Lobster Sports Elite Freedom Portable Tennis Ball Machine Review

A final gem from Lobster is the Sports Elite Freedom version and likewise all of their previous range of models, this one has the same design, is portable but comes with some advanced features.

It is designed to offer maximum durability and is battery operated. While its price is extremely reasonable, its performance is also excellent.

This version has very similar functions to Lobster Elite One.

Here I a detailed review of the Lobster Sports Elite Freedom Portable Tennis Ball Machine.

Technical Details

With a durable body, this machine weighs only 35 pounds and has a very ergonomic design. It is mounted on two humungous wheels that allows you to easily move it around the court.

The standard ball hopper on top can hold 150 balls at a time while its battery gives you a backup time of 2-4 hours.

Since it is an advanced version with more features, this machine is made for all types of tennis players. One of its best and perhaps challenging feature is full corner-to-corner sweeps that help to dramatically enhance your lateral movements.

It offers random horizontal oscillation and is capable of throwing the ball at a speed of 10 to 70 mph.  Like Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine and Lobster Sports Elite 3 Portable Tennis Ball Machine it has a feed rate of 2-10 seconds.

Though it doesn’t offer any spin on the ball, but you can add manual elevation ranging between 0-50 degrees.

It comes with a premium 3-Amp fast charger and a storage cover as well.

The Good

Here are the key features of Elite Freedom.


Since it is capable of firing the ball at a speed range of 10 to 70 mph, this machine is perfect for all players. If you are a beginner, you can adjust the speed range from 10 to 35 mph, intermediates should aim for 30-50 mph while advanced level athletes can start from 45 mph and go as high as 70 mph.

Feed Rate

Feed rate is probably the most important feature in a tennis ball machine. From as a low as 2 seconds only and as much as 10 seconds, Elite Freedom is capable of varying the feed rate for all types of players.

Though 10 seconds may be a bit slow but if you are just starting with tennis, you can set it accordingly.

Battery Powered

It comes with a powerful battery pack inside which gives you a solid court time of 2-4 hours. This battery pack is recharged using either 1-Amp or 3-Amp premium fast charger which takes less than 8 hours to fully recharge it.


Adding elevation to your shots can help a lot on those overhead shots and improve your tennis skills on the court.

This elevation varies from 0-50 degrees. The only thing we didn’t like about it is that it has to be controlled manually.


Finally, to add more perfection in your lateral movements on the court, Elite Freedom offers random horizontal oscillation on the court that fires the ball randomly across the entire court. You can pair this up with speed and varying feed rate to make it more challenging.

Another thing worth mentioning here is full corner-to-corner sweet feature. This will challenge you on a whole new level.

The Bad

These were some drawbacks we found in this machine.

Poor Batteries

A lot of customers complained that Elite Freedom’s battery pack is very poor and after a couple of full use, it drains out in less than an hour.

Speed Increase Might Be Fatal

If you increase the ball firing speed, it may not be the same as you expect and can be fatal as well. Usually the machine jams if you increase the speed too much. If it is better to try a best used tennis ball machine.

Material & Construction

Like all other Lobster machines, it also features a durable plastic construction which gives it the strength to last longer and bear all those unexpected bumps.

Overall Performance

Though this version has some flaws but overall, it performs exceptionally well on the court and helps to enhance your tennis skills.

Who Is It For

This machine is perfect for all tennis players.


That’s it for today tennis freaks. I hope this review was helpful and gave you all insights on Elite Freedom.

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