Top 10 Tennis Rackets for Advanced Players 2020 Review – Editor’s Choice Awards

Are you looking for best tennis rackets for advanced players?

You are at the right spot because we’ve got some great recommendations for you below to choose from.

When you upgrade to the advanced level category, your racket needs to have the right features that will help you get better at your game and polish your skills even further. Forget about the extra power or responsiveness. This level demands strategy and placement more than just smashing the ball.

That being said, here are 10 of our premium picks.

10 Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players Review

Wilson Pro Staff 97Wilson Pro Staff 97

The new Wilson Pro Staff 97 comes with a fresh, sleek and cosmetic look that will make the heads turn on the tennis court. Though it has the same layout as its previous version, this fresh piece also has some outstanding features.

This racket will bring a fresh new perspective to how you play tennis. It gives the taste of Roger Federer’s magic in an easier swing. It has a very crispy feel but with a mute profile and a braided graphite layup that makes it unique.

It has an amazing string bed and delivers lot of power and spin on every swing, both for the groundstrokes and serves. Its maneuverability is amazing and it has an amazing control with surgical precision.

Overall, the Wilson Pro Staff 97 is a lightweight professional level tennis racket with amazing features.


  • Relatively small head size but with a nice sweet spot
  • Outstanding control
  • Feels very comfortable to hold and play
  • 16 x 19 string bed


  • Comes unstrung

Babolat Pure Aero VS TourBabolat Pure Aero VS Tour

The Babolat Pure Aero VS Tour is a nice upgrade with some cool aesthetics that gives it a fresh new look. To be honest, Babolat has blended different models into one single perfect racquet that delivers the performance you need on the tennis court.

It is a spin-friendly, control oriented and modern style racket made for the advanced players. It has got the weight which is built on Aero Storm Tour mold, resulting in more stability, spin and maximum precision.

It also helps in producing speed and power with a traditional box beam shaped head that drastically boosts control and feel. Majority of the advanced players were absolutely delighted by its amazing blend of spin and control from baseline.

You will get maximum depth and precision on your volleys and a perfect blend of spin and power to give your best on the court.

Overall, it is a great option for the players with big swings and who want an aggressive spin and control.


  • A modern style racket with cool graphics and design
  • Heavier which is suited for advanced players
  • Great combination of power and spin
  • Gives a nice control when playing


  • Comes unstrung
  • Expensive

Babolat 2017 Pure Strike 16/19Babolat 2017 Pure Strike 16-19

The Babolat 2017 Pure Strike 16/19 is one of our favorite models. It has undergone several changes since 2016. This newer version has a hybrid frame which is made out of square and elliptical sections. It also has an increased precision and better stability when it comes in impact with the ball.

Though the stiffness is a bit more which is a drawback here but for the advanced players it won’t be a big trouble. Weighing only 10.8oz when unstrung, it provides you with enough mass to send the ball like a bullet towards your opponent.

However, this weight is more balanced towards its handle and has a balance of 7 points head light. As a result, the weight is shifted in your hands, allowing you to easily and quickly swing the racket.

Overall, its specifications speak it all. It will help to set the pace, improve your skills even further and hit those winning shots on the court.


  • An affordable professional racket with great specifications
  • Made for the aggressive ball strikers
  • Quality control and balance
  • Nice sweet spot area


  • Comes unstrung
  • It may feel light to some players

Wilson Blade 98 (16×19) CountervailWilson Blade 98 (16×19) Countervail

You simply can’t compare a racket with Wilson Blade 98 (16×19) Countervail unless it is from the Wilson’s itself. You heard me right because Wilson’s manufacture some of the best beginner, intermediate and advanced level tennis racquets that help to take your game to the next level.

This model has an attractive Wilson’s official logo on the strings and with contrasting colors on the entire body that will make the heads turn. The first thing to notice is its muted feel on the court. Don’t expect the usual swooshing and “fwoosh” sounds. It may not feel powerful but it can fire the ball like a bullet towards the opponent.

