Head Graphene XT Speed Pro Tennis Racquet Review

Still looking for that perfect racket? You probably need the Head Graphene XT Speed Pro aka the best tennis racket of 2018.

Head Graphene XT Speed Pro

Let us go through a quick review of this legendary racket and get to know what it has to offer us.

Technical Details

So much speed and smartly controlled! Designed for advanced tournament players, the SPEED PRO combines the legendary asymmetrical look with the latest technologies and the highest speed.

The 18/20 string gives you optimum control and the perfect feel for your next shot, while the groundbreaking Graphene XT technology shifts the weight to where you need it for a faster game.

If you want control and need speed, the SPEED PRO is your perfect partner. Ask Novak. He’ll confirm that.

Below are its technical specifications:

  • Head size: 98″=630 cm²
  • Stringing Pattern: 16×16 or 16×19 (changeable with included eyelet tape)
  • Length: 69,5 cm
  • Weight: 265g
  • Balance: 34 cm
  • Unstrung
  • Sheathless

The Good

Below are the key features of Head Graphene XT Speed Pro.

Power + Control

The Head Graphene XT Speed REV PRO 16/16 – 16/19 is a perfect blend of exceptional maneuverability combined with power and control.

The Graphene 2nd generation material provides the necessary power, and the low weight makes the Graphene XT Speed REV PRO racket incredibly handy. The small head provides excellent control and optimum energy transfer. The longer grip or 1cm more club length also improves the range in the game.

APS Technology

Just like the newly developed Graphene XT Speed MP-ARacket from the new XT Speed Series, the Graphene XT Speed REV PRO Racket is also equipped with APS technology. This is an adaptive stringing pattern technology and allows the XT Speed Rev Pro racket’s eyelets to be changed, and the racquet can be played with either the 16/19 stringing pattern or the 16/16 stringing pattern. The exchangeable eyelet strap is included with every racket.


Head Speed Rackets stand for rapid speed, for a breathtaking playing feel and were designed according to the needs of tennis stars like Novak Djokovic. Head Graphene XT Speed clubs are stiffer, have optimal weight distribution, fit perfectly in hand and dramatically accelerate the movements.

Who once played with a Head Graphene Racket does not want to play tennis without it anymore. The unbelievable power and performance of the material was and is particularly noteworthy.

Nevertheless, this superior technology has been further developed and now the next generation of this groundbreaking technology, Graphene XT, is available. The material has been made even stronger to further optimize the weight distribution in the racquet. The result is even more power, an even better swing and performance that is second to none.

Features Sony Smart Tennis Sensor

The heaviest racquet in the Speed Series with all the outstanding features of a top racket. The world-class player Novak Djokovic, who plays this racquet, also benefits from these features

The speed with its 18/20 stringing guarantees optimal control and exactly the feeling that aggressive players are looking for.

The Bad

Overall a perfect racket but here are some “NOPES” we found.

Not Attractive

Even though as a tennis player you are more concerned about the features of a racket but if it has a poor design with somewhat weird colors, it could be a shame, and this is what we didn’t like about Head Graphene.

You may want to choose models with more cool aesthetics like Head LiquidMetal 8, HEAD MicroGel Radical and HEAD Ti.S6.

No Cover

Paying $100+ bucks for a racket which doesn’t come with a cover? We were quite disappointed because of this. Even some of the beginner level racquets which are cheap have a handy cover to carry your racket easily anywhere.

Material & Construction

Head Graphene XT Speed Pro

As the lightest and at the same time strongest material in the world, Graphene has for the first time made it possible to optimally redistribute the weight from the club heart to the grip and head, thus not only improving handling but also increasing power at a lower weight.

Even with a first-generation Graphene tennis racket, every stroke produced more kinetic energy with less effort. The enormous breaking strength of graphene, which is 200 times higher than that of steel, was also outstanding.

Thanks to GrapheneXT’s even more stable material structure, these head rackets are up to 20 percent lighter than conventional rackets with the same momentum. The mechanical strength is even up to 30 percent higher than with the first-generation head graphene material.

As head rackets of the latest generation, the tennis rackets of the Graphene XT Speed series use this next generation XT Graphene technology.

Overall Performance

For powerful shots and maximum accuracy, Head Graphene XT is probably the best racket available for you. It helps you with generating advanced strokes with a pretty impressive blend of control, power and top spin for those groundstrokes and serves on the net.

It has excellent maneuverability and response on the net and is very versatile, making it a good option for all players.

Who is it for

The new Head YouTek Graphene XT Speed REV PRO 16/16 – 16/19 is perfect for players who want a light, extremely handy racquet with a small head and a lot of control at the same time and also want to leave several options open when choosing the string pattern.

Players who want a bit more control with the 16×19 stringing picture and players who want even more spin than in the 16/19 version simply play the 16×16 string picture of this racquet.


If you are an aggressive player or want to play aggressively on the court, Head Graphene XT Speed Pro is your best option. I hope this review helped you.

Let us know if you have any questions to ask in the comment section. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

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