An Easy Guide on How to Clean Tennis Balls

While good tennis balls can last a long time, there are some with a short lifespan. In case their useful life has been reached, more often than not, they are already thrown. Often, being dirty is an indication that it has already worn out, and thus, there is a negative impact on bounce and spin, among other things.

However, before you throw that dirty tennis ball, spend some time having it cleaned. It can still be used as a toy for your dogs or be used in your practice games. If you want to know how to clean tennis balls, keep on reading and we’ll let you know what to do.

Wash Tennis Balls by Hand

To do it manually, below are the simple steps that you have to follow:

  1. Look for a bucket and fill it with warm water. If the water is too hot, you will end up getting burnt. Use more water if you are cleaning more tennis balls.
  2. Add a laundry detergent or liquid soap. Alternatively, you can use a homemade cleaner, which consists of equal parts of white vinegar and water, especially if the tennis balls will be used by your pets.
  3. Put the tennis balls in the bucket and stir for the suds to form.
  4. Allow the tennis balls to sit for at least half an hour. You might want to leave it longer if the tennis balls are extremely dirty.
  5. Use a clean cloth to scrub the tennis balls to get rid of the dirt on the surface.
  6. Rinse with water and allow it to air dry. If you want it to dry quicker, put it in the dryer under the lowest heat setting.

Wash Tennis Balls Using a Washing Machine

You can also toss the tennis balls in the washing machine by following these steps.

  1. To start with, set the temperature to cold. Washing the tennis balls in hot water can negatively affect the quality of the rubber.
  2. When washing the tennis balls, it is important to not use the spin cycle. This can result in warping and can also damage the washing machine.
  3. Add your choice of laundry detergent. As for the quantity, it should be the same as what you would use when washing a small pile of clothes.
  4. Once the wash cycle is done, dry the tennis balls for about ten minutes and using the lowest heat setting.



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