Important to note here that the Wilson Blade 98 (16×19) Countervail is only for the professional level players who love placement skills and reactions and not just bullet shots.

One thing I didn’t like is the feeling of disconnect as it takes about 30-45 minutes before you can get used to its playstyle. Overall, it is a great option for the professional level players who want quality in every swing they make.


  • Reduces the amount of shock
  • Strikes that ball nicely and mutely
  • Forgiving
  • More power, control and spin


  • Comes unstrung
  • Takes a while to get used to

HEAD Graphene Touch Speed ProHEAD Graphene Touch Speed Pro

Say hello to HEAD Graphene Touch Speed Pro which is one of Novak Djokovic’s favorite racket. It is a solid option for the pro-players. It delivers more control and despite the less power, the spin potential is still amazing.

It allows you to play professionally on the court and offers maximum control that gives more precision and accuracy on every shot. Though it lacks some power but the blend of control and spin is unforgiving.

You’ll also fall in love with its smooth Graphene touch which gives a heavier feel and nicely hits the ball without any vibration or shocks. Also, having a higher twist weight shifts a good amount of weight at 3&9 location on its head and allows you to hit some spicy returns.

The amazing maneuverability of this racquet also allowed nice groundstrokes and serves with powerful volleys coming off the baseline.

Overall, it is a great option for the advanced players who prefer control over power without any sacrifice on the spin potential.


  • Recommended by Novak Djokovic
  • Made for tournament level play
  • Optimized for maximum control
  • Less power but more solid feel, control and spin


  • Less power

HEAD Graphene XT Radical ProHEAD Graphene XT Radical Pro

Another Graphene material racket with a great success on the market. The HEAD Graphene XT Radical Pro has a super strong and lightweight feel in its throat area which helps to add more weight at the end of the frame, resulting in a comfortable feel.

One thing we really like about HEAD Graphene XT Radical Pro is how easy it allows you to generate power into every shot and the responsive feel which a lot of professional level rackets lack.

It also has a nice maneuverability and a solid plow through. It does have a stiffer feel that seems pretty uncomfortable, especially when the contact is made but it doesn’t make you lose control over your game.

It offers the perfect blend of power and control with a nice spin potential and comes at a very reasonable price. It also has the logo embedded on the string bed with nice contrasting colors that gives it a very attractive look.


  • Very comfortable grip
  • Nice and solid feel with great maneuverability
  • Offers maximum accuracy, power and control over your shots
  • Comes at a very reasonable price with free shipping


  • No drawbacks

Wilson Pro Staff RF97 AutographWilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph

The Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph is one hell of a beast and is not for the ordinary players. If you are a super skilled tennis player who loves placements more than just blindly smashing the ball.

Another thing to love about the Wilson’s RF97 is that it is co-designed by the legendary Roger Federer himself along with Wilson. The frame has a history and the racket itself has a great reputation on the market.

It launched three years ago and has been a huge success ever since. Under its blacked out is the prototype frame and Federer had been playing with the unreleased version back in summer 2013.

It comes with a nice blend of power, spin and control and has a nice sweet spot, thanks to its larger head size. The matte black color of the racket looks very sleek and stylish and the comfortable grip gives you a confident feel on the court.

Overall, it is a very great choice if you are really up to playing some serious tennis.


  • Large head size with a perfect sweet spot
  • 9 points head light balance
  • Very powerful
  • Great blend of spin, power and comfort


  • Comes unstrung
  • Expensive

Babolat Aeropro Drive PlusBabolat-Aeropro Drive Plus

While features of a racket are what counts but the grace and design says a lot about the performance a racket can deliver. The Babolat Aeropro Drive Plus comes with some stylish and shining colors that will make those envious heads turn on the court.

It has a very strong shock dampening ability that literally fades away the strongest shots, giving you a very nice and comfortable feel as you play. The power and spin it delivers is simply unforgiving and helps you to strike the ball like a bullet towards your opponent.

We were also perplexed with the level of power it generates in every shot. Its extended length adds the main feature of a plus to this racket. The extra half an inch may not seem like a big deal but it does make a big difference, especially when it comes to maneuverability.

