Half Volley Playmate Tennis Ball Machine Review

Half Volley Playmate may be slightly over-priced but it is the best rated tennis ball machine on the market. It is more of a DIY machine that is easily upgradeable and is battery powered.

Playmate claims it to be the only customizable tennis ball machine in the world. It is easily portable and has a whole new design which makes it stand out from other models on the market.

Let me take you through a detailed review of Half Volley Playmate Tennis Ball Machine.

Technical Details

Featuring a 6 hours’ battery pack, this machine features an exclusive random oscillation for all-court performance. It comes with a remote control but this is an optional upgrade which can be availed for a few extra bucks.

It is light in weight and easily portable which allows you to easily move it around the court and even lift it up to your car’s trunk.

This machine also offers an amazing spin control with manual elevation control. Weighing only 42 lbs., this machine is capable of shooting the ball at you within the range of 10-70 mph.

The large ball hopper on top can hold 200 balls at a time with a feed rate of 1-10 seconds which is perfect.

The Good

Here are the key features of Half Volley Playmate.

Removable Battery Pack

Playmate tennis ball machine comes with a 6 hours’ battery pack. This is a powerful battery which offers you a backup time of up to 6 hours. How long will the battery last depends a lot on how intensely you use it.

Players who operated the machine at its maximum potential experienced a backup time of 4 hours.

Don’t worry if the battery drains out, use its smart charger to quickly charge it.

2-Line Oscillator

Take your practice session to the next level by activating its 2-line oscillator feature. This randomly shoots the ball throughout the court, making it challenging for you, thus helping you take your tennis skills to the next level.

This feature can be activated with a simple press of a button from its user-friendly control panel or using its remote control.

Playmate scatters the ball nicely throughout the court and better than any other tennis ball machine. This also helps a lot in improving your lateral movements on the court.

Feed Rate

As compared to Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine, SPINSHOT-PRO Portable Tennis Ball Machine and Lobster Sports Elite Grand Five Tennis Ball Machine, Playmate has a feed rate of as low as one second, making the game extremely challenging for you and as much as 10 seconds for the beginners.

If you are looking to improve your skills and want to step up your game, I highly recommend to pair its 2-line oscillation feature with a feed rate of 3-6 seconds. This is the range where you will get the most challenging shots coming towards you.

Tip: Add some spin to make it even more challenging.

Lightweight & Remote Control

Without the battery pack inside, this machine weighs only 42 lbs. Moreover, it is mounted on two large and two small wheels so that you can easily move it around the court and even lift it up to your car’s trunk.

If you have a good budget, we recommend upgrading to the remote control option as this will make it convenient for you to control it from the opposite side of the court.

The Bad

Here are some “Oopses” we found in this machine.


While this machine has multiple features and options, it is quite expensive. A lot of tennis ball machines with similar or better features come at a lower price.

Material & Construction

Playmate’s machine is made out of durable aluminum outer frame. This makes it light in weight and also makes it easier for you to move around.

Overall Performance

Performance wise, this machine beats all others. It offers multiple combinations like 2-line oscillation, spin, feed rate and much more.

Who Is It For

Ideally, this machine is perfect for the intermediate and advanced level players but beginners can also benefit from it.


Improve your groundstrokes, volleys and returns practicing with this machine. It is fully loaded with some cool features and is user-friendly.

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