Lobster Sports Elite 3 Portable Tennis Ball Machine Review

Lobster has always over-delivered with its exciting range of tennis ball machines. With a typical Lobster design, Sports Elite 3 Portable is their best value tennis ball machine. It is ergonomically designed and is mounted on two humongous wheels to easily move around.

Elite 3 has a lot of similarities with other lobster machine and the basic one is its shape.

A major difference between Lobster Elite 2 and Elite 3 is that Elite 3 features horizontal oscillation, which can shoot the ball wide and narrow, thus mixing it up for a challenging session on the court.

Technical Details

With an amazing level of durability, Elite 3 weighs only 44 pounds and is easily portable. It has a large convenient handle which is used to move the machine around the court. Since it is mounted on two large wheels, pulling or pushing it will be smooth.

Like all Lobster models, it has a large ball hopper on top which folds upside down and has a capacity of 150 tennis balls.

Its rechargeable battery gives you a backup time of 4-8 hours and gives you plenty of on court time for maximum practice.

Since it is more advanced than the Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine and Lobster Sports Elite Grand Five Tennis Ball Machine, it offers random, horizontal, vertical and horizontal & vertical oscillation.

To make shots challenging it shoots them at a speed range of 20 to 80 mph with a feed rate of 2 to 10 seconds. You can also control elevation from 0-50 degrees.

The Good

Below are the key features of Lobster Elite 3.

Electronic Elevation

Most of the tennis ball machines we see on the market offer ball elevation but it is usually manual. However, Elite 3 Portable comes with an exclusive 0-50 degrees’ ball elevation and this is electronically controlled.

These randomly angled lobs can help a lot in mastering your overheads and confront the most aggressive tennis players with full confidence.

Random Oscillations

Nowadays, a lot of tennis machines we see on the market either offer horizontal or vertical oscillation.

Lobster Sports Elite 3 comes with an exclusive horizontal, vertical and horizontal + vertical oscillation for the ultimate playing experience on the court.

What’s more amazing is that you can program the machine to add random oscillations to your shots along with varying speeds and feed rate as well.

Speed & Spin

Starting from as low as 20 mph and going high as 80 mph, Elite 3 Portable gives you the best playing experience on the court.

For beginners, you can adjust the ball shooting speed from 20 to 45 mph, whereas, intermediates and advanced level tennis athletes can start from 45 and go as much as 80 mph.

The best thing about Elite 3 is that it adds spin even at the highest speed, making the shots more challenging for you.


With a battery backup time of 4-8 hours, you will enjoy a healthy practice session on the court. Though it takes some extra time to recharge the battery but the backup time is amazing.


This machine is mounted on large transportation wheels which makes it easier for you to move it around the court. Also, its lightweight design makes portability more convenient for you.

The Bad

Here are some drawbacks of this machine.

Recharging Time

Recharging time is too much. It can take as much as 24 hours to fully recharge its battery. This also increases the risk of overcharging the battery which will affects its lifetime. We recommend purchasing a premium fast charger.

Poor Folding Handle

The handle used to move the machine around is of poor quality and must be handled with care.

Material & Construction

Elite 3 features a durable plastic construction that won’t break easily and has got the strength to bear the harshness of the environment.

Overall Performance

Overall, Lobster has designed one of their finest edition ever that will help you take your game to the next level.

Who Is It For

Like most of the lobster machines, Elite 3 is also perfect for the beginners, intermediates and pro level tennis players.


That’s it guys. I hope you enjoyed reading our review. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section.

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