Lobster Sports Elite 2 Portable Tennis Ball Machine Review

Looking for the best tennis ball machine for the money?

Sports Elite 2 Portable is another beast from Lobster that comes with plenty of features and a very reasonable price tag.

While it has the classy design like other Lobster series tennis ball machines, its features are what make it popular. This machine is designed for maximum durability and to tackle the wear and tear.

Here is a detailed review of Lobster Sports Elite 2 Portable machine and its technical specs.

Technical Details

Weighing only 44 pounds, this machine has a lightweight profile and an ergonomic design that looks very appealing.

With its lightweight design and the extra-large wheels on which the entire machine is mounted, makes it easier for you to move it around the court and lift it up your car’s trunk.

This machine simulates a real player action and has a feed rate of 2-10 seconds. It is capable of shooting the ball at you with a speed of 20 to 80 mph. and features a ball capacity of 150 ball.

The battery charger is included with your purchase and has a backup for 4-8 hours.

The Good

Here are the key features of this machine.


At a very affordable price of $1500, Elite 2 has plenty of features that give you the best playing experience. After buying the machine, you will have to spend some extra money on tennis balls and maybe some key accessories that are required to run a tennis machine.

Despite all this, you will still be spending way less than $2000.


To make it challenging for you, Lobster Sports Elite 2 comes with the oscillation feature which includes the following three variations:

  • Side to Side: With this, the machine is able to feed the balls and easily sweep them from side to side. This is a must have feature in a tennis ball machine and is available mostly in the Lobster’s series
  • Forward & Backward: To make you move forward and backward on the court, Elite 2 is capable of forward and backward oscillation. It does this by feeding the balls deeper into the court
  • Combo: Because Elite 2 is all about thrill, perfection and fun, it can combine the above two oscillations. Which means, you will get side to side and forward and back modes simultaneously

Speed & Feed Rate

This machine features a ball shooting speed of 20-80 mph, which is enough for beginners, intermediates and advanced level players.

With the speed comes the feed rate which is as low as 2 seconds and goes to 10 seconds. This is pretty much the same like Lobster Sports Elite 3 Portable Tennis Ball, Machine Isam Ultimate Tennis Ball Machine and Lobster Sports Elite Freedom Portable Tennis Ball Machine.

You can easily adjust this feed rate using its control panel to get the most out of it.


The top spin on balls is what challenges the most on the court. Luckily, Lobster Elite 2 offers a nice angle anywhere from 0-60 degrees. This not only gives you the flexibility to practice tough spin shots but also adjust its elevation.

All of it can be done via its user-friendly control panel or the remote control which is sold separately.


Finally, this machine is battery operated which gives you a nice backup of 4-8 hours depending on use.

However, if you want to transform your Elite 2 machine so that it runs directly via an AC outlet, you can buy the AC power unit separately.

The Bad

Here are some drawbacks of Elite 2.

Slightly Expensive

Though the price tag is just under $1500, but you can find some machines with reasonable features for a cheaper price tag.

Additional Cost

If you want to upgrade it to an AC powered machine, you must pay extra.

Material & Construction

Lobster Elite 2 Portable features a durable plastic construction and the ball holder is also made out of plastic. It is backed with 2-years solid warranty as well against all manufacturing defect. s

Overall Performance

At a very minimal cost, you will get the taste of how playing a professional game feels like. This machine can really help you get better at your tennis skills and advance to the next level.

Who Is It For

Ideally, this machine is perfect for all tennis players whether beginners, intermediates or advanced level athletes.


Because Lobster is a brand of quality, you will get a product of excellence. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more exciting tennis stuff like this.

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