Wilson Burn 95 Tennis Racquet Review

You need power, accuracy and control? Wilson Burn 95 is the best tennis racquet available for you on the market. Even though we’ve seen some new tennis raquet from Wilson, but Burn 95 has maintained its nostalgia over the years.

Wilson Burn 95

The Burn 95 has been personally endorsed by Kei Nishikori who is a world class tennis player. It is perfect for hitting some big baselines and blasting groundstrokes.

Sit back and read through its technical details, the good, the bad and who is it made for.

Technical Details

With an X2 longer shaft, this racket features a 16×19 standard string pattern for some classic hitting on the court.

It has the new Sony Smart Tennis Sensor. I’ve discussed about this technology in detail below.

Burn 95 comes authorized from the Wilson dealer and is pre-strung which is great. It has a reasonable frame stiffness with incredible strength which will take you through your long sessions with ease.

Though it came with a smaller head size but this makes it great for the intermediate and advanced level players. This smaller head also provides more control and stability.

The Good

Below are the key features of Wilson Burn 95.

Carbon Fiber Design

The newly introduced carbon fiber design in Burn 95 really gives it a sharp look and enhances your performance on the court. What it does is gives your racket a very lightweight profile without sacrificing its strength at all.

Another benefit you get from carbon fiber is more power. Combined with its lightweight profile, you will be able to get faster swings which means more power transferred in your shots and thus some lethal returns to defeat your opponent.

Needless to say, its small head size helps maintain control and stability.


Its amazing level of comfort is what entices its users the most. While their other models like Wilson Blade 104, Wilson Blade 98 18×20 and Wilson Burn 100 offer superior comfort, but Burn 95 is at a whole new level.

If you have had shoulder sprains in the past during your practice or playing sessions, you will feel the difference playing with this racket. Though it has a stiff frame but is arm-friendly.

If you are someone who is too sensitive about elbow, shoulder and wrist pain while playing tennis, Burn 95 can prove to be a blessing.


Because tennis is all about strategic play and precise shots, this means not only you but your racket has to be accurate in terms of hitting. The ball should land where you want it to and Wilson Burn makes it possible for you.

It is so designed to make the ball land accurately where you want to. If you are an aggressive baseliner, this racket can give you superior control, power and accuracy altogether.

Majority of the players say that the small head size of this racket really helped them to be more accurate on their shots.

Head Size

As I’ve mentioned above that Wilson Burn 95 boasts a smaller head size which is only 95 inches. May seem slightly smaller but it actually benefits you with superior control and accuracy. You will notice more precision in placing your strokes and making the ball land wherever you want on the court.

I know majority of the players tend to opt for a larger head size for more power, but Burn 95 has balanced it with its lightweight profile and a stiff frame. This makes it perfect for the intermediate and pro level tennis athletes really looking to enjoy their game.


With a length of 27.25 inches and smaller head size, this may be going against the standard version of a tennis racket but it really gives you the extra punch with combined feel of control and stability.

Don’t worry about making those double handed strokes. There is plenty of room on its neck to grab it easily with both your hands.

Weight & Balance

Made from carbon fiber and weighing 11.8 ounces, this racket really provides you with a perfect combination of weight and balance. Though it lies somewhere middle in the weight range when compared to other rackets, still it is light in weight and has the perfect head balance for accurate shots.

You won’t lose control over your game and have a comfortable feel throughout the game. Moreover, its head helps with extra power in your shots.

String Pattern

Finally, its string pattern is what really adds power to your shots. It is not very dense but still it generates extra spin in your shots and is very responsive.

Best of all, you won’t have too much of a muted feel when the ball impacts the racket which is great to maintain your focus on the game.

The Bad

Below are some drawbacks we found in Wilson Burn 95.


Though it is loaded with tons of features but is quite expensive. However, seems pretty much fair as it comes with seller guarantee on manufacturing defects and an excellent overall performance on the court.

Small Head

Great for some intermediates and perfect for advanced level players but not for beginners. Despite the fact that it is light in weight, as a beginner you should definitely opt for a large head sized racket with a large sweet spot.

Material & Construction

Wilson Burn 95

High performing frame constructed out of carbon fiber which provides it with enough stiffness and strength to last longer.

Overall Performance

Overall, Wilson Burn 95 does a really great job on the court. It provides you with maximum control, speed and power in your shots and helps you play aggressively.

Who is it for

Because of its frame stiffness and small head size, this racquet is a perfect match for the intermediates and advanced level tennis players.

Beginners should avoid buying this racquet and look for some other options here.


With longer X2 shaft and Sony Smart Tennis Sensor technology integrated, Wilson Burn 95 is probably the best tennis racket available on the market.

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