Wilson Six One 95 18×20 Tennis Racquet Review

Nonetheless, Wilson is one of those tennis racquets brand which always entices us with new features and design. With a dense string pattern of 18×20, Wilson Six One 95 is known for its extreme reliability and a very precise response, allowing you to give your best performance on the court.

Wilson Six One 95 18x20

It has a nice feel with amazing power and a perfect blend of spin + control. Because of the dense string bed, you will be able to get more top spin.

So, let me take you through a detailed review of this racket, highlighting its core features and technical specifications

Technical Details

Another small headed tennis racket, the Wilson Six One boasts a 95 sq. inches’ head size with a string pattern of 18 mains and 20 crosses, giving it a dense string bed.

When strung, it weighs 12.3 oz. which means this is quite a heavier racket. Because of the thick string pattern, you will be able to swing away and easily pinpoint at your targets with maximum precision.

It uses the Amplifeel Technology like the Prince Tour 98 ESP, Prince Warrior 100 and Wilson 2018 Ultra 100 Countervail.

The Good

Here are some of the key features of Wilson Six One 95.

Breakthrough power for offensive tournament players

The Wilson Six One 95 is a racquet that becomes a real weapon in the right hands. Handling requires good technology – after all, the racquet weighs a whopping 332 grams. But if you can control the Six One 95, you can look forward to a lot of power!

Applying pressure with powerful blows

At a certain level in competitive tennis, the material can make the difference between victory and defeat. The Wilson Six One 95 has excellent playing characteristics. The inimitable power of this racquet can be used precisely and destructively thanks to the tight-knit string pattern (18×20) and the small racket head (613 cm²).

This racquet is also technologically up to date. The Double Holes technology improves the transmission of force so that small inaccuracies in the meeting point can be compensated. The sweetspot is also enlarged by the Parallel Drilling Technology – a special arrangement of the string loops.

Thanks to the standard BLX technology of the Wilson Rackets, the Wilson Six One 95 also lies wonderfully in the hand and unpleasant vibrations at impact are consistently reduced.

Get maximum power now and play your opponents against the wall!

Hit the ball with the Wilson Six One 95

Wilson’s Six.95 BLX2 racket is designed to maximize your tennis performance. A perfect combination of stability and strength gives you full control over the ball. The groundbreaking grip with Amplifeel technology fits well in the hand and makes you one with the club. Big tennis stars like Philip Kohlschreiber and Mardy Fish swear by the performance of the Six One 95 BLX2.

Touch the ball with style

Stability and control are not the only advantages of the Six One 95 BLX2 racquet. The polished frame with black, white and red design from Wilson is a real eye-catcher on the tennis court. With this racquet you can hit the ball past your opponent.


Basalt fibers filter unwanted vibrations and, together with the other frame, eyelet and grip technologies, provide a perfect playing experience.

Double Holes

Enlarging the frame eyelets improves the flexibility of the face when the ball hits, which provides a more pleasant playing experience and more power.


Provides a more stable, forgiving game as the sweet spot increases noticeably.


Designed for aggressive players looking for a racquet that controls their own power. Attackers want to take the ball early and in the ascent to play a short ball in the field directly as a winner. They control their own strokes, control the point and dictate the game. Attackers are safely on their way to the net, but also in lateral movement.

Quality and workmanship

The frame is of high quality. With a weight of 348g and a balance of 315mm, the Wilson Six One 95 is heavy in the hand and allows a high precision with a good spin potential. The head size is 613 cm² and is thus in the midsize category and can also be used optimally by smaller players, even the length of 685mm is a good length for adult tennis players. The grip has been specially optimized for the Wilson Six One 95 and allows a firm grip to transfer even more power to the racquet.

Balance and Handling

The head is relatively small and therefore has a sweet spot, but a high precision. The racquet needs an experienced player and is therefore suitable for advanced players.

The Bad

Here were some “Oopses” we found in Wilson Six One 95.

Small Head

Though it is perfect for the advanced level players, still we believe that Wilson should have considered a 100 square inches’ head size. Its small head size also limits the area of sweet spot. This means, for a perfect blow on the court, you really have to hit on the sweet spot, else it will be a mishit.

Material & Construction

Wilson Six One 95 18x20

Boasting a classical frame, Six One 95 is built to last longer. It has a very durable frame which has got the strength and power to hit to the depth of the court from anywhere you want. The entire frame is colored white with long red stripes on 3 and 9’o clock position on its head and a WILSON logo on its string bed.

Overall Performance

Simply the best! You couldn’t get a better performance than this. It has a very comfortable feel on the court and nicely dampens all the vibrations.

Who is it for

Ideally, this racket is perfect for the intermediates looking to improve their skills and the pro level tennis athletes who want to enjoy their game.


So, that’s it for today tennis freaks. If you have any questions or confusions, feel free to leave them in the comment section. Don’t’ forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more exciting tennis stiff like this.

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