Head LiquidMetal 8 Tennis Racquet Review

Head LiquidMetal 8 is the most popular tennis racket on the market with a very powerful performance and a forgiving sweet spot. It has a light weight profile and is tailored for beginners and intermediate level players.

Head LiquidMetal 8

This racquet guarantees maximum power, control and comfort and is manufactured using high quality materials which drastically improves its energy transfer and swing motion.

So, let us not waste more time and get into technical details of this tennis gear with an in-depth review.

Technical Details

Undoubtedly, LiquidMetal 8 has one of the most forgiving sweet spot construction which harnesses maximum power. Even if it is a mishit, you will still get a very powerful blow.

It uses LiquidMetal technology which results in 29% more power at the time of impact and NoShox dampening system which helps in reducing its vibrations and shocks by 27%.

The unique “Integrated String Dampener” on its grommets helps in reducing its string vibration and the Head HydroSorb grip makes it very comfortable for you to play with this racquet. This grip has proper ventilation as well which prevent sweat.

Head LiquidMetal 8 comes pre-strung with head Synthetic Gut, at a tension of 60 lbs. Its string has a standard 16-19 pattern and has a head size of 112 sq. in which is pretty large.

The Good

Here are some of its key features:

Maximum Control & Comfort

If a tennis racquet is not comfortable to play, you will simply lose focus on your game. For maximum control and comfort, LiquidMetal 8 has the latest technology which includes NoShox dampening system, Integrated String Dampener and HydroSorb grip.

Together, they help to improve the feel and control by reducing all sorts of vibrations which results in a very comfortable playing experience.

NoShox, Integrated String Dampener and HydroSorb

The NoShox feature is integrated in the handle of LiquidMetal 8. It consists of memory foam which helps a lot in reducing vibrations by more than 27% as compared to other tennis racquet on the market.

The Integrated String Dampener or ISD feature which is found on the grommets of its string bed helps in reducing vibration at the time of contact with the ball and this makes it easy to use and also reduces backlash on your arms.

The HydroSorb integrated in the grip of this racket has a twin-channel system with perforated holes for proper ventilation, maximum comfort and a very solid grip when playing.


You get the feather like experience the moment you grab this racket in hand. It is light in weight with a strung weight of only 10 ounces. It helps to produce a lot of power at the time of impact and doesn’t sacrifice control or causes any strain on your arms.

The lightweight feel gives you maximum control and stability on your game and altogether gives you a superior comfort and the perfect play style on the court.

LiquidMetal Technology

As the name suggests, this racket has the LiquidMetal Technology which is known to be a unique material featuring liquid atomic structure. What the LiquidMetal does is transfer maximum energy when you swing the racket and provides you a powerful blow.

It also prevents deformation when hitting the ball, resulting in 29% more power in every shot. I simple, even if you don’t produce a lot of power at the time of swing, the LiquidMetal technology will help increase the energy in your shots.

Its 16×19 string pattern, heavy head frame and 28/26mm tapered beams further increase the power of this racquet.

Total Sweet Spot

The large head size of this racket gives you a large Total Sweet Spot Construction and increases the accuracy of your shots even if it is a mishit. It doesn’t matter where the ball comes in contact with the string bed, you’ll feel like hitting the sweet spot.

The Bad

While this racket has no drawbacks but here is something we didn’t like much about LiquidMetal 8:

Not for Advanced Players

Unlike Angell TC97 Pro, Babolat 2017 Pure Drive and Babolat 2017 Pure Strike 16/19, LiquidMetal 8 has a pretty large head with a large sweet spot and most of the advanced players won’t like it much.

The reason is pro level players tend to avoid rackets with large sweet spot else they start to depend a lot on its natural power out and accuracy. Of course as an advanced player you need to rely more on your personal skills than the racket itself.

Material & Construction

Head LiquidMetal 8

As the name of the racket says, it uses LiquidMetal technology material and construction. It is nicely built to last longer and help the players to advance to the next level and improve their skills.

It has a head Synthetic Gut and a very durable built which makes it unforgiving on the court. The string bed is extremely durable and helps in transferring maximum energy at the time of impact with the ball.

Overall Performance

Overall, this racket is designed to offer maximum power and control. It comes with advanced technology which allows maximum energy return on every shot and has a large sweet spot for accuracy.

It will help a lot in improving your game and reducing vibrations for maximum stability. Try it once and you won’t regret buying it.

Who is it for

Since this racket is designed with a large head, light weight profile and an extra-large sweet spot and above all to help players advanced to the next level in their game and skills, it is ideally perfect for the beginners and intermediate level players.

It delivers extra power and the time of contact and prevent loss of energy, control or stability which is a plus for the beginners.


That’s it for today tennis enthusiasts. LiquidMetal 8 by far is one of the best rackets available on the market for the beginners and intermediate level players.

I hope this review was helpful and gave all insights on its features and specs. Let us know if you have any questions to ask in the comment section.

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