Prince Warrior 100 Tennis Racquet Review

Prince Warrior 100 was launched back in 2014 and is probably one of the best men’s tennis rackets. It has the Prince EXO3 technology with a traditional dampening feel along with large port grommets.

Prince Warrior 100

You will be excited to swing this racket on the court and shoot bullet like shots towards your opponent, thanks to its brisk response and ample of power transfer off its string bed.

Let me take you through a detailed review of Prince Warrior 100.

Technical Details

It has a head light balance which makes it a real winner. When unstrung, it weighs 10.6 oz. with 4 points headlight balance.

The extra swing weight it has of 317 points really help to add that extra power punch to your shots. You’ll feel like conquering the tennis court with Warrior 100 in hand.

It has a head size of 100 square inches which is considered as a standard size and boasts a large sweet spot which helps to add more accuracy to your shots.

The string pattern was quite unusual, 14 mains and 16 crosses and large grommets. Still it delivered with an exceptional energy transfer in every shot for the ultimate playing experience on the court.

Its string bed is strung using synthetic gut.

The Good

Below are its key features:


You will get extremely comfortable at hitting with Warrior 100 after a couple of first smashes. The way it generates groundstrokes from the baseline is simply impressive.

As compared to Angell TC97 Pro it offers better groundstrokes, thanks to its unique string pattern which results in better top spin and power in every shot.

Also, the EXO3 technology it uses gives you more of a muted feel when hitting. It nicely dampens the shocks and vibrations at the time of impact with ball.

To make these groundstrokes more effective, Warrior 100 has a head light balance which gives it a less sturdy look when facing those hard and heavier balls.

This muted feel may not be a great feature as you may not feel the contact even though it was made.

Fine Points

One of its noteworthy features and upgrades is its aesthetics. The fine black and red stripe color contrast on the outside of frame gives it a very appealing touch and will make the heads turn on the tennis court.

Its grip is quite comfortable and has a medium level of tackiness. A lot of users say this grip to be very similar to Wilson Sublime replacement grip.

Best of all, this racquet can be customized easily. You can add some lead tape to the frame for extra rigidity.

Volleys & Serves

Just like its groundstrokes, its volleys have a very smooth transition. Maneuvering this racket is very easy from the forehand to backhand volley. This makes it easier for you to handle those fast paced incoming balls with maximum stability and control.

However, it depends a lot on where the ball strikes on your racket. If it is the sweet spot, you will get maximum power, spin and control. This is same as the Babolat 2017 Pure Drive which has a large sweet spot and an unforgiving performance.

If you are smashing the ball outside its sweet spot, you may not get the same level of stability and it can be a little hard to control your shots.

You will also get a pretty nice pop and overall depth when putting away volleys and overheads.

We also loved its natural topspin and placement that came off the string bed easily. When coupled with the EXO3 technology, you will be able to get a lot of speed + power right out of its head along with more spin on your serves.

Because of better shock and vibration dampening qualities, you will feel more confident when playing on the court and will get a nice topspin and slice.

I personally feel Warrior 100 is geared more towards the spin and not power. Even though its string bed generated enough power, you still need to add a little more to get the optimum power in your shots.

The Bad

Below are some of the potential drawbacks of Warrior 100.

Less Power

Unlike the Prince Textreme Warrior 100 which is tailored both for power and spin, Warrior 100 offers less power. Though it may suffice for the beginners but to smash those winning shots on the court, you will need to put extra strength to add up to that level.

However, the extra spin it generates overcomes the lack of power.


While its weight makes it perfect for the beginners and intermediate level players, if you are pro level tennis athlete, its lightweight profile won’t match your skill level. Look for some heavier models with a small sweet spot.

Material & Construction

Prince Warrior 100

Warrior 100 comes strung with a synthetic gut which adds durability to its string bed and offers extra power and a natural topspin in every shot.

Its frame is built with the EXO3 technology which helps to dampen all types of vibrations that are generated at the time of impact with the ball. Also, the Extreme Spin Pattern built can help generate 30% more spin.

Overall Performance

You will really enjoy playing and hitting with Prince Warrior 100. It is one of the most versatile tennis racquets on the market which generates ample of spin and helps with a nice transition of groundstrokes, volleys and serves.

Those of you who seriously want to take their skills to the next level should consider buying this racket.

Who is it for

Being a lightweight racquet with a large sweet spot makes Prince Warrior 100 perfect for the beginners and intermediate level players.

If you are advanced level tennis player, look for some other tennis models like Angell TC97 Pro, Babolat Aero Pure, etc.


You need a perfect power and spin combo in your tennis gear? Warrior 100 is the answer to your question. It is a durable racquet with an impressive design, built to last for years to come.

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