Wilson Pro Staff 97 Tennis Racquet Review

Wilson is probably the best tennis racquet brand on the market with plenty of top performing models which can really help to improve your tennis skills.

One of their fresh designs is Wilson Pro Staff 97 and even though it is an upgraded version with similar features and specifications, you will still get the best playing experience on the court.

Wilson Pro Staff 97

It brings a fresh new perspective to your game and this is what every tennis player loves. It has an easier swing with a crispier yet muted feel.

Without any further ado, let me take you through more of its features and technical specifications.

Technical Details

With a small head size of 97 sq. in, this racquet offers superior control and power. Its head is pretty much similar to Wilson Burn 95, slightly big, but comes with the same level of control and stability.

Its length is 27 inches which is standard but really help in adding that extra punch of power in your shots. When unstrung, it weighs 315g, though it’s a bit heavy but this really helps to transfer more energy in your shots when swinging the racquet.

Pro Staff 95 comes with a 12.6 in. balance and is 10 points head light having a standard string pattern of 16 x 19.

The Good

Below are the key features of Wilson Pro Staff 95.

Strong Play Style

On the court, Pro Staff 97 is like a roaring beast with a crispier yet a muted feel. It transfers plenty of power to the ball at the time of contact and the extra weight it has really helps to make your shots unforgiving.

Though when the ball lands on its sweet spot, it generates insane amount of energy to the ball but even if you hit it off the center, you will still get enough power to rattle your opponent.

Spin & Durability

Though an open string pattern requires extra effort to generate top spin in your ball, Pro Staff 97 really helps really helped to add an impressive spin on the net with a super solid control and feel.

It has a super solid feel which makes it perfect for the advanced player and really helps to add that extra kick of power in the game without sacrificing it accuracy even if you hit off the center.


Because of the nice blend of power, spin and maneuverability, you will feel comfortable hitting from the baseline using Pro Staff 97. It has the typical Pro Staff fashion as in its previous version but the Staff 97 provides a more connected feel with the ball.

On those groundstrokes, you will get plenty of power and spin to get a bigger cut on the ball. When hitting from the baseline you will also get maximum stability and precision in your shots, making the ball land wherever you want on the tennis court.

A few players say that with its open string pattern, you will get too much power but controlling the depth of the ball is troublesome.

The crispier feel is worth mentioning which keeps you connected with your game. Its comfortable and effortless play style will really help on those fast games.

Above all, you will have variety of option to hit the ball because of its smooth control and spin-friendly string pattern.

Though the swing weight is a bit less but the extra frame weight really helps to add that extra punch in your shots without any loss of stability.


Volleys is where you will enjoy the most playing with Pro Staff 97. It offers easy maneuverability and comfort when in hands. You will be able to get quick into position quickly and its dampened feel on contact produces some great volleys.

Despite the open string pattern, it opened up more and feels more forgiving in different areas of the court. Just like the groundstrokes, you will be able to place your volleys with maximum precision.

Once again when hitting volleys, the best thing was the connected feel it provides. It had a crispier feel and had an amazing response.


I truly feel that 90% of the players tap into its true spin potential when serving. It results in excellent top spin and maximum precision.

Serving with Pro Staff 97 feels awesome and precise. It makes easier for the players to place your serves anywhere on the court. This controlled placement really helps to boost your confidence and helps to generate extra spin and pace every time.

As compared to strokes, the power transfer when serving with this racket is a bit low. Has there been more mass in the head of this racket, there would be more energy transfer in your serves and baselines.

The Bad

Here were some “oopses” we found in Staff 97.

Comes Unstrung

Unlike the Wilson 2018 Ultra 100 Countervail and Wilson Blade 104, Pro Staff 97 comes unstrung which is a big NOPE. You either need to know how to string a racket or pay an expert to do the job for you.

Material & Construction

Wilson Pro Staff 97

Featuring matt black pain on its frame with glossy red stripes at 9 and 3 o’clock on its head. It is light in weight, super-fast and has a durable head construction.

The material used in its construction really adds the strength and crispier feel in it with its thin beam that offers superior feel and control.

Overall Performance

Wilson pro Staff 97 is a beast on the tennis court. It has an outstanding performance and is extremely maneuver. With a thin beam it provides extra feel and control and has an overall light weight play through.

Who is it for

This racket is perfect for the intermediates who want to step up their game and the pro level tennis athletes who want a whole new experience of playing tennis.


Excellence simply doesn’t come with just skills. It requires practice, the right gear and consistency. Wilson Pro Staff 97 can really help you gain more control on your game. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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