Why Is There Fuzz on a Tennis Ball: Read to Find Out!

Admittedly, a lot of us do not know much about tennis balls, except for the obvious fact that it is used for tennis. What is it made of? What is its actual size? Can it be made in other colors? How long does it last? While we have an endless list of questions, however, in the rest of this post, there is one question that we will answer – why is there fuzz on a tennis ball?

What is Fuzz on a Tennis Ball

Before we answer the main question in this post, let us first talk about the fuzz in a tennis ball. In case you do not know, it is the outer layer of the ball. Literally, the material is fuzzy. Technically, it is called a nap. A lot of people may be unaware of the fact that the nap is actually the most important part of the ball. Because of this, it also uses the most expensive materials.

The Real Reason for the Fuzz

Now, let us talk about the reason why the fuzz is an important part of the best tennis balls.

If you watch a lot of tennis games, you might have noticed how picky they are when it comes to the ball. Before serving, they feel the ball. This is where they gauge the fuzz of the ball.

One of the reasons why a tennis ball is fuzzy is for resistance while it moves through the air. If the ball is smooth, there will be little friction and the ball will end up moving at high speed. In contrast, when it is fuzzy, it is a little rough, which slows down the movement of the ball. With a greater friction coefficient, the ball will end up rolling instead of sliding. It will also emphasize the impact of the court surface on the game.

To add, fuzz also controls the tennis ball’s aerodynamics. It provides the users with a better control of the trajectory of the ball.

The nap on the ball, however, may be different in terms of construction. This will depend on a number of things, such as the surface material. The nap or the fuzzy material of the ball will depend on whether it is used on clay, asphalt or grass courts, among other materials.

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