Wilson Burn 100 Tennis Racquet Review

Make your game and playstyle more aggressive with the Wilson Burn 100 Tennis Racquet. It comes in a bright yellow and black color contrast and helps a lot in improving your lateral movements.

One reason as to why it is one of the best rated tennis rackets it its powerful groundstrokes and the Parallel Drilling technology that gives forgiving response off its string bed.

Wilson Burn 100

It also has a new X2 shaft for longer, narrower yet rounded grip for that extra leverage and brisk grip changes.

There’s a lot more to explore about Wilson Burn 100 and that is why we’ve put together this detailed review for you.

Technical Details

Burn 100 is a lightweight racket which is easy to maneuver and combines power in your shots. It features Spin Effect technology which not only enhances the power but also generates that extra top spin.

It has a standard length of 27 inches with a large head and a durable string bed with Parallel Drilling technology. I’ll explain later what it does.

Its upgraded X2 shaft was a whole new thing that we noticed. It really helps in incorporating the spin effect when smashing the ball.

When strung it weighs 11.03 oz. and has a string pattern of 18×16.

The Good

Below are the key features of Wilson Burn 100.

Parallel Drilling Technology

To really boost up the performance of this racket, especially when it comes in contact with the ball, parallel drilling technology helps a lot. It is integrated in its strings bed and is a whole new innovation.

With the Parallel Drilling technology, the impact time with the ball is increased and this adds more power and accuracy to your shots.

It allows the string to move freely on the string bed at the time of contact, thus increasing the area of the sweet spot.

X2 Shaft

This is a new feature introduced in Wilson Burn 100. The X2 shaft provides you with a slightly longer, narrower and at the same time a rounded grip.

Too much bulky grip can make you lose control when smashing the ball. Narrower and rounded grips tend to provide better control and stability.

It also allows you to quickly make grip changes in the court and get better at your lateral movements for the ultimate playing experience.


Nonetheless, Burn 100 is a baseliner, attacker and an all-courter tennis gear. Producing those groundstrokes couldn’t get any better. When hitting from the baseline, you will feel the smooth transition it provides and is incredibly stable at the time of impact with the ball.

Though the sweet spot is small, you will still be able to get a very aggressive play through. If you are a passive player, this racket won’t suite your playstyle much because of its aggressive baseline qualities.

When smashing those groundstrokes, it feels very stiff and stable. If you are a beginner or just advanced to the intermediate level, this stiffness can be somewhat holding you back from giving your best performance.

However, for the pro level tennis athletes, this racket is a perfect match and arm-friendly.

The moment you hit from the baseline, you’ll get to know how amazing this racket is. Your groundstrokes will really get those extra MPHs along with that top spin because of its string bed.


You simply can’t get better volleys. Wilson Burn 100 produces very strong volleys and adds more stability right from the baseline, allowing you for a deep hitting. Just by putting in a little more effort, you can get very deep volleys.

You just need to smash the ball on the sweet spot for a lethal shot.

If you love low volleys, they are also great but contingent more on the sweet spot. Burn lacks on the feel side and feels bricked up at the net. Though this is great to stick to a volley deep but poor to trying to drop it short.

Majority of the tennis players appreciated Burn for its stability, especially on the return games. The extra stiffness of this racket also help a lot in smashing better serves and volleys.


Finally, the serves with Wilson Burn 100 are as excellent as its groundstrokes and volleys. They dramatically gain those extra MPHs which is required at the time of serves.

The Bad

Here are some of the drawbacks of Wilson Burn 100.

Noisy Frame

Overall, Burn 100 is perfect but it has a noisy frame. When smashing the ball, it produces rattling noise, even though doesn’t feel uncomfortable to play.


The extra stiffness in its frame is great for the pro level tennis athletes but not for the beginners and intermediate players. If you are looking for beginner friendly models, I would recommend Babolat 2017 Pure Drive, Babolat 2017 Pure Strike 16/19 and Babolat 2018 Pure Drive.

Material & Construction

Wilson Burn 100

Burn 100 features carbon fiber technology running through the entire length of its frame and it not only adds durability to it but also allows you to provide explosive power right from the baseline.

It features X2 shaft for generating extra spin effect and parallel drilling in its string bed really helps to make your shots more powerful and accurate.

Overall Performance

Overall, Burn 100 has a lightweight profile with a stiff frame which offers you a powerful play through on the court. It has a heavier head which helps in adding more power to your shots while its string bed generates the extra top spin for an aggressive play.

Who is it for

Don’t buy the Wilson Burn 100 if you are a beginner or intermediate level player. It would be a waste of money.

The stiffness of this racket makes it perfect for the pro level tennis players who love aggressive play style on the court.


You need to enhance your performance and enjoy your game on the court? Wilson Burn 100 is your best choice.

It provides extra power, control and stability along with an aggressive play style for the ultimate playing experience on the court.

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