How To hold A Tennis Racquet

Learning about the basics of tennis is great but what’s more important is how to hold a tennis racket because this is what will define your game.

Grabbing your racquet in the right way and posture can definitely help a lot in improving your game and improve your skills.

So, today I will try to explain you how to grab a tennis racket the right way.

Holding A Tennis Racquet

The first thing to do is to learn how to properly place your fingers around the racket. A lot of beginners make a mistake here and this is what spoils their technique when playing on the court.

You should not grab it like a hammer. Noobs would usually wrap their fingers tightly around the grip of the racket with the thumb above the index finger and literally no space in between their fingers.

A lot of players tend to lose the leverage right off their index finger as it helps to maneuver the racket the most. Having your index finger properly placed can either help you to generate extra spin or it can hinder your play.

This also gives the support to your racket when aiming for those volleys. In simple, your index finger works like a trigger finger throughout your playing session on the court.

If you were to hit a top spin and open up your other three fingers and leave your thumb and index finger, you can literally lift the racket with ease without even squeezing your fingers and your index finger as the main leverage.

Basically your index finger will hold the two bevels on the grip at the bottom of the racket and match with the two edges of the folds of your finger.

So, whether you are hitting the forehand top spin or swinging the racket below the handle, this will help you a lot. Also when you flick it up, your index finger will work as the leverage. In simple, your index finger shouldn’t be locked or tightly gripping over your thumb when your grab the racquet.

To sum it up, from whichever hand your grab the racket, your thumb should be placed over the third or the middle finger and not your index finger. This is the perfect technique to hold a tennis racket.

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