Top 11 Tennis Rackets for Intermediate Players 2020 Review – Editor’s Choice Awards

So you just surpassed the beginners level and seriously want to take your game to the next level. Right?

And why not…

You should definitely consider advancing to the intermediate level, develop more playing techniques and leave behind the lightweight racquet and pick a heavier one, ideally within the range of 9 ounces or slightly more.

If you are confused where to start, don’t worry because today we will be looking at some of best tennis rackets for intermediate players.

11 Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players Review

While switching from beginner to intermediate level is an excuse to upgrade your tennis racquet, there are several other reasons why you should actually buy a new and better one.

That being said, here are 11 of our favorite picks of 2020 for the intermediate level tennis rackets.

Babolat 2017-2018 Pure Aero – STRUNG with COVER

Babolat 2017-2018 Pure Aero – STRUNG with COVER

The new Babolat 2017-2018 is one of the premium products ever made for the intermediate players. The big names in the tennis world like Rafael Nadal has even used it.

It comes with pretty impressive aesthetics and colors. The blue scheme goes well with the contrasting black string pattern and grip. Also, the new and upgraded design looks amazing. Apparently, it may feel like a kid’s racquet but once you play with it, you will get to know its real power.

The new version also came with better control and feel. The unique FSI string pattern used, also known as Cortex Pure Feel, dampens the response and also decreases shock from the stiff frame. Though it may not be that great with drop shots, overall, it provides a great feel.

Also, the power transfer in every shot was amazing. You will be amazed to know how easily it allows to transfer energy into your every shot on the court and shoots the ball towards your opponent.

Overall, it is a very addictive tennis gear and guaranteed to help you improve your skills even further.


  • Comes with a tennis bag
  • Pure aero
  • Perfect for intermediates and advanced players
  • Offers high control, spin and comfort
  • Endorsed by Rafael Nadal


  • No drawbacks

Wilson 2018 Ultra 100 Countervail – Quality String

Wilson 2018 Ultra 100 Countervail – Quality String

With an ultra-power and ultra-spin, Wilson 2018 Ultra 100 Countervail is the new name of quality. This new version of Wilson’s has advanced technology integrated, including the Power Ribs, Crush Zone grommets and Countervail material.

The large head size and 11.2 oz. weight when strung makes it ideally perfect for the intermediates to polish up their tennis skills. It has a powerful response from its baseline with a large sweet spot and enough spin that strikes the ball hard every time.

Accuracy and stability is somewhat questionable here but majority of the players are satisfied with its performance.

Whether you are an aggressive player or a defensive one, this powerful racquet will deliver ample energy and spin on the serves with more pace and control.

Overall, it delivers pretty well on the tennis court and can also be used by the advanced players. It has a great blend of pop and spin and offers impressive groundstrokes and serves.


  • Crispy feel
  • Great for the intermediate and advanced level players
  • Large head size with large sweet spot and better control
  • Vibration dampening material with countervail technology
  • Affordable


  • Accuracy and stability is questionable

YONEX EZone DR 100


The previous version of Yonex, EZONE Ai 100 had a massive success and right after that, they launched YONEX EZone DR 100 which has been one of the hot-selling intermediate tennis rackets for the year 2018.

They have added new material, known as Nanometric DR too its frame which ensures better energy return. Also, the grommet holes have been enlarged with Quake Shut Gel in its handle, resulting in better shock absorption.

However, they didn’t make any upgrades to its classic isometric head shape, but that is something for which Yonex is known for. It offers a great combination of power and control and has a stiffer feel which is great.

Whether it be serves, groundstrokes and even volleys, this racquet delivers plenty of spin and power and offers maximum control over your shots. Because of more shock absorbing qualities, its serves and strokes feel very comfortable and controlled.

Overall, it has a nice design with multiple features that allows you to perform well on the tennis court. You do not need any adjustment and start playing it right out of the box condition.


  • Offers an outstanding combination of power and comfort
  • Features Nanometric Dr material
  • Quake Shut Gel for better shock absorbing and comfort
  • Affordable


  • No drawbacks

Volkl V-Sense 8 300G

Volkl V-Sense 8 300G

The Volkl V-Sense 8 300G has a strong fan base because of the versatility and a perfect blend of power, spin and comfort that it provides. The new model has totally changed how you play tennis. It has a less angular beam shape and this gives a great and confident feel on the court.

While it is made for the interns, it still weighed light without any vibration or rattling when striking the ball. The improved feel offers better maneuverability and makes it a perfect fit for players with different game styles.

