Heelys Unisex Kids’ Voyager Tennis Shoe Review

Heelys Unisex Kids’ Voyager Tennis Shoe is a close relative of the Heelys Unisex Kids’ Vopel Tennis Shoe, all from the same producer- Heelys. Heelys have been in the game for a long period, and they know their way around designing high performing, comfortable and durable pair of shoes. The same applies to this tennis pair.

The Unisex Kids’ Voyager is amongst the best-rated tennis shoes, and there is a good reason for that. Everyone that has come across this pair praises it of its performance. And true to their words, it is a shoe worth reviewing. What are these shoes bringing to the table?

Features and Specifications


Traction is essential in every tennis shoe for a firm grip. The treads in the soles of this pair do their jobs perfectly. Slipping and falling is foreign with this pair. Your child can maneuver around with all the confidence in the world, knowing that they are safe. Their traction will remind you so much of the JARLIF Men’s Memory Foam Slip-On Walking tennis shoe. 

Manufacturing Design

A lot is in store for you in terms of the manufacturing design of this pair. For starters, the bottom is incorporated with removable wheels in a bid to boost the stability of the young ones- something that they find difficult.

Secondly, comfort was a top priority when designing the shoe. Enough padding is added to the insole at the forefoot and heel regions especially. The paddings also act as shock absorbers taking in most of the impacts from heavy ladings. Thirdly, the laces are designed in such a manner that they are tied up the vamp in a bid to reduce tripping accidents as much as possible.

The Good

Perfect Execution

The designers weren’t in a rush to manufacture this shoe, and you can tell from its look. Everything comes out perfectly, the result of time and expertise. It was important for every detail to come out strongly for maximum performance. The soles, uppers, laces and forefront are all perfect, and we couldn’t ask for anything better.

The soles of this shoe are designed to absorb knocks and impacts and simultaneously allow the user to perform sophisticated tricks. It is such small details that make Heelys the best in the game. Everyone has an appreciation for the little details as it shows how much the company cares for their wellbeing.

Affordable Pricing

It would be very unfair to sell these shoes at exaggerated prices, considering they are meant for kids. Luckily, that isn’t the case. The price attached to this pair is affordable- one of the main reasons for its rise in popularity. You don’t have to break your bank to own this pair.

The Voyager Tennis Shoe disputes the notion that quality is directly proportional to price. If you thought that you couldn’t find a high-quality shoe at an affordable price, think again. You are more than wrong.

Attractive appearance

We have to give it to this pair when it comes to its appearance- but, of course, it is meant for kids. Children fall in love with what they see, and when they see this pair through the window, you better pray that you have some cash on you. The manufacturers deserve all the accolades going their way.

The neon pink and sky blue versions will work best on girls. For the boys, you can go with the black and grey versions. White stands to be neutral.


The Bad

Difficult to Detach the Removable Wheels

Did we mention that this pair comes with removable wheels at the bottom that boosts the stability of the young one? Well, just as there are advantages with these wheels, so are there disadvantages. It reaches a time when the kid is familiar with his/her way around the shoes, and it becomes time to remove the wheels- a process that has turned out to be a hassle.

Most parents complained that they had a difficult time detaching the wheels from the outsoles. You can opt to settle for models like the Adidas Kids’ Adizero Club Tennis Shoe that don’t come with such problems.

Who Is It For?

Heelys Unisex Kids’ Voyager Tennis Shoes are designed for kids aged between four and twelve years. The shoe designs are divided into two based on the ages of the kids- one for kids under eight and the other one for those between eight and twelve. Both sexes, boys and girls, are invited to have a taste of the benefits of this shoe.

The different choice for boys and girls is dependent on the color. Pink, for example, works best for girls. Secondly, the shoe isn’t restricted to tennis alone, but is also compatible with skateboarding and snowboarding, hence the removable wheels located at the bottom.

Heelys Unisex Kids’ Voyager Tennis Shoe works best for kids who are starting out their tennis career and are looking for something long term. The shoe will assist them in working towards their stability and movements while at the same time providing them with the required comfort.


Heelys are doing a commendable job in making kids part of the tennis fraternity by providing them with beautiful and outstanding pairs that will up their game. Right from the word go, your kid will love this shoe. The pair is the result of creativity and expertise. When time and resources are invested in a shoe, the result is a model like this- top-notch performance, beautiful in appearance and satisfying levels of comfort.

Kids should be given a priority in games as they are more likely to grow their skills faster and better. Heelys recognizes this and is doing everything possible to make the dream of every child come true. With this pair on, your kid will be the next Roger Federer.



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