Using the aero modular technology, it works to resist air to the maximum and this also makes it a fast frame, which helps to play aggressively. Overall, it helps a lot in performing to your full potential on the court and getting a comfortable feel.


  • Perfect for the baseliners
  • Results in faster swings and more spin
  • Perfect to use for the intermediate and advanced players
  • Versatile


  • Half an inch increase in length isn’t much noticeable

Babolat 2018 Pure Aero PlusBabolat 2018 Pure Aero Plus

The Babolat 2018 Pure Aero Plus comes with a bombastic combination of power, spin and control all packed inside a single tennis gear. It also has an added half an inch of length that adds a lot of leverage on all your strokes.

This racquet is pin point and shoots the ball nicely towards the opponent. A lot of players like to couple if with a more open string pattern with its added length and this helps a lot in generating tremendous amount of power just with a flick of a wrist.

If you are looking for an effortless power generation and lot of spin in your shots. Babolat has opted for a different color scheme in the 2018 model and it looks great with contrasting string bed and grip.

Overall, Babolat 2018 Pure Aero Plus plays on the court well and you can expect a lot of power and spin from this premium racquet.


  • Generates a lot of power and spin
  • Comfortable
  • Offer high quality and control
  • Strung with Babolat string made by USRSA Master Racquet technocoans


  • A bit of vibration

Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance ValueWilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value

The last but not the least on our list of best tennis racquets for advanced players is the Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value and is a pure beauty. It has an oversized head which offers a large sweet spot and maximum power, making it a great tennis gear for the beginners, intermediates and advanced players.

It uses the [K]ompact Center Technology that improves the performance of this racket and its industrial design innovation enhances the handling, maneuverability and feel. It also features [K]ontour Yoke which results in better handling, especially at the stress points on the racket.

It can generate a lot of power with less energy, thanks to the large head size and large sweet spot.

While it is stable and results in more maneuverability, it is durable as well and won’t break easily. This is because of the high quality materials used in its construction.

Overall, the Wilson [K] Zero Strung Performance Value is quite a strong tennis racquet that help a lot in improving the feel and stability along with its new frame.


  • Large head size with large sweet spot
  • Very lightweight
  • Offers great feel, stability and mobility
  • Great for the beginner payers


  • Lacks some control
  • Lightweight profile may result in some vibration

Racquet Buying Guide for Advanced Players

As an advanced player, you shouldn’t have any trouble choosing a racket with the best features, still here are some important things to consider before you hit the buy button.


Weight of your tennis racket is probably the deciding factor when it comes to its power. For advance level, you need to buy a racquet which has enough weight. This will give you a nice swing and also dampen the vibration.

You may think that lightweight will generate more power but if you swing a racquet weighing 150g and 300g with the same speed, the 300g will result in more power.


The balance will determine how the weight will be distributed evenly. The balance point is usually halfway up the frame. A well-balanced racquet will result in better swings and result in more accurate shots.

A racquet with a good balance will also have a heavier head and this will shift the center of rotation towards its head, this a more power swing and spin is generated.


Stiffness will define the power and comfort of your racquet. Stiffer rackets tend to have more power and a less stiff babel will bend the frame and this takes a lot of energy away from the ball.

Comfort is somewhat binary when it comes to holding your babel. To be honest, both science and feelings play an important role. When you hit the ball, it results in vibration. Having a stiffer tennis babel will have a higher frequency and damping and this will nicely absorb all the shock, giving you a comfortable feel.

The flexible models vibrate a lot and results in an uncomfortable feeling while playing.

String PatternString Pattern

Finally, string pattern affects the string bed stiffness and spin. We usually see a 16 x 19 or 18 x 20 patter. A higher string density will result in a stiffer string bed and this will deflect less on the ball contact. The stiffer the string bed, the less variation it will result in on impact.


For a professional player, the above-mentioned tennis racquets are a great option to choose from. I hope this guide will be helpful also! And if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section and we will get back to you ASAP.

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