Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine Review

Though Wilson machines come at a high price tag but their range of multiple features packed inside a single box is what makes them stand out from all others. Once again, Wilson has surprised us with their best tennis ball machine portable.

It comes with 2-line feature, which means two players can practice simultaneously at the same time. This is something we have never seen before in any other tennis ball machine.

Excited to learn more about it? Here is a breakdown of its technical details and features. s

Technical Details

Officially designed and manufactured by Sports Tutor, this machine comes with a remote control which is the size of a key chain and is convenient to use and safely keep in your pocket. It allows you to control start/stop, ball feed rate and oscillation feature.

Its exclusive 2-line feature will automatically fire the balls, one to the forehand side of the court while the other to the backhand.

This way, two players can play at the same time with the same machine or maybe a single player practicing alternating forehand and backhand shots.

The Good

Here are the key features of Wilson Portable machine.

Dual Power

You can operate this machine either on battery or AC power. Its battery offers a backup time of 3-4 hours which is pretty impressive for a 2-line tennis ball machine. If you want more play time, you can opt for the external battery pack which costs an extra $130.

For fast recharging, Wilson offers a smart charger upgrade as well which comes at a cost of $40 and $75.

For the AC power, it only costs an additional $50 and you can upgrade your simple battery powered Wilson machine to a dual powered beast.


One of its key feature is its oscillation and perhaps the main reason why this machine comes at such a high price tag.

It offers random horizontal or side to side oscillation which gives you a challenging time on the court. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the vertical oscillation and your machine isn’t able to automatically fire balls at multiple depth settings, backcourt and close to net.

In simple, to adjust the settings, you will need to do it manually. We highly recommend to go for machine that offer all three types of oscillation but it is difficult.

Spin & Elevation Control

On its user-friendly control panel, there is a feature which lets you control the degree of top spin and backspin on the court, thus adding more difficulty to the balls coming towards you.

For its elevation control, there are multiple settings that you need to adjust in order to control the angle at which the machine shots the ball.

Weight & Dimensions

Despite its 2-line feature, this machine only weighs 38 lbs. making it one of the lightest tennis ball machines on the market with such amazing features.

You can easily move it around the court and even lift it up or out of your car’s trunk. Also, its dimensions, 22 x 14 x 20 inches makes this a compact machine so that you can easily store it in small storage spaces.

Speed Range, Feed Rate & Ball Capacity

We feel that its speed range of 10-75 mph makes it an ideal machine for all tennis players. It feeds the ball at a rate of 1.5 to 10 seconds and has a ball capacity of 110 balls in total.

The Bad

Here were some “oopses” we found in this machine.


A price of a whopping $2000 might affect your budget. Though it’s worth it but you need to properly access your budget before investing it.

If you are looking for some budget-friendly models, you can check out Lobster Sports Elite Grand Five Tennis Ball Machine, Half Volley Playmate Tennis Ball Machine and Lobster Sports Elite 3 Portable Tennis Ball Machine

Hard To Move

Though it is lightweight but it is hard to move because the machine isn’t mounted on wheels.

Material & Construction

Wilson portable features a durable aluminum construction which can withstand nearly all types of environments and won’t wear or tear easily.

Overall Performance

There is no doubt that this machine performs exceptionally well and gives you the best playing and practicing experience on the court.

Who Is It For

Recommended for intermediates and advanced level players but beginners can also buy it.


So, that’s it for today guys. Let us know what you think of Wilson’s Portable Tennis Ball Machine. Subscribe to our blog for more exciting tennis stuff like this.

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