Tennis Tutor Pro Lite Battery-Powered Tennis Ball Machine Review

Looking for the best cheap tennis ball machine? Tennis Tutor Pro Lite is your best option. It is a small box with cool aesthetics and graphic work. At a price of just under $1000, this machine is a nice bargain for the money.

It is a professional grade tennis equipment with multiple features and is especially designed for the pro level players. However, beginners and intermediates can also play with it.

Here is a detailed review of its features and specifications.

Technical Details

With tons of features and being a professional level machine, it weighs only 30 pounds which makes it one of the lightweight tennis ball machines on the market. Surprisingly I stands at only 12 inches in height. This makes it compact and easily portable.

It takes only 5-second to setup and get in playing condition. The ball hopper on top takes a few second to open up and is capable of holding 125 balls at a time.

You can also adjust its speed from a gentle toss to extremely hard-hitting shots. Though its trajectory is manual but you can easily adjust it from groundstrokes to lob.

The Good

Here are the key features of Tennis Tutor Pro Lite

Battery Powered

Tutor Pro lite comes with a built-in rechargeable battery which is powerful and has a backup time of up to 3 hours. But will it really last for 3 hours? This depends a lot on how intensely you use it.

Moreover, this is a quality battery and is capable of 500 to 1000 recharge cycles before it finally requires any replacement.

It comes with a convenient Smart Battery Charger that can fully recharge it overnight. There is a built-in battery charger indicator that keeps you updated on the battery level.

Full-Court Oscillator

This is one of its best feature. Most of the machines are capable of one sided oscillation but Tutor Pro Lite is a full courter. In this regard it resembles a lot like Lobster Sports Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine, SPINSHOT-PRO Portable Tennis Ball Machine and Lobster Sports Elite Grand Five Tennis Ball Machine.

With the full court oscillation, you are all set to hit on the run. All you need to do is flip its oscillator switch and it will shoot balls randomly across the court.

Variable Speed Ball

This is something we really like about this machine. With the variable speed ball feature, you can program this machine to either shoot gently tossed balls towards you or some killer groundstrokes which are literally impossible to play.

The gentle tosses are perfect for children and beginners to play while the lethal groundstrokes can help the advanced level tennis players to improve their skills even further.

Remote Control

This is an optional feature that can be purchased for an extra amount and it allows you to start and stop the ball delivery with a simple push of the button.

Ball Feed Rate

From as little as 1 ½ second, to as much as 10 seconds, you can program this machine as per your skill level. If you have just started playing tennis, you can adjust its ball feed rate. I won’t recommend 10 seconds as it will disturb your focus from the game. Best rate is 2-6 seconds.

Start-up Delay

Tutor Pro Lite has another cool feature which is start-up delay. This lets you arrive the opposite side of the court before the machine starts shooting balls at you.

The Bad

Here are some drawbacks we found in this machine.

Ball Hopper Design

While the overall machine looks good but the ball hopper has a pretty odd appearance and doesn’t look as attractive as the entire machine.

Material & Construction

Tutor Pro Lite is constructed with the highest quality materials. It has a durable aluminum frame and a strong plastic ball hopper that is made to last long.

Overall Performance

With tons of features and user-friendly setup, this machine is probably the best performing on the market.

Who Is It For

Tennis Tutor Pro Lite is a perfect machine for the beginner, intermediate and pro level tennis athletes.


Need to improve your performance and take your skills to the next level? Tutor Pro Lite can definitely help you out.

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