Yonex Ezone Dr 98 Tennis Racquet Review

Yonex EZONE Dr 98 is one of the best tennis racket in the world. Also it is the highest reviewed tennis racquets on the market and you will enjoy playing tennis with it.

Yonex Ezone Dr 98

It is also personally endorsed by retired WTA player Ana Ivanovic and ATP player Nick Kyrgios. This racket comes with the perfect combination of control, spin and feel.

Nonetheless, this racquet helps in boosting your confidence on the tennis court. So, let me take you through a detailed Yonex EZONE Dr. 98 Tennis Racquet Review.

Technical Details

It comes with an exclusive Zone Speed feature which enhances the ball speed by 7%. This helps the aggressive player to play in a full attacking manner.

In its inner portion, at 2 and 10 o’clock position, is embedded the increased frame snapback technology. Moreover, the Nano Metric Dr. material in its frame helps a lot in enhancing the frame’s snapback.

Furthermore, like the Yonex EZONE Ai 98 Lite, Yonex VCORE 95D and Yonex Vcore Duel G 97, it has the Quake shut gel material in its grip for added comfort and to dampen the vibrations.

Overall, it has a head size of 98 square inches with a weight of 310 grams and a length of 27 inches which gives you the best play through on the court.

The Good

Below are the key features of Dr 98 Tennis racket.

Dynamic Repulsion

This is what the new Ezone DR Racket series from Yonex stands for.

The new Ezone DR rackets from Yonex leave nothing to be desired. The racquet frames incorporate the latest achievements of Yonex research to make your game faster and more precise.

The Ezone DR 98 (310g) is the heaviest racquet of the DR series and optimally suited for every tournament player. Perfectly balanced, it is particularly suitable for players with long swings.

The new material Nanometrik DR ensures better impulse transmission to the ball. The racquet frame is more flexible and returns faster. The result is fast and controlled shots.

Yonex perfects Isometric technology with an improved eyelet system that incorporates both deep and flat eyelets into the frame. This innovative New Isometric technology gives the Ezone DR the largest possible sweet spot.

New Grommet. 6 different sized eyelets at the side and at the top of the club head also provide an enlarged sweetspot for the best possible control.

The Quake Shut Gel technology in the grip system provides more comfort and playability, reducing and filtering club vibrations.


You will fall in love with its surprising level of stability. It had no added weight in its overall frame and there is no reason as to why if a player would feel weight in this racket.

It offers you a perfect blend of control and power which is simply great. You will be hitting on spot with maximum accuracy and plenty of power. It has achieved some insane level of control with the newer update and this makes it a deadly weapon on the court.


This was one of the most likeable feature of this racket. Like the Blade 98 18 x 20, you will feel very much connected with the ball, thus maintaining a better focus on your game. Also, different shots on the court like volleys, drop shots, slices and serves will be of maximum accuracy and precision.

In simple, you will be able to land the ball wherever you want on the court. Since the racquet is comfortable, you won’t have any trouble around your elbows and shoulders.

Moreover, in every single shot you deliver with this racket, you won’t feel any loss of control. In simple, this racket will allow you to perform the best on the tennis court.


The construction of this racquet is quite unique and allows you to easily flex as you come in contact with the ball. This also results in a whipping action that nicely catapults your return shots right off its string bed.

What it does is that you will get more power in every shot. This is great for players who are smaller in stature and love to hit aggressively with more power.

Playing Impressions

May not feel too much of a flimsy racket and is nicely weighted offering maximum stability. It has a lightweight, stable and extremely powerful frame which helps to add more power to your shots.

Its string is not open but falls in the denser category which means you will enjoy extra top spin in every shot. Also, the extra shaft length will give you nice swings and a very comfortable feel.

It does have a bit of plank like feel which was similar to Wilson Six One’s but overall it feels lightweight and comfortable to play with on the court.

The Bad

Here are some drawbacks we found in this racket.

Not for Advanced Players

This racket is great but surely this is not for the pro level tennis athletes. If you are an advanced player, you really want a tennis gear that adds more fun to your game. Look for some other options on our website.

Satisfactory Design

Though Yonex is known for its cool aesthetics, but they haven’t work a lot on the style of Dr 98. They should work more on the color scheme, especially on the head.

Material & Construction

Yonex Ezone Dr 98

Yonex Ezone Dr 98 Tennis Racquet features an exclusive Nano Metric Dr material in its construction which dramatically enhances the frame’s snapback. It gives it a lightweight profile and adds a lot of strength to it.

Overall Performance

Overall, you can tell that this racket is a winner the moment you take it out of the box. There is nothing much to complain about it and will help a lot in improving your skills.

Who is it for

Ideally, this racket is perfect for the beginner and intermediate level players who not only want to enjoy their game but also improve their tennis skills.


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