Match Mate Rookie Tennis Ball Machine Review

If you are looking for best tennis ball machine under 1000, Match Mate Rookie is probably the best option on the market.

It is a beginner friendly machine that helps in developing stroke sets. One of its best features is the ball delay option, triple threat elevation and ball speed with an incredible range from 10 mph to 27 mph.

It really has a simple design that looks great. So, let me take you through a detailed review of Match Mate Rookie machine.

Technical Details

A beginner friendly tennis ball machine which weighs only 22 lbs. This makes it easier for you to move it around and even lift it up to your car’s trunk.

This is probably the lightest machine on the market. For example, if we compare it to Lobster Sports Elite Grand Four Tennis Ball Machine, Isam Value Tennis Ball Machine and Lobster Sports Elite 2 Portable Tennis Ball Machine, it is 18-20 pounds lighter.

It can vary the top speeds of the ball along with delayed delivery time and height adjustment.

The battery used in it has a back-up of up to 5 hours and one thing it guarantees is that the player runs out of stamina before the machine’s battery drains.

The Good

Below are the key features of Match Mate Rookie.


Match Mate Rookie is capable of shooting the ball at you with a top speed of 30 mph. This is pretty impressive, especially with a beginner level tennis ball machine. It will help you enhance your skills at playing those killer smashes coming at you.

You can adjust the speed of the ball. It has a user-friendly control panel with simple push buttons which allow you to do so.


Because it has a shooting distance of as much as 50 feet, it can easily throw the ball from one corner to the other corner of the court. Like the speed of the ball, you can also control the distance via the control panel.

The soft range is usually 10-feet with a speed of 28mph. However, if you set it at a shooting speed of 30mph, it can shoot the ball as far as 50 feet.

I really like how it oscillates the ball throughout the court as it shoots.


Probably the lightest tennis ball machine on the market. Weighing only 22 lbs. Match Mate Rookie Tennis Ball Machine by Match Mate is easily portable. You can move it around the court and even lift it up to the car’s trunk.

Its lightweight profile is really because of its heavy grade aluminum outer shell which not only gives it the durability but also the lightweight design.

Apparently the machine looks heavier but once you move it around the court, it feels very lightweight.

Though it doesn’t have wheels underneath but still it is easier to move it around easily.

Feed Rate

With a 10 seconds of ball feed delay on its settings, you can really get the most out of this tennis ball machine.

Simply use its control panel to change the ball feed rate, depending on your skills, however, you can cannot lower the ball feed delay rate which may not be good for the advanced level players.

Battery Life

Finally, it has an amazing battery with a strong backup time and extremely fast charging time. It lasts for up to 5 hours. On average, a healthy tennis session lasts for as much as 4-5 hours and this makes this machine perfect.

The Bad

Here are some “Oopses” we found in this machine.

Slow Feed Rate

Because of its extremely delayed feed rate, this machine isn’t suited for the advanced players. If you are looking for less delay time, look for some other models on our website.

Material & Construction

Mate Rookie uses a heavy grade aluminum outer shell in its construction which gives it a lightweight and extremely durable profile.

Overall Performance

You need to train for the best? Match Mate Rookie can definitely help you as a beginner to improve your skills.

Who Is It For

Ideally, this machine is perfect for the beginner players only. If you are an intermediate or advanced level player, don’t buy this machine.


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