Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine With Phone Remote Supported Review

Are you looking for the best tennis ball machine?

Undoubtedly, Spinshot-Player tennis ball machine beats all others on the market with its impeccable performance and extra-ordinary design.

It has tons of features, especially spin shots that will help you get better at your skills and finally give your best performance when playing with a real player.

This machine rally gives you the experience of playing with a pro level tennis athlete.

So, want to know more about its features? Take your time to read our review below.

Technical Details

Spinshot-Player offers you nearly any type of oscillation that a real player can make. It is battery powered and comes with a battery which is to be bought separately. The charger comes along with your purchase and is pretty fast.

You can also use your smartphone to quickly program your shots, speed, spin, angle, feed rate and height of the ball.

If you want the phone remote upgrade, you can opt for it without any additional cost. Moreover, this machine is capable of custom programming, which means you can feed in your customized drills.

Overall, it weighs only 19kg (42 pounds), has dimensions of 21” x 20” x 14”, can hold up to 120 balls and can be AC powered as well.

The Good

Let us check out some of the key features of Spinshot-Player Machine.


This is perhaps its best feature. You can literally get any type of oscillation out of this machine which mimics the actions of a real tennis player.

For example, if you prefer more spin shots, simply program the machine from the control panel, your smartphone or the remote and wait for some unplayable shots from this machine.

You can also control the intensity of the spin. Similarly, other oscillations like all around the court is also possible with the Spinshot Player tennis ball machine.


Because control should be in hands, like the Lobster Sports Elite Grand Four Tennis Ball Machine, Isam Value Tennis Ball Machine and Lobster Sports Elite 2 Portable Tennis Ball Machine, it comes with a nice remote upgrade for free.

Using the remote, you can feed your tennis ball machine with different types of customized drills.

The Lobster Grand V machine also comes with the remote feature but it is $700 more expensive than Spin-Shot player.

Other than the RC, you use your smartphone and even iWatch to control this machine. Download the free app of Spinshot-Player machine and you are all ready to control it.

Electronic Elevation Control

In the traditional tennis ball machines, we see those manual knobs which must be cranked to adjust the height of the ball.

However, Spinshot-Player does it via electronic elevation control. Simply by a press of a button on the remote or in the smartphone app, you can control the height at which the machine must shoot the ball.

2-Line Function

This a new feature. With the 2-Line function, you can easily change angle of horizontal feed both to be narrower or wider.

The Bad

Here is what we don’t like about this machine.

Doesn’t Comes With a Battery

Though all tennis ball machines have a big price tag but it should at least offer with all the features. Unfortunately, Spinshot-Player lacks battery and it should be purchased separately.

Satisfactory User Manual

If you are already not familiar with using tennis ball machines, you will have a bit of trouble getting this machine into play as the user manual isn’t much helpful.

Material & Construction

A lightweight machine not made out of plastic but durable aluminum. It comes with towing wheels to easily move it around the court and weighs only 42 pounds which makes it extremely easy to lift up to a car’s trunk.

Overall Performance

Overall, this machine comes with all the premium features that the modern day expensive machines offer. Though it has a traditional design but performance wise, it is a beast.

Who Is It For

With tons of features and drills, this machine is perfect for all type of tennis players who want to improve their tennis skills.


Spinshot-Player is probably one of the most reasonably priced machines on the market with multiple features packed inside. This is a win-win deal for you.

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