Wilson 2018 Ultra 100 Countervail Tennis Racquet Review

Wilson truly deserves more than just appreciation for their 2018 Ultra Countervail model. It is probably the best tennis racket designed for the intermediate and advanced level players.

The ultra 100 countervail is also one of the best men’s tennis racquet. It offers exceptional power and spin in every shot. This updated version comes with new technological advancement for the ultimate playing experience.

Wilson 2018 Ultra 100 Countervail

That being said; let me take you through all the technical specifications and features of Wilson 2018 Ultra 100 Countervail.

Technical Details

It features 100 square inch head size which is perfect to play for the intermediate to advanced level players. When strung, it weighs 11.2 oz. with a 320 swing weight, making it user friendly as well.

The string bed has a standard 16 x 19 pattern with standard sized grommets but they help generate a lot of power and spin in your shots.

Also, its 4 head light balance helps to gain maximum stability and control on your shots when playing on the tennis court.

Its string is of Wilson quality Sensation multi filament string which is made durable and won’t break or deform easily.

The Good

Here are the noteworthy features of Wilson 2918 Countervail


Wilson Ultra 100 is ultra-stiff and has a RA rating of 72 when strung which makes it an ideal tennis racket for the advanced players. This stiffness rating is more than Wilson Blade 104, Wilson Blade 98 18×20 and Wilson Burn 100. The added stiffness will prevent any discomfort when hitting the ball.

However, if you are just starting or your level is beginner in the game, you should look for tennis rackets that are more flexible and not stiff.

Countervail Technology

Its new countervail technology helps a lot in vibration and shock dampening. This is a special kind of material which is built in the carbon fiber running along the entire length of its frame.

At the time of contact with the ball when you hit or serve, several different kinds of vibrations originate in the frame of your racket.

These vibrations get worse if the frame has extra stiffness which in case of intermediate or expert level rackets is usually high. If the frame material doesn’t have the proper shock dampening features, it will result in a lot of discomfort when playing.

To prevent all these vibrations and discomfort, Wilson 2018 Ultra features the Countervail technology. It not only dampens the vibrations but also adds a lot of durability.


We were really impressed the way this racket was loaded with potential right from its baseline. As compared to the previous version of Wilson Ultra 100, it offered better groundstrokes. It feels good right from the baseline and when coupled with the Countervail technology, it gives you a very comfortable and muted feel.

The powerful and controllable response it offers help you smash match winning shots on the court. If you are really looking for a tennis racket which has enough power, Ultra 100 Countervail is for you.

The best thing is that it offers you a very comfortable hitting experience right from the first swing. It allows you to seamlessly transition your groundstrokes. You will feel the consistency off the string which gives you superior control as you drill down the court.

Its large sweet spot along with excellent maneuverability will help you to generate extra spin for the ultimate playing experience.

This racket plays more to strength of a counterpunching game style which is perfect for the aggressive players.

Volleys, Serves & Returns

With its simple point and shoot playstyle, you will get a very smooth transition on the volleys. Even though it has a satisfactory stability, still you will have a lot of success volleying with this racket.

All credit goes to its brisk response and overall better control which remains extremely comfortable and consistent throughout the playing session.

For effective point and shoot volleys, this racket has got the perfect maneuverability which allows you to do so. It is pretty fast and helps you to make those lateral movements even better.

When it comes to serves, Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail had mixed results that were pretty impressive. Its combination of maneuverability and plow through really provides you with an easy play through, especially for overhead shots to generate that extra head speed.

It also adds accuracy to your serves because of its comfortable swing style.

Finally, the returns with Ultra 100 Countervail were easy as they involved both depth and power. Though stability was still in doubt, it provided excellent precision. You can even customize it for better stability.

Also, the nice combination of power and spin it has, adds more energy to your return shots.

The Bad

Other than the high price tag, this racquet is flawless. It has the perfect design with improved spin and power combination. Even though it has a satisfactory stability during play but overall it provides you more control.

Material & Construction

Wilson 2018 Ultra 100 Countervail

Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail comes strung with poly strings which adds the strength and durability in its string bed. It has the right frame stiffness which makes it perfect for the intermediate and advanced level players.

Moreover, the Countervail technology integrated in its design really helps to dampen the vibrations and shocks originating from those hard impacts. This provides you an overall muted feel and a comfortable play through.

Overall Performance

It may not be the fastest racket on the planet but still it is better than most of the models on the market. Wilson 2018 Ultra 100 Countervail has a sturdier feel, it has the countervail technology for a muted feel and is easy to maneuver.

Who is it for

Because of the added stiffness in its frame, this racquet is perfect for the intermediate and pro level tennis athletes. If you are beginner, try looking for some flexible rackets.


You simply can’t make a better choice than choosing Wilson2018 Ultra 100 Countervail. It is a great choice for players who are looking for an enjoyable frame which has the extra power and spin control in it.

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