Heelys Unisex Kids’ Vopel Tennis Shoe Review

Heelys are back with their latest tennis shoes and this time it isn’t for the men nor is it for the ladies, but specifically for the young ones; the Heelys Unisex Kids’ Vopel Tennis Shoe. The Vopel shoes and Heelys Unisex Kids’ Voyager Tennis Shoe are close cousins with numerous similarities. Heelys are doing everything in their power to ensure that your young one nurtures their talent in tennis, and grow to be the best in the game.

We aren’t sure when your child’s birthday is, but we are sure this pair will make up the best gift your child could ever wish for. A lot of time and expertise was incorporated in this pair. It comes in an elegant design, incredible performance, top-notch comfort and sturdy construction. What else could you ask for from a tennis pair? A lot more is in store for you with this pair.

Features and Specifications

Manufacturing Design

Children are beautiful souls, and this should be reciprocated in the shoes they wear. The manufacturers were keen to detail out each feature for maximum performance. For starters, the shoe comes with removable wheels at the bottom, for kids aged between eight and twelve. Balance at this stage can be a problem, and the wheels are there to assist your young one in this quest.

Secondly, the manufacturers incorporated canvas in the upper part of the shoe for added comfort and easy maneuverability. The canvas is breathable as well as lightweight. Thirdly, its insole comes with adequate padding for maximum comfort. The midsole is also not left behind as it is stripped with the purpose of absorbing all impacts, whether heavy or lightweight.

The laces are designed to be tied up the vamp. Young ones can be clumsy, and you don’t want them tripping over. The shaft is made lightweight and compact. The outsoles are designed using Ninja Grip Treads for maximum traction. Last but not least, the sole is made fully synthetic.

Epic is the word that can best be used to describe the construction of this beauty. Right from when you set your eyes on this pair, you’ll love it. Each feature is clearly brought out to compliment the other and ensure maximum performance. Kudos to Heelys!

Removable Wheels

At the bottom of the shoes, at the outsoles, there are removable wheels incorporated in the shoes. The main function of these wheels is to boost the stability of your kids. Kindly note that this shoe isn’t strictly restricted to tennis, but also snowboarding and skating. Tennis also requires high amounts of stability, and this pair does a great job in that. The wheels are removable, and you can take them out whenever you feel like.

The Good

Available in Multi-colors

Kids are kids, and bright things appeal to them. For this reason, Heelys has designed this pair in a number of colors for everyone to have their most preferred choice. The bright colors compliment their simple and unique appearance to make them even more attractive. Your kids will love them from the word go!

Pink and grape-silver colors work best for girls. Black and grey will suit the boys best. White is even and suits everyone.

Perfectly Executed

Heelys Unisex Kids’ Vopel Tennis Shoe isn’t one of those poorly designed cheap pairs, No! A lot of time was invested in bringing out the best. Everything is perfectly executed- the result of combining creativity and craftsmanship. Comfort is also a strength of this pair, and it can be compared to legends of the game such as the ASICS Gel-Challenger 12 Men’s Tennis Shoes.


The Bad

Difficult to Detach the Wheels

As earlier mentioned, wheels are attached to the outsole of this pair to boost and assist in balance. When the child has finally known his way around balancing, it becomes time to detach the wheels- a task that has proven to be daunting and intimidating. You might require another set of hands to assist you in the quest.

Some parents also raised issues when it came to the sizing, citing inaccurate sizing. They claimed that the shoes run slightly larger than the advertised. We advise that you be cautious about this.

Who Is It For?

Heelys has a reputation for designing impeccable shoes for kids who are enthusiastic in sports. Whether snowboarding, skating, running or playing tennis, there is something for everyone. The same applies to this pair. The pair is designed exclusively for kids who have a calling for tennis as a sport. They are for those who want to nurture their talent from a young age.

Kindly note that the shoes aren’t restricted to tennis only but also skating and snowboarding- the main reason why they have wheels fitted beneath them. The shoes work perfectly for kids between ages four and twelve. The pairs for small kids between four and eight years are specially designed.

Heelys Unisex Kids’ Vopel Tennis Shoes are appealing to the eyes in terms of their design. With this, there is no harm in your kids wearing them out apart from tennis sessions. They’ll definitely ‘kill’ it in them.


Heelys once again proved why they are prodigies of the game with this amazing pair. They took the market by storm when they first came out, and we knew they were going to be special. There is everything to love about this pair, from the appearance to its comfort, traction and performance. Your child can now work their skills up to a top-notch level with these sneakers.

You can also try out the Adidas Kids’ Adizero Club Tennis Shoe for relatively amazing performances.


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