Lobster Sports Elite Grand Five Tennis Ball Machine Review

Elite Grand Five is another advanced level tennis ball machine but can be used by beginners and intermediate level players as well.

This machine is capable of mimicking some of the most popular tennis styles like grinder, power baseliner, Moonballer, slicer, hefty and much more.

It is capable of mixing up the speed, trajectory and spin as well. In simple this machine is fully programmable.

So, without wasting more time, let us go into more details of this best portable tennis ball machine review.

Technical Details

With an exclusive forehand plus drill, this machine can throw the ball with moderate top spin and with more arc. This gives you extra time to settle for a forehead shot and thus getter better at your skills.

You can also program it for attacking and defending drills which throws the balls using a greater ball speed with minimal spin. This allows you to easily move in and out of the corners and also go across the baseline briskly.

Another drill is offers if approach drill which features various types of spins and arcs and comes with 1-Amp fast charger and an optional 20-function wireless grand remote control and another 3-amp premium fast charger storage.

The Good

Here are the key features of Elite Grand Five.

20 Function Remote Control

Like the Lobster Sports Elite 1 Portable Tennis Ball Machine, Lobster Sports Elite Grand Four Tennis Ball Machine and Lobster Sports Elite 2 Portable Tennis Ball Machine it also comes with a 20 function wireless grand remote control.

This is an optional feature and can be added for a few extra bucks. This advanced controller lets you adjust every single function in this machine with a simple push of a button.

You can adjust the oscillation, fully random, 3-line, speed, feed, spin and much more.

LCD Control Panel

This looks really attractive on the machine. It is a revolutionary control panel which displays all the controls and settings of this machine. This is also known as Lexon and makes use of touch-buttons instead of those traditional dials along with knobs and switches.

This display also shows you all the menu selections and settings.

3-Line Function

Also known as narrow, medium and wide function, Grand Five comes equipped with one of the most extensive 3-Line function found in any machine. You can get better at your forehand and backhand ground strokes and even use it to improve your warm up shots.


This machine includes three pre-programmed drills that mimic the style of a real tennis player and includes grinder, all courter and power baseliner. You can easily mix up these drills as well with speed, trajectory and spin.

Simply adjust it from the control panel and choose any play style of your choice.

While all drills are fun to practice, one of its best drills is the attacking drill. This helps you get better at your lateral moves as it throws the ball randomly across the court with greater speed.

The Bad

Here are some drawbacks we found in Elite Grand Five.

Long Charging Time

Its battery takes a lot of time to full charge because of a slow charger. You can use a premium charger or an external battery to increase the on-court time.


Though most of Lobster’s tennis ball machines are reasonable priced, Elite Grand Five is a little expensive and may disturb your budget.

Material & Construction

Like all other Lobster machines, it is also constructed out of durable plastic material which is made to last long and bear the harshness of the environment.

Overall Performance

This machine has an excellent performance on the court and comes loaded with multiple features and customized drills that advanced players will love.

Who Is It For

Lobster Sports Elite Grand Five is a perfect match for the pro level tennis athletes. However, beginners and intermediates can also use it to improve their skills.


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