How Big Is A Tennis Court

Wondering how big is a tennis court…Allow me to explain!

There are some regulations by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) known as “Rules of Tennis”. It has everything about the dimensions of the court, height of the net and different types of surfaces on which the players can play.

All of the courts at tournaments and Grand Slams must follow these rules.

We all know that tennis is played on a rectangular area which is usually grass, clay and sometimes synthetic courts.

The standard size of the court is 78 feet in length and 36 feet in width. Players are provided with some additional speed to take on those overrun balls. When we include this place, the overall dimensions become 120 feet length and 60 feet width.

Let us break down different areas of a court.

  • Net: Usually made from a twisted polyethylene material, stretching across the entire width of the court. It is parallel to baseline and divides the court in two equal parts. Court net is 3 feet and 6 inches in height
  • Baseline: Line from where the serve is made. It is 39 feet away from net
  • Service Area: This is the place from where the ball is to be served. It is 21 x 27 sq. feet and is divided into two: Deuce Court and ad Court.
  • No Man’s land: This is a 486 sq. feet land located between service area and the baseline. Players are very vulnerable in this spot
  • Singles sideline: Doubles game is played on the full length of the court out of its 36 feet width and used for the singles game
  • Doubles Alley: It is the area between doubles sideline and singles sideline, also known as the double alleys

So, that’s all about tennis courts. I hope you got a clear idea of how big is a tennis court and the type of courts the game is played on.

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