Isam Ultimate Tennis Ball Machine Review

Looking for the best tennis ball machine for tournament training? Isam Ultimate is a feature-rich machine that is priced just under $1000 and is very similar to Isam Value Tennis Ball Machine and Isam Extend Tennis Ball Machine.

It has a very durable design and is easily portable. The large bucket on top holds a lot of balls so that you enjoy your practice session for long.

So, without further ado, here is a detailed review of the Isam Ultimate machine.

Technical Details

At such a reasonable price, Isam Ultimate comes with a wireless remote control, allowing you to control its features from anywhere on the court.

It features 2 batteries for more backup time and non-stop fun on the net. Don’t worry if both the batteries run out of charge, you can also run it on electric power.

Isam Ultimate also offers a full sweep and random oscillation feature to make your practice sessions more challenging.

The large plastic ball hopper on top can hold more than 300 balls at a time and give you non-stop play time on the court.

The Good

Let us take a look at some of the key features of this machine.

Dual Power Option

Because a tennis player wants non-stop play time, Isam Ultimate offer both battery and electricity power option.

On average its battery lasts for 2-3 hours, but having two battery packs inside, you will get a backup of as much as 6 hours.

You can also pay an additional $55 for a convenient fast charger upgraded along with an AC converter which runs battery of this machine with electrical power. The AC upgrades costs an additional $178.50.

Spin Control

Like other Isam model, this one also lacks spin control and users are really demanding the ability to control top spin and under spin. However, beginners will get a nice tennis workout with the spin on ball but this won’t make the shots more challenging for you.


With a light weight profile of just 29 lbs. for battery version and 25 lbs. for electric version, this machine is highly portable and easy to move around the court. You can also lift it up to your car’s trunk without any trouble.

Moreover, its compact dimensions of 19 x 21 x 26 inches make it convenient for you to store it in small storage spaces.

The large ball hopper on top can be easily flipped upside down and use as a storage cover. You will also find two reinforced straps that are mounted on the front and base side of the machine, allowing you to carry it just like a duffle bag.

Speed Range

Beware because Isam Ultimate is capable of firing the balls at a speed of 15-60 mph. Though there are more models that have a range of as much as 95 mph but Isam Ultimate is a bit limited when it comes to extremely high shooting speed.

This makes the machine perfect for beginners and intermediates with 45-60 mph range being the most challenging.

Ball Hopper & Feed Rate

As mentioned before, Isam has a very large ball hopper which can hold 300+ balls at a time which is a huge benefit in terms of long playing session.

Also, it feeds the balls at a pretty high rate. Starting from as low as 1.5 seconds, it can delay the ball feed rate to as much as 12 seconds as well.

The Bad

Here are the drawbacks we found in this machine.


Though its speed range is perfect for beginners and intermediate but advanced players may find it a bit slow to practice at their best.

Material & Construction

Like all other Isam model and Match Mate Rookie Tennis Ball Machine by Match Mate the Ultimate also features a durable plastic material construction with a large plastic ball hopper on top.

Overall Performance

You can trust Isam for its features and durable design. It comes with everything that a beginner and intermediate tennis player needs to improve his skills and take their game to the next level.

Who Is It For

Isam Ultimate is perfect for all tennis players but more suited to the beginners and intermediates in terms of ball speed.


With some amazing features, this machine can definitely help to make your practice sessions more challenging. You can trust ISAM Ultimate and take your game to the next level.

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