet and Bill Tilden. Tilden was 34 years of age at that time and was nicely cruising through his third Wimbledon title. He breezed past the semifinal against Henri Cochet who was a 25-year old Frenchman with 6-2, 6-4, 5-1 and was a clear victory.

Overall, it was a nice and memorable match worth remembering.


So, what you guys think of all these 10 best tennis match ever to be played in the history of tennis? Do share your views about them in the comment section.

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