Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoe Review

When you first lay your eyes and hands on this pair, you’ll realize that a lot of time and craftsmanship was invested in creating it. And truly, the result is impressive. The appearance, comfort, traction, breathability are all amazing. The outsole is exceptional in its durability and performance. Finally, women have something that can take them on top of their game.

No more need to spend hundreds of hours searching for the right tennis shoe when Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoe is in the market. Prince is one of the best tennis shoe brands in the market, and they showcased the reason why this is so with this impeccable product.

Features and Specifications

Foot Stability

There are mixed reactions when it comes to the foot stability of this pair. Some people found them to be impressive with no major issues. They felt quite secure in them and didn’t have to worry about losing their footing. Other people, especially those with narrow feet, felt like more could have been done when it came to the support and stability of the shoes.

One thing, however, is for sure with this pair- you’ll feel high off the ground in them. To avoid tripping, we advise that you go for half a size lower or upper your normal one.

Sole Durability

The sole durability is the Women’s T22 strongest feature. Expect nothing short of excellence when it comes to the durability and performance of the sole. The manufacturers were, however, a little bit short when it came to the protection of the toe draggers. The upper comes with a thin layer of protection as the toe bumper doesn’t run all the way up.

You’ll notice minimal signs in the sole amidst aggressive movements on the hard courts. The outsoles come with a six-month warranty as proof of their durability.


Prince incorporated the herringbone tread patterns on this pair, and we have to say, the grip provided is pretty good with nice amounts of grip on hard courts. Players who love to slide when playing will not be able to do so, but then, this pair wasn’t designed for that purpose. Although the grip in these can’t be compared to models like the Adidas Men’s Adizero Defiant Bounce Tennis Shoe, there are pretty competitive, and you’ll not be falling down any time soon.

The Good


Comfort is always a strength with Prince, and this pair brings a wider fit and plush cushioning to the tennis court. People with wide feet know the struggle of finding a pair that provides them with a perfect fit, and this pair here is among the few coveted options available in the market. The break-in period with this pair is so fast that you won’t notice anything.

Pain and aches in the feet is a thing of the past with this pair. For ventilation, it is a little bit average when compared to other options in the market. But a little bit of heat isn’t going to spoil all the cushioning and comfort this pair brings to the table.

One thing to note is that this pair might not work well for ladies with narrow feet, and you may require up to two pairs of socks to find a snug and tight fit. That’s not all; you’ll also have to tie the laces extremely tightly and use the top eyelet. The shortcoming of this is that it can become super uncomfortable to the point of causing blisters. So, caution is advised.


The Bad

Not Suited for People with Narrow Feet

Ladies with narrow and small feet might find wearing this pair a hassle. The shoe’s design suits women with wide feet better than their counterparts. The shoe is wide from the toe box to the heel, and so you’ll be swimming inside them. Even though its cushioning is excellent, you might not enjoy this to the fullest. You can’t prevent your feet from moving once inside the shoes.

People with narrow feet will need to wear up to two pairs of socks to get a snug and perfect fit. On top of that, they’ll also need to tie the laces extremely tightly and make use of the topmost eyelet. The downside of all these measures is that they cause blistering to your feet. To avoid all this, you can opt for the ASICS Gel Resolution 6 Women’s Tennis Shoes as an alternative.

Who Is It For?

Just as their name suggests, the Prince Women’s T22 Tennis shoe is strictly for the female species. With so many male tennis shoes in the market, it is only fair to have something for the women. The design of these shoes makes it perfect for people with wide feet. The uppers expand to create more room.

Finding the perfect size for people with large feet can be a hassle, and finally, Prince has brought something exclusively for them. The sole durability of this pair is top-notch, and you should love them.


Women deserve an equal opportunity in the court, and models such as the Prince Women’s T22 Tennis Shoes ensure that this is the case. Even though this was the first model, it impressed us fully. A better and more efficient version, the T22 Lite, was designed to combat the shortcomings of this one.

You will love the sole durability of this pair, and they are designed to last you for a long lifespan. Another pair for the women that have proved superb with exceptional performance is the K-Swiss Bigshot Light 3 Women’s Tennis Shoe. It is worth checking out.


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