Another feature that you will like about the VSense is the mixture of materials that gives you a forgiving frame with an aggressive playstyle.

It comes pre-strung and ready for the courts. You don’t need to make any adjustments and start playing from right out of the box condition.

Overall, it has an outstanding performance, comfort and maneuverability on the tennis court. The string patters help to transfer maximum energy on each strike you make while the stiff design gives better recovery and prevents vibrations.


  • Better design
  • Advanced technology integrated
  • Comes pre-strung and ready to play on the court
  • Perfect for intermediates and advanced players


  • No drawbacks

Babolat 2017 Pure Drive STRUNG

Babolat 2017 Pure Drive STRUNG

The Babolat 2017 Pure Drive STRUNG was released in the fall of 2017 and has been a hot-selling intermediate tennis racket for the year 2018. There is a lot to discuss about this racquet. It offers full swings from baseline and features plenty of pop and power to hit the ball with maximum energy. Sometimes you may even feel too much power, especially with those long strokes.

The aggressive players will love playing with it as it involves a great combination of spin and power and becomes deadly on the court. While it is known for its great spin, it can also help you improve on the spin and other aggressive shots.

It also provides a great control on your shots, thanks to the comfortable grip and the perfect sweet spot area.

Overall, it is a nice technology integrated racquet and will definitely help you win matches.


  • A great racquet for the aggressive players
  • Offers comfortability, control and extra power
  • 100 head size with a large sweet spot
  • High-quality material construction


  • A few customers say it comes unstrung

Wilson Pro Staff 97


The Wilson Pro Staff 97 is both an intermediate and advanced player tennis racquet and is suited to the skilled performers. Despite the fact its aesthetics aren’t that cool, it has pretty impressive features that will help you play with your maximum potential.

When it comes to the sweet spot, you will get to hit the ball powerfully every time no matter which part of the string it touches. Also, if it is the center, that shot is unforgiving. While the aesthetics may not be impressive, we still love its black and red color combination with a contrasting grip.

The level of power it generates in every shot is overwhelming. Also, the spin is pretty impressive giving you a solid control and feel at the same time.

Overall, Wilson Pro Staff 97 is a nice choice for the intermediate and advanced players who want to add more power to their game.


  • Amazing balance for a nice and controlled swing
  • Extremely comfortable and easy to play with
  • 16 mains and 19 crosses string pattern
  • Perfect for the aggressive players


  • Comes unstrung

Prince Textreme Tour 100P


The Prince Textreme Tour 100P features Texteme material in its shaft with a lower hoop which helps to dramatically increase its stability without adding the stiffness, giving it a perfect blend of power and control.

The amount of power it delivers with every swing is amazing. Thanks to the 18 x 20 string pattern which help a lot in generating more power and hitting groundstrokes from its baseline. Its outstanding feature is its solid and responsive feel and this is what every tennis player needs on the court. It doesn’t matter if you are returning a serve or hitting a shot or even going for the volley, you will get a perfect shot from this racquet every single time.

It tends to deliver a lot of power on flat serves and also results in large spins which helps hit second serves with maximum consistency and accuracy.

Overall, the Prince Textreme Tour 100P offers you a perfect combination of a great feel, maneuverability and stability. If you are looking for an affordable option with great performance, this is the racket you need.


  • Large head size with a nice sweet spot
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • 7 points head light
  • Made for intermediates and advance level players


  • Comes unstrung
  • May not be great for advanced players

Wilson Blade 98 (16×19) Countervail Racquet

Wilson Blade 98 (16×19) Countervail Racquet

There is no racquet that will come up to the level of Wilson Blade 98 (16×19) Countervail Racquet. Wilson is a brand known for quality and has an amazing performance on the tennis court. This is not you regular tennis gear but a racquet which is designed with a professional style of play and relies more on your skills and reaction.

This is somewhat questionable as well. You may have trouble in the beginning but once you get used to it, you will get to know its real power. Everything is very different from regular tennis rackets. For example, swinging it feels very unique. It doesn’t make swishing sound but has a smoother reaction but with maximum power transfer.

Majority of the Wilson Blade 98 (16×19) Countervail Racquet buyers say that it took about thirty minutes to get familiar with the real potential of this legendary tennis racket. The racket will get in tune with your body language and smash some beauties on the court.


