How to Hit a Tennis Ball: Do It Like a Pro

From reading a tennis balls review to watching instructional videos, you need to be proactive in doing things to be a better player. Meanwhile, if you want to learn how to hit a tennis ball, we got you covered in the rest of this post.

Hitting the ball right is one of the first few things that you need to learn if you want to be better in the sport. Sure, there will be lots of misses at first. However, this should not give you the reason to be frustrated. Read on and learn from some of the tips we will share below.

Use the Forehand

When hitting the tennis ball, the forehand is one of the strokes that you need to be familiar with. This is the most basic stroke, so learning it will be quite easy for most people. Power and topspin will be great using the forehand.

  1. Start with the right position of the body, making sure that you are well-balanced. You have to perform a split step once an opponent sends a ball to your side. To do this, all that you have to do is to jump about an inch and land on your toes while the opponent prepares for the attack.
  2. Get ready to swing the racket. At this point, your shoulders should be parallel to the net while your head is in a straight position. As the ball makes its way to your side, move your shoulder at 90 degrees. At this point, the opposite arm should be moved across the body and should be extended to the back as you hit the ball. Your weight should also be shifted at the back of your leg.
  3. When preparing the body for the hit, make sure to have a good grip of the racket to counter the power of the ball as it approaches you. For beginners, it is best to use the eastern forehand grip. With the latter, the index knuckle and heel should be positioned at the third bevel of the racket and the bottom part of the lug. Simply put, think of it as shaking the hand of your racket.
  4. Now, the racket should be in a straight position and the face should be open as it touches the ball. Swing straight until you hit the ball. Make sure to use your entire body and not just your hand.
  5. Finish with a follow through. It will have a direct impact on the spin and pace of the ball as it returns to the other side of the court.


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