Isam Extend Tennis Ball Machine Review

Like the Isam Value Tennis Ball Machine, the Extend version is another great machine with multiple features. It has lot of similarities to Isam Ultimate Tennis Ball Machine but comes at a very reasonable price.

You can’t doubt its performance. While being an affordable option, this machine is highly durable, reliable and portable as well. It is known for its large bucket design on top that can hold a lot of balls.

So, let us take a look at all of its features and get to know for which players this machine is best suited for.

Technical Details

As compared to Tennis Tutor Pro Lite Battery-Powered Tennis Ball Machine, Isam Extend is fairly light in weight. It is capable of shooting the balls at you at a speed of as much as 70 mph.

Because it is light in weight, this machine is easily portable. It has a large ball hopper mounted on top with a ball capacity of 300 balls and an extra space for storage on its top.

It also supports 2-ine oscillation and has an adjustable ball speed along with height adjustment and the delivery time being controllable variables.

This machine is battery operated and gives you a backup time of 5-7 hours for non-stop practice.

The Good

Here are the key features of Isam Extend Tennis Ball Machine.


With an incredible shooting speed ranging from 15 to 65 mph, this tennis ball machine will really give you a touch and challenging time on the court. You can easily adjust this speed range from its control panel.

If you are a beginner, it is better to program it at lower speed ranges and then gradually increase to improve your performance.

Feed Rate

I really like its interval range which starts from as low as 2 seconds and goes as high as 10 seconds of delay. This makes it perfect to either practice for fun or play a challenging session on the court and dramatically enhance your performance.

Elevation Control

Need more elevation which includes both groundstrokes and those typical high lobs? Use Isam’s 5 level elevation control which allows you to do so.

Ball hopper

While the machine has a very compact design, its ball hopper is pretty large and is capable of holding 300 balls at a time. This means, you will never run out of ball stock during a particular practice session.


I must say that Isam Extend has a very powerful battery that takes less time to recharge and gives you a backup time of up to 7 hours. Its convenient charger quickly recharges the drained battery so that practice and fun never stops.

Random Oscillation

Using its 2-line oscillation feature, you can make your practice session more challenging. This scatters the shots randomly throughout the court, thus improving your lateral movements.


Isam offers 2-year solid warranty on all of its parts and labor. This warranty is valid only if you use the machine properly.

The Bad

Fortunately, Isam Extend doesn’t have any drawbacks. It is a perfect tennis ball machine.

Material & Construction

Handcrafted by American workers, this machine is constructed out of extremely durable and thick plastic material which gives it the strength and ability to last longer.

Overall Performance

It offers a very excellent ball delivery. And weighing only 25 pounds, makes it easily portable and you can even lift it up your car’s trunk and move around the court.

Who Is It For

Ideally, Isam Extend is a perfect match for all level players, whether beginner, intermediate or pro level tennis athlete. You will get the most out of its amazing features.


Still wondering “what is the best tennis ball machine”? Isam Extend is probably the answer to some extremely challenging practice sessions.

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