HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet Review

HEAD is one of the leading brands of tennis rackets and they have been introducing a lot of new tennis racquets on the market nowadays. One such is the Head MicroGel Radical, pretty much like the Head LiquidMetal 8 and is solid as a rock.

HEAD MicroGel Radical

The company claims it as one of the most durable tennis rackets on the market which over delivers every time.

So, let me take you through an in-depth review of Head MicroGel Radical and learn more about its features.

Technical Details

Head MicroGel Radical is known for its unique construction which nicely distributes all the shock at the time of contact with the ball. It has an increased head width which helps in generating more top spin natural with each shot.

It also features HydroSorb grip for maximum airflow and increase comfort. The racket features MicroGel/Graphite composite with a 18×20 string pattern and a 98 sq.in head size for maximum accuracy and stability.

It has a total of 11 oz. weight with an incredible 315 swing weight for maximum power in every shot.

The Good

Below are its key features:

Midplus Design

When you buy MicroGel Radical, you get to choose 3 different designs which is quite appealing as well. Its oversize version comes with a 107 sq.in head while the other version features a 100sq.in frame with a 16-19 open string pattern but with a heavier handle.

The Midplus design actually delivers you with a very comfortable feel and offers maximum stability, power and control which every player desires.

However, we personally feel that the 98 sq.in head size with 21mm straight beam width and 11 ounce strung weight is ideally perfect to play with on the tennis court. It has an amazing control and power transfer in every shot without any sacrifice on its comfort or stability.

MicroGEL Technology

Don’t know what this is? Well, the MicroGEL feature is its main selling-point. This is a silicone based material which is a very low density and is evenly distributed along the entire length of the racket’s frame.

The MicroGel Technology is coupled with stiff carbon fibers to give it a super-strong feel with maximum durability. This is quite a unique thing in Head MicroGEL as it allows your racket to deform and also compress at the time of contact with the ball.

As a result of this deformation and compressions, the shocks and vibrations are evenly distributed throughout the frame and this dramatically reduces the discomfort, giving you maximum control over the ball.

Also, the increased head width helps to generate more top spin with every shot, making the ball to travel farther and bounce higher.

MicroGel Technology actually makes this racket very friendly for the individuals who love to play aggressively and for prolonged durations. It puts less stress on your arms and shoulders and gives you a very comfortable playing experience on the tennis court.

Weight & Balance

When strung, the racket weighs only 11 oz. whereas its oversize version weighs 11.1 oz. If we compare these figures with other models on the market, the ones design for control have a weight of 11.5 oz. while the power rackets usually weight only 8.0 to 9.5 oz.

Even though MicroGel Radical is a bit heavy at the handle than its head, this allows you to swing faster and maneuver the stick easily.

As mentioned above, the 2 or 3 points weight in either of the area of the racket won’t amount to much. Overall, it is a well-balanced racket and light in weight to use.

String Pattern

Unlike other models like Prince Textreme Tour 95 and Prince Textreme Warrior 100, MicroGel Radical features a 18×20 string pattern in the standard model and 18×19 in its oversize model. The 18×20 pattern gives the string bed a very dense look which may not be that great.

Ideally, most of the open string patterns allows the racket to easily generate more spin and power.

However, closed patterns like MicroGel has is perfect for players who care more about control. Moreover, racquets with closed string pattern tend to have a longer lifespan as well.

The Bad

Here is something not so great about Head MicroGel Radical:

Not for Beginners

Because this racket is tailored more around control and feel, it doesn’t generate that much of great power in your shots which means, you have to be a on top of your game to naturally add the extra energy in your shots.

As a beginner you need to have a tennis racquet which is light in weight and helps to transfer more energy with no loss of control.

Small Sweet Spot

Good for the intermediates and advanced players but not for the beginners. If you are just starting out, you need a racket with a large sweet spot for more accuracy.

Material & Construction

HEAD MicroGel Radical

Head Radical uses the MicroGel technology in its construction which evenly distributes the shocks and vibrations in the entire frame, thus reducing it by a greater number. This gives the player a solid feel and comfortable touch.

It has a durable string bed with a very dense pattern increasing the lifespan of the racquet and giving it a more aesthetic look.

It has the right frame stiffness and weight for the ultimate playing experience on the court.

Overall Performance

Head MicroGel Radical simply means control, comfort and feel. This racket will help you deliver some lethal shots on the court and give you maximum control and stability. It is designed to add a natural top spin in every shot and is nicely balanced as well.

Who is it for

Ideally, this racket is perfect for intermediate and advanced level players and those who prioritize control over power. You got to have some serious tennis playing skills to get the most out of this racquet.


It is your turn now to decide whether or not this racket suites your playing style and skill level. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and do leave your thoughts in the comment section.


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