Prince Textreme Tour 95 Tennis Racquet Review

Prince Textreme Tour 95 is among our top rated tennis rackets of 2018 and its features proves why it is so.

As compared to some of the top selling models like Babolat Pure Aero, Babolat Pure Drive and Head Graphene XT Speed Pro, it has more of a classical feel, precision and design.

It gives you the best control over your shots and makes it easier to swing it faster without losing stability and accuracy.

Prince Textreme Tour 95

Below is a detailed review of Prince Textreme Tour 95, showing us for which players this racket is really made for.

Technical Details

When strung, it weighs only 11.8 oz. and has a string tension of 45-55 pounds which is perfect for beginners.

The balance of Prince Textreme is made 12 points head light along with a beam width of 22/22mm which is pretty much standard. Though this beam isn’t very thick, still the racket is very durable and will last longer.

Its unique graphite and Textreme composition really gives it a unique appearance and feel. Despite the fact that it has a low power level, you will still be able to deliver some powerful blows on the court.

Tour 95 comes with a standard 16 x 19 string pattern and a swing weight of 318 for some serious playing.

The Good

Below are the key features of Prince Textreme Tour 95:

Flexible Frame

The best thing about Tour 95 is its soft flex frame which makes it beginner friendly. Thanks to the graphite and textreme composition which makes it possible. This extra flex in the frame gives you better recovery and a very comfortable feel at the time of smashing the ball.

The flexibility in its frame nicely dampens the shocks and vibrations as well.


Its precision and responsiveness is simply unbeatable. You will get used to it very quickly and its comfortable playstyle as well. Its control oriented specifications will match your game perfectly and being a low power racket, you won’t overshoot the ball.

When making those groundstrokes, it allows you to nicely aim the ball wherever you want without any loss of accuracy and stability. It delivers excellent maneuverability and plow through for a super easy swing.

Also, it feels very solid and stable at the time of contact and nicely absorbs all the shocks.

Textreme Technology

The Textreme technology integrated gives this racquet a whole new touch. It is a spreadtow woven laminates which are nicely developed using a thin structure along with straighter carbon fibers.

This creates a fine composite material which is 20% lighter in weight and has an improved overall stiffness.

This Textreme is perfectly positioned in its shaft with a lower hoop, angled at 45-degrees. This helps to reduce the twisting of the frame by 25% which is pretty impressive.

Overall, it gives the frame an unbeatable stability and a nice plow through impact for maximum power and control in your shots.


You will love the precision of Tour 95 when it comes to volleys. The extra contact time on the string bed it provides really helps to add a lot of power in your shots and give you a very connected feel.

This also prevents the loss of stability and its light weight frame helps in transferring more energy into every shot.

It is pretty easy to wield and is very stable. Moreover, it gives you a soft and slightly dampened feel when smashing the ball.

Overall, playing volleys with Tour 95 means maximum precision, control and stability.

Flexible & Versatile

Because of low power, it gives you a whole new level of control and ball placement. Heavy hitters will benefit a lot from it. If you are looking to effectively drop shot and want an amazing angled and short, Tour 95 is the way to go.

Its flexibility is arm friendly by nature. You may not get used to extra weight that this racquet possesses. Adapting to heavier weight will take some time but eventually you will get really better at it.

Generally, it is a very flexible and versatile racket which gives you a very nice feel.

The Bad

Like many other racquet on the market, it also had some “Oopses”:

Comes Unstrung

Who loves to received their brand new tennis racquet unstrung? Nobody…Right? Well, Tour 95 is shipped unstrung which is a big “NOPE” here. More than 90% of the rackets available on the market at the same price come strung from the manufacturer.

If you already don’t know how to string a new racket, you will have to invest a few extra bucks to get it strung from an expert.


It is quite a heavy racket to play with and you may not be used to it. If you are a beginner, investing in Tour 95 can be a waste of your money. You need to look for lightweight models.

Material & Construction

Prince Textreme Tour 95

Tour 95 has a very durable construction. It uses top-rated material which gives it the strength, weight and durability. This material also acts as shock and vibration dampener which gives you a very comfortable feel.

Overall Performance

Overall, Prince Textreme Tour 95 is a very user-friendly racket. It guarantees maximum precision and control on the court and is arm friendly by nature. The only thing you must adapt to is its heavier weight.

It has got the durability to last longer and will help a lot in improving your tennis skills.

Who is it for

Generally, this racquet is a perfect tennis gear for all players. Its heavy feel makes it perfect for the advanced level players while the arm-friendly features is made for beginners and the intermediate level players.

To be more precise, I would recommend this to only intermediate and advanced level players.


One thing I can say is you simply can’t find a better tennis racquet than the Prince Textreme Tour 95. It has everything that a tennis player needs to improve his game.

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