  • Very lightweight
  • Unique feel and responsiveness
  • 3 points head light
  • Nice sweet spot


  • Comes unstrung
  • Takes some time to get used to

Babolat 2017 Pure Strike 100


The Babolat 2017 Pure Strike 100 is a beauty from heaven. You will feel confident with this racket in hand and has a modern play style. It ensures a phenomenal maneuverability and control, making it perfect for the serious players.

It may feel slightly heavier than its predecessor, but there is no compromise on the quality or feel of the playstyle. The headlight balance gives enough opportunities from the baseline of the racket to nicely hit deep and even load up on the spin or dish out the angles while at the same time maintaining a super-fast and whippy swing on the ball.

Throughout the play, this racket doesn’t steer away from its level of comfortability. The only drawback it has is its poor stability. You have to have a lot of focus and a nice grip to maintain its stability.

Overall, you will get a really nice control on the serves and returns and generate enough power to rattle your opponent. It is stiff and feels very comfortable to play.


  • A great blend of power and control for the aggressive players
  • Upgraded version with better features and technology
  • Come pre-strung with a nice sweet spot


  • Poor stability

Wilson Five 103 BLX

Wilson Five 103 BLX

To make a significant change in your game and skill level, you need to have a quality racket like Wilson Five 103 BLX. It offers security and durability. This intermediate level racket is guaranteed to help you get better at your game and skills of tennis.

It feels extremely comfortable and professional in your hands and if you are upgrading from a beginner’s racket, this is the ultimate product you need right now. It uses Amplifeel technology that dampens the vibrations and has plenty of other benefits.

While it comes unstrung, it is perfectly suited for all court players and its extremely comfortable with maximum stability.

Also, with a weight of only 9.9oz, Wilson Five 103 BLX is considered among some of the most lightweight tennis rackets on the market. It uses Triad technology that prevents harsh vibrations during impact and has a comfortable grip. The reduced vibration also helps you recover better after every shot and add more power to your upcoming shots.

The large head size of 103 square inches resulted in a large sweet spot and thus more accurate shots.

Its frame is made out of graphite basalt and has a very low stiffness but the power is still the same.

Also, being extremely stable, you’ll get more power into every shot. Overall, it is a nice blend of strength, comfort and durability.


  • Suitable for all players
  • Graphite/basalt made frame
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Durable


  • Comes unstrung
  • No cover included

Head YouTek Graphene Instinct MP

Head YouTek Graphene Instinct MP

Last but not the least is the Head YouTek Graphene Instinct MP and is probably the coolest tennis racket on the market. It has a very nice and attractive design with nice contrasting colors. It uses strong materials and graphene inserted into it throat which helps to redistribute the weight towards the end. This gives you a solid feel.

It helps to generate more power and spin on the groundstrokes and serves and having a nice sweet spot, you will get more accuracy on every shot.

Overall, this awesome racket is perfect for the intermediate players and will help in improving the quality and skills of your game.


  • Plenty of power and comfortable feel
  • Revolutionary design that generates more power and spin
  • Lightweight
  • 16 x 19 string pattern with a great sweet spot


  • No drawbacks

Racquet Buying Guide for Intermediate Players

I do realize you already know things to consider when buying a tennis racquet, still here are some pre-requisites of buying an intermediate level tennis racket.

Extra Control


When playing as a beginner, most of your focus is one power and hitting the ball correctly. However, at intermediate level, you have to shift to the touch and feel in your game and this is where control of your racket comes in.

Now, it is you who has to transfer the power and energy into the racket for those medium and long strokes. All the control that you need from your racket is in your hands, whereas your racquet will serve as a tennis gear and follow your body movements.

Heavier Weight


As an intermediate player, a slightly heavier racquet is the key. Don’t buy extremely heavy racquet, else it can make you tired quickly or even result in injury. A bit of heaviness will help improve more balance and result in explosive strokes with improved playability. Because of the extra weight, you be able to handle the shots from your opponent with ease.

The light weight models may result in vibrations in hands when going really fast. With a heavier model in hand, the vibration is nicely dampened and this gives you a better feel and playstyle.

More SpinSpin

Another feature to look in for an intermediate racket is the spin. Most of the rackets will offer extra spin and it is a very handy feature. The spin of your racket will be determined by the string pattern of your racket.

Stable Grip


Finally, you need to check the grip material from where you will be gabbing it and playing on the tennis court. The advanced models have a more stable grip that helps in easily delivering powerful shots to the opponent and feels very comfortable as well.


So, that’s it for today fellow tennis players. I hope this guide was helpful and you were able to find your proper racquets from the list above.

If you have any questions to ask, please level them in the comment section and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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