HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet Review

Are you still struggling to get your hands on that “perfect” tennis racket?

Well, Head Ti S6 is one of the top 10 tennis racquets on the market and also happens to be the best-sellers of 2018.


It was first introduced back in 1996 and ever since, it has been entertaining new tennis players with its optimal performance and unbeatable quality.

Today, we will try to highlight some of core features and specification of Ti S6. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and read through my honest review of Head Ti S6.

Technical Details

Head Ti S6 features an oversize head making it a beginner friendly racket. The extra head size also helps to generate a lot of power.

It uses SofTac™ Grip and ShockStop™ features both of which helps a lot in reducing vibration and absorbing shocks at the time of contact with the ball.

Ti S6 comes pre-strung just like the other models Head Graphene XT Speed Pro, Head LiquidMetal 8 and HEAD MicroGel Radical.

Its Head Synthetic Gut is at 61 lbs. which is perfect and the light yet a very strong titanium and graphite combination gives it the ultimate durability to last longer.

Even though it had the standard string pattern, 16 x 19, it still generated a lot of top spin just like the dense patterned string beds which was a plus point here.

However, the frame stiffness of 75 didn’t appeal us much. This is quite stiff and beginners may find it hard to swing and get a comfortable feel. If you are a total noob to tennis or have never played with a stiff racquet in the past, check out these flexible and beginner friendly models.

The Good

Below are Head Ti S6 key features:

Large Head Size

The oversized head of 115 sq.in is known to be the largest head size among all tennis rackets on the market. This gives you a larger sweet spot to play and hit the ball with maximum accuracy. While stiffness may not be beginner friendly, the large sweet spot can help a lot.

I often see players who, no matter what, struggle to smash the ball in the middle of the head. The Ti S6 can be there trump card for maximum accuracy every time they swing it.

Lightweight, Agile & Durable

Because durability is what matters, the Ti S6 boasts a titanium and graphite construction which makes it light in weight, only 8.9 oz. when strung, and offers maneuverability to and fro on the court.

Its lightweight profile doesn’t cause it to lose its durability at all. It has a stiffness of 75 with a 28.5mm straight beam body which is quite thick and makes your racquet even more powerful.

On average the thinnest beams available on the market is 22mm while the thickest is 28mm and Ti S6 is 0.5mm thicker than that. You can pretty much comprehend as to why it is one of the best tennis rackets on the market.

Weight, Balance & String Pattern

Weighing just a little under 9 ounces (8.9 oz.) Head Ti S6 ranks among some of the most lightweight tennis rackets on the market. Weighing less amounts to a dramatic increase in its overall power and stability.

It has the perfect weight and balance and you can literally play for hours with this racquet without any discomfort. However, the extra frame stiffness might be a hurdle for the newbies who don’t have experience yet.

Talking about its string with head synthetic gut gives it one of the best string patterns out there and gives a natural top spin as well. This string bed is quite durable and will shoot the ball like a bullet towards your opponent.

The Bad

Here are some drawbacks we found in Ti S6:

Minor Vibration

Even though the titanium and graphite construction is made to dampen all sorts of vibrations, still the extra power and lightweight profile results in minor vibration which can be felt in hands, elbows and shoulders.

Not for Advanced Players

If you are already on top of your game or simply you are an advanced player, you may want to look for some other options on the market. Ti S6 does a really great job but its features are tailored more for the beginners and intermediate level players.

You may like its stiffness but not the extra-large head size and sweet spot.

Material & Construction


As mentioned above, Head Ti S6 uses a unique titanium and graphite construction. Racquets built out of titanium and graphite are known to be the lightest. You may think that lightweight materials don’t offer the same durability.

Think again…

Ti S6 is popular for its lightweight profile and at the same time an unbeatable frame durability which is designed to last for years to come. It comes strung with head synthetic gut which gives its string bed the extra durability to last longer and smash some lethal shots on the court.

Overall Performance

When in hands, this racquet feels very appealing to play with. It comes with the perfect combination of large head size, sweet spot and a lightweight profile for the best playing experience.

It has a very affordable price and will help you smash those winning shots on the court. Its titanium and graphite material combination gives you a lightweight and durable tennis gear in hand.

Who is it for

While this racket may seem perfect for all players to play but ideally it is perfect for the beginners to intermediate level players who want a head start with their play and really want to take their tennis skills to the next level.

Its frame stiffness is ideal for the advanced level players, but the large sweet spot is what most of the pro level players avoid to get better at their natural playing skills.


So, that’s it for today guys. I hope this review was helpful and gave you all insights on Head Ti S6 Tennis Racquet.

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