Wilson Burn 100S Tennis Racquet Review

Wilson Burn 100S is a new tennis racquet on the market and is popular for its spin generating quality. Out of the box, it comes in a black color with similar markings as of Roger Federer’s 97 series of frame.

The frame has cool aesthetics one of which is the “100S” insignia embedded on its throat with a pretty solid and complete feel.

Wilson Burn 100S

To be honest, it is an upgraded version of the Wilson Burn 100 with some better features.

So, let us go through an in-depth review of this racket and get familiar with its features and specifications.

Technical Details

Need a powerful baseliner? You have the Wilson Burn 100S with its 18×16 string pattern and an exclusive Spin Effect Technology which helps with more precision based shots and sharp angles on the court.

It has a large head size with a large sweet spot and a durable shaft which has got the stiffness and strength to really smash some powerful hits on the court.

Also the string bed has significantly large spaces between the strings which actually help to generate that extra power for some unforgiving shots on the court.

The Good

Here are some of the key features of Wilson Burn 100S.


Like the Wilson 2018 Ultra 100 Countervail and Wilson Blade 104, the Burn 100S offers powerful hitting, making it the perfect racket for aggressive players. You will enjoy the feel of this racket, though I recommend to do a little warm-up like half-court, forehands, backhands, etc and then go with your full speed.

The moment you hit, its Spin Effect Technology comes into play by generating a lot of spin. Moreover, adjusting the grips on forehands is pretty easy and the RPM it generates is insane.

Because of the significant amount of spin, it generates, the ball quickly picks up that extra MPH the moment it leaves the string bed and goes like a bullet towards your opponent.

One thing we didn’t like is its high trajectory. If you are a beginner, it can be a little troublesome and you may not like the launch angle.

Another amazing thing you’ll notice is that you don’t need to hit too much flat with it. Rely on the spin and you are all good to produce some impressive serves.

The ball nicely jumps off the service box as it hits the ground and changes it direction because of the natural spin this racket adds into your shots.

Extremely Powerful

As a tennis player, nobody likes a dull racket which has a poor power…Right?

Despite Wilson Burn 100S is a lightweight racket, the stiffness in its frame really does a great job at balancing its lightweight profile while generating insane amount of power in your shots.

Even though its stiffness may not be arm-friendly for the beginners and intermediates, but its lightweight profile and more power can really help them step up their game.

Those of you who have been playing tennis over a while and have powerful strokes can really benefit from its frame’s stiffness + Power.

Impressive Spin

Burn 100S is all about spin, more spin and insane amount of spin. In simple, it is one of the best spin-friendly rackets available on the market. Though this spin comes with some sacrifice of control but that won’t be a big thing to worry, especially if you are at intermediate or expert level.

It nicely turns the ball, thanks to its large grommets and the extra spacing between the string.

I really feel that its string pattern does a nice job than 16-19 patterns which is a standard one. If you can learn how to use this additional spin to your advantage, you can easily position your shots to the corners of the court and push your opponent on the defense rather than offense.


Simple, sleek and stylish is what comes to mind the moment you will see your Wilson Burn 100. Out of the box, it has a black base color running through the entire length of the frame along with orange or yellow colored stripes on the head and a large Wilson logo (W) embedded on the string bed.

The Bad

Here are some drawbacks we found in Burns 100S.


Though it has a pretty fair price tag but there are many other brands which offer racquets with similar features for a much lower price. Wilson should really think about lowering the price of their rackets.

No Warranty

There is no warranty on any manufacturing defects on this racket.

Unstrung With No Cover

Burns 100S comes unstrung which is pretty selfish. Also, they do not include any handy cover to store the racket and carry it around.

Material & Construction

Wilson Burn 100S

Wilson Burn 100S is loaded with tons of features. It has a durable material construction and helps to get better at your game.

The Spin Effect Technology really helps to add top spin to your shots and the construction of the racket is ideally perfect for the aggressive players.

Important to note that it comes unstrung and doesn’t include any cover. You need to pay extra to get it strung if you already don’t know and buy a cover separately.

Overall Performance

One thing I can say is that you will enjoy playing with this racket. It has got the weight and stiffness with a bit of flexibility in its frame which makes it perfect for the intermediate to advanced level players.

It helps to add extra spin and power. One thing to worry about is the string sensitivity which is specifically tailored for the pro level athletes.

Who is it for

Though this racquet is perfect for all types of players, I would recommend it to only intermediate and pro level tennis athletes because of the extra frame stiffness and the added weight in its head.


At the end I would say that Wilson Burn 100S does a really great job at smashing the ball with a perfect blend of power and spin.

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