Prince Textreme Warrior 100 Tennis Racquet Review

Prince Textreme Warrior 100 is one of the best men’s tennis racket available on the market. It has gone through some serious upgrades after the Prince Textreme Tour 95, one of which is its solid beam giving you a crispier and accurate response.

Prince Textreme Warrior 100

Its frame material helps a lot in increasing its overall stability and doesn’t affect its stiffness at all.

Let us dig in deep into this highly maneuver and spin friendly racket and explore its features.

Technical Details

Featuring a head size of 100, Warrior 100 offers you a large sweet spot and helps to add more accuracy to your shots. As compared to some other models on the market like Prince Warrior 100 and Wilson 2018 Ultra 100 Countervail, it offers a larger sweet spot.

This means, even if you mishit the ball, you will still get enough energy transfer in your shots.

When strung, this racquet weighs 11.14 oz. and has a 6 points head light balance with a string tension of 50-60 pounds which is perfect for the beginners.

The length of Warrior 100, which is 27 in., is of standard size and has the flexibility making it arm-friendly.

The Good

Below are the key features of Prince Textreme Warrior 100:


The head light balance of Warrior 100 offers you excellent maneuverability which makes it great at the court. It delivers an extra-ordinary punch on those volleys, thanks to its super solid and a highly responsive feel.

Along with that, it offers very soft drop volleys as well because of the thinner beam and the extra flex it has in its frame. Overall, it provides you with a softer drop volley feel on the court.

Ground Strokes

I personally feel that ground stroke is what majority of the players have endorsed the most. Since the racket is very solid and stable, you will get an exceptional power transfer at the time of contact with the ball. Also, being light in weight and the high quality material used in its construction, the racquet provides you with a stable and accurate play through.

Also, its 16×18 string pattern on its large 100 head results in plenty of natural top spin, offering you a nice balance between power and control.

Warrior 100 will naturally offer you a good grip and will be able to generate more spin. In turn, you will be able to drive the ball nicely down the court. Even if the ball sits slightly up, you will be able to flatten your shot.


On returns, this racket does a pretty impressive job and proves to very effective on the court. When hitting the ball harder, you will get a better defense and can nicely block it while still be able to make the ball land flatter on the court.

Also, when returning harder hit balls, you will get maximum stability and at the same time get a good grip when attacking towards you opponent.

One reason for this excellent grip on the racquet is its head light balance and it also results inn that natural top spin. This way you will be able to push back your opponent.


Serving with Prince Textreme Warrior 100 Tennis Racquet is very easy. Its 10.6 ounce of weight and head light balance offers you excellent maneuverability, allowing you to easily smash the ball every time.

To be honest, from the very first serve, you will feel that the racket helped a lot in generating extra pace and on all upcoming serves as well.

One thing that makes it serves really powerful is its 16×18 string pattern and really gives you a head start right from the beginning.

Comfortable Grip

You simply won’t get a better and comfortable grip than Prince Textreme Warrior 100. The extra comfort really helps in getting better control over your shots. The added comfort also results in better stability and maximum accuracy on your shots.

This grip is sweat proof and has a thin padding inside which nicely absorbs the shocks and vibrations at the time of contact with the ball.

The Bad

Even though Warrior 100 doesn’t have any drawbacks but here are some things the company should have considered:


Paying a price of $129 and not getting a handy racket cover along with your purchase is a bit selfish. A lot of tennis racquet for similar price on the market come with a nicely padded zip bag which has a shoulder strap as well for your convenience.

However, you can always buy a spare one form your nearest sports shop at a very low price.

Color Contrast

While there are very limited color options, the color scheme on the racquet itself is satisfactory and doesn’t appeal much.

Material & Construction

Prince Textreme Warrior 100

Warrior 100 is constructed with high quality materials which gives it the durability to last longer. The material running along the entire length of its frame helps to nicely dampen all the shocks and vibrations, providing you an overall comfortable feel on the court.

Its string bed is also made with high quality strings that won’t break easily.

Overall Performance

You will enjoy playing with Warrior 100. It is one of the most versatile rackets on the market and does a really great job on the tennis court. Serving with its head light balance coupled with the spin potential will generate some lethal shots.

It has an excellent maneuverability on ground strokes and serve returns and gives you a very solid and responsive feel.

Who is it for

Ideally this racket is perfect for all tennis players but beginners and intermediate players will benefit the most from it. It has the perfect frame stiffness along with a lightweight profile and a large sweet spot that will help beginners and intermediates to get maximum stability and accuracy.


You need to step up your tennis game and improve your skills? Get Prince Textreme Warrior 100 today and get ready to smash some power shots on the court.

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