Wilson Blade 104 Tennis Racquet Review

Wilson Blade 104 is one of Venus and Serena William’s choice of racquet and is an upgrade from Blade Team BLX. Both the rackets have some similarities but the new Blade 104 is way ahead in performance and features.

Wilson Blade 104

It one of best women’s tennis racquet currently available on the market and is known for its Amplifeel handle technology which gives it a muted feel. Also its color new color scheme will make the heads turn on the court.

So, let me take you through a detailed review of the Wilson Blade 104 Tennis Racquet.

Technical Details

Say hello to the brand new pink cosmetics which makes this racket perfect for women. Its frame material allows you to easily generate medium to fast swing and the extended 27.5 length will make maneuverability very easy.

Its length also provides you the stability at the time of impact with the ball. Even though it is designed for the intermediate to advanced level players, it has a large 104 square inch head size and a very solid feel for ample of control.

Blade 104 has a stiffness rating of 59 and is 4 points head light for a smooth transition on the court.

The Good

Below are the key features of Blade 104 tennis racket.

Color Scheme

The new color scheme it boasts will make the heads turn on the court. While this is a simple pain job but an elegant one.

The shiny pink colored stripes running along the entire length of the frame nicely contrasts with the natural color of its string bed and black base color.

Also the big red colored “WILSON LOGO (W)” on the string bed matches perfectly with its design.

Power, Control and Comfort

Just like the Babolat 2017 Pure Strike 16/19, Babolat 2018 Pure Drive and Babolat Aeropro Drive, the Wilson Blade 104 has got a nice trio of power, control and comfort packed inside its frame.

It produces a very natural and responsive feel when playing on the court. Its 18×19 string pattern helps to improve your control and accuracy over your shots. Also, its extended length will not only help to generate extra power, it also produces that natural top spin.

Its string pattern when combined with its length puts a nice action into the ball. While the frame stiffness is of optimal rating, the frame has shock and vibration dampening features. This prevents any discomfort and allows you to focus on your game.

Also the large extra-large head size it has will add more accuracy to your shots. Though most of the intermediate and pro level tennis athletes usually prefer a standard head size with a small sweet spot in order to improve their skills, still it will help you take your game to the next level.

Best of all, its beam swing weight of 310 kg*sq. cm along with its 18×19 dense string pattern increases the contact time with the ball for more accuracy.

Amplifeel Technology

Comfort has never been better. The Wilson Blade 104 features Amplifeel handle technology which enhances its overall feel. This Amplifeel handle is offered by basalt fiber (BLX) technology which helps to nicely dampen all the vibrations and shocks.

While the handle appears pretty much like a regular one, but it has a lot more to offer. Inside this handle, there is a thick padding which gives you a comfortable feel the moment you grab it.

Also, when the ball comes in impact with its string bed, it mutes the shocks running through its frame.

Volleys, Serves & Groundstrokes

You won’t have any trouble maneuvering on the court with Blade 104. Even though it has a large head size, its overall light frame and head light balance helps you to make those brisk movements.

It helps a lot in generating extra pace on the ball when going for volleys and serves which is impressive.

If you are a baseline player, Wilson Blade 104 will help a lot in maximizing power with minimal effort. Its lightweight profile and large sweet spot will help you hit those deep groundstrokes easily.

Its string pattern helps a lot in balancing power potential and prevents loss of control when hitting the ball. Even if you over hit, the features of this racket will help to adjust your shot for a smooth transition down the court.

The Bad

Below are some of the drawbacks we found in this racquet.


Its large head size increases its overall weight. As a pro level athlete you may ignore the extra weight because of its 104 sq.in head size, but those of you who have just advanced to the intermediate level may find it difficult to swing and generate maximum power in your shots.

No Color Option

While the black, pink and red combination looks perfect, Wilson doesn’t offer any other color scheme to choose from.

Material & Construction

Wilson Blade 104

The solid braided graphite and basalt material used in the construction of its frame gives it the strength and durability. While graphite + basalt adds flexibility to the frame, still it is stiff enough to offer the best playing experience on the court.

You will also love its dense string pattern which adds durability to its string bed and allows you to gain maximum control and transfer insane amount of energy in every shot.

Overall Performance

Nonetheless, with a whole new upgrade, better cosmetics and a perfect blend of power, control and comfort, Wilson Blade 104 offers the best playing experience of a modern day game.

It has an incredible stability and the Amplifeel handle nicely dampens all the shocks and vibrations for a comfortable feel throughout the play.

Who is it for

Ideally, the features of this racket are tailored for the intermediate to expert level tennis players. Despite the large head size and sweet spot, it is a perfect tennis gear for intermediates to pro level tennis athletes.


You cannot get a better racket than the Blade 104 which involves power, control, comfort, stability and cool aesthetics. It is a fair bargain for the price paid and will help you get better at your